A Year In Review – A Looming Health Hazard

I regularly see patients from all around the world. They fly in to see me with chronic afflictions that their health care providers have either partially diagnosed, failed to diagnose, or failed to significantly help them on their journey to wholeness. They are often chronic in their symptoms which include the ever increasing failure to tolerate foods, supplements and well-meaning treatment programs. Their health care providers cannot understand why some patients on the same treatment program cannot tolerate their treatment protocol or get worse in response to treatment.

These patients commonly suffer from hidden viral, spirochete, bacterial, fungal and parasitic infections whose detection and eradication should significantly improve their wellbeing. However, this does not happen.

Other patients suffer from chronic digestive sensitivities despite western diagnosis and treatment (with an acid inhibitor) and integrative medical treatments (to address issues of digestive enzymes, probiotics and rotation diets) find themselves spiraling slowing towards eating fewer foods because of increased sensitivities and experiencing more hidden nutritional deficiencies as a result.

Despite the diagnosis of Lyme disease, Crohn’s disease, irritable bowel, chronic constipation, food allergies, hay fever, multiple chemical sensitivities, hypothyroidism etc., these patients cannot tolerate the die-off, the supplements, or the drugs used in treatment.

There is a commonality that is affecting a significant majority of these patients.

The commonality I have seen among these patients stems from increased toxic retention. When the body cannot eliminate toxins at the same rate in which it is exposed, it has to retain them somewhere in the body.

First, where are these so called toxins coming from? My book, Escaping Your Low Energy Trap allocates a chapter to this discussion. However to summarize, anything the body cannot eliminate is a toxin. Examples are undigested, unabsorbed food, vitamins, minerals, and medications. Inappropriately processed dead microbes such as molds, candida, yeast, and their mycotoxins are other examples of toxins. Then there are the contaminants and toxins from our environment such as heavy metals in food (methy mercury in many fish), our air, from car exhaust and geo-engineering spraying of our skies (formerly called chemtrails). Then there are pesticides, herbicides, food additives, fertilizers, preservatives, stabilizers, taste enhancers, colorings, and chemicals that clean, dye, scent, sanitize and color our man made products. All around you, anything man made or processed by man is “contaminated” with man-made chemicals used in the processing of the product. Even organic produce has man made fertilizers, and our polluted air and soil to contend with. Finally, and mostly unrecognized and under-appreciated are the neuropeptides of negative emotion when not eliminated from the body, accumulate to block healing and alter our neurochemistry by altering our emotional response, our mental processing, and biochemistry, affecting mood, sleep, focus, energy and healing.

What is the limiting factor contributing to toxic retention?

Drainage is the limiting factor contributing to toxic retention. There are two types of fluids circulating in our body: blood and lymphatic fluid. Our blood and organs are bathed and cleansed by the flow of lymphatic fluid. However, imagine a room so full of boxes and bags and garbage that air cannot circulate well in the room. This is akin to the debris described above as toxins in tissue (muscle, brain, organ tissue). Its volume reduces the structural flow of lymphatic fluid the way a hoarder’s room restricts air flow in a room.

The body will attempt to mitigate this accumulation by storing these toxins in fat cells, and organ tissue. When critical mass is accumulated, cellular and biochemical function degenerates. Our ability to repair, heal and to detect pathogens is hindered and symptoms and disease results.

Drainage is also impeded by the rate of toxic exposure. If there is a rapid die off (from a too aggressive treatment program for Lyme disease, candida as an example), then toxic retention occurs. If one mobilizes more heavy metals in the body than one’s liver and kidney can process through heavy metal chelation (that exceeds your rate of methylation), then those mobilized heavy metals become toxins that the body now has to neutralize and store.

When patients feel worse in response to taking a supplement, drug, die-off or chelation program, their body can react to what now has become a toxin that the body is struggling to eliminate, neutralize and/or store.

In the case of die off from treatment of candida, those patients that feel worse from treatment often have experienced more die-off than their liver can process. These microbial metabolites and mycotoxins will have their own toxic effect, such as increased neurotoxicity, causing brain fog, mood swings, increase agitation or aggression and fatigue. This happens when these toxins accumulate in the brain. When they accumulate in the digestive tract, the patient’s digestive symptoms worsen (increased bloating, food sensitivity, fatigue).

Now you can begin to see why a patient can get worse on a treatment program or supplements. They have increased their toxic exposure by the additional die-off that they now cannot efficiently handle and/or have overloaded their lymphatic circulation with un-metabolized supplements, drugs, nutrients, chemicals and the like.

Addressing the lymphatic system in facilitating efficient elimination of toxins was not a subject of discussion in medical school back in my day and I am sure from speaking to most health care practitioners today in western medicine, chiropractic, acupuncture and even homeopathy that it is a “fringe” subject that is mainly dealt with if lymphatic impedance becomes a primary symptom such as lymphedema. As a result, a myriad of health care practitioners are left scratching their head why a particular patient responds negatively to the same treatment that others are helped with. It also leaves patients frustrated and financially drained as they race from doctor to doctor trying every treatment protocol under the sun only to feel progressively worse!

Lymphatic drainage should be a significant concern in the monitoring and treatment of patients.

Lymphatic drainage is a significant concern in the treatment of patients. When ignored, it allows a patient to become progressively more symptomatic. Unfortunately, this oversight is why these patients cannot overcome their pathogens and afflictions and why many get progressively worse as they go from doctor to doctor whose treatment program adds to their toxic retention and lymphatic congestion.

The other significant factor that I have seen looking back over not just a year’s time but in the last 5 years is the gradual and alarming increase in aluminum I am finding in patients.

Aluminum retention is increasing, and poses a significant threat to health.

Nearly all my patients are tested for heavy metal retention. Three to five years ago I would only find aluminum if a patient’s lifestyle included the regular use of ant-acids, aluminum containing products such as those used in deodorants and drinking out of aluminum cans. However, in the last year I have seen a consistent spike among my entire patient population of aluminum that until recently baffled me about the cause.

The cause can be debated but some patients provided me information that correlated with the timing of the increase I was seeing in aluminum in my patients base (which stems from across the entire United States). I then began to test the entire family and found the alarming presence of aluminum when I should not be seeing aluminum according to my prior clinical trends. My personal observation and opinion is that this increase is due to increased environmental exposure to aluminum and the overwhelming culprit comes from geo-engineering the weather (formerly called chemtrails).

I realize this opinion points to a Pandora’s Box of implications, especially in the political arena. However, we as a society need to look at our environment and take serious even the nano increase of toxins that we are exposed to in the name of some other so-called greater good for the simple reason that I am seeing our bodies having a harder and harder time keeping up with the elimination of these toxins and seeing a significant impact that toxic accumulation has in why there are chronic conditions unresponsive to treatment protocols. Unfortunately, certain governmental bodies have banned the monitoring of aluminum and I see this either as a cover up or a dangerous trend to stick one’s head in a hole and hope for the best.

The challenge of increased aluminum retention among most of my patient base, and the overlay of improving lymphatic drainage has taken my research and treatment protocols to new but successful levels. The “how” of detection and treatment are the subject of another day but suffice it to say, no patient can sustain overcoming infection with treatment and stop subsequent rebounding of infection or symptoms unless they consistently address their efficiency in processing toxins and managing their lymphatic drainage.

For so long as your toxic retention increases and your drainage remains sluggish, your tissues are not oxygenated, cannot take in nutrients and the tissue terrain becomes more acidic, a welcoming environment for pathogens to flourish. The answer isn’t always in finding a bigger fly swatter, but in closing the door that leads to their attraction and thus their affliction. Overcoming infection and inflammation triggers cannot be lasting where toxic retention and stagnant lymphatic drainage are present. Add the increased threat of environmental toxins that we are not naturally equip to deal with (and apparently not keeping up with), and you have a body that gradually breaks own under the toxic and infectious stress (thus the ever increasing chronicity and severity of chronic inflammatory disorders).

To being with, I highly encourage each and every one of you to have a hair mineral analysis done as it will show what minerals are out of balance with respect to each other (in terms of ratios and not just deficiencies) that impact your ability to detox. It will also indicate if you are beginning to accumulate aluminum and other metals at a faster rate than you can handle. The information you find could very well change the course of your or your patients’ recovery. If you would like my clinic to send you a hair test kit and review the findings, please contact Immune Matrix at 888-519-5755.

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Anna Manayan

Anna Manayan