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Yes you can dine out and still loose weight. It’s a matter of making good choices and making special requests. First of all decide before you head out the door for fast food or that tempting restaurant what your meal boundaries will be.

For fast food, avoid ordering soda and all fried entries. That means if you order a fried chicken sandwich combo with French fries and a coke, replace it with a broiled chicken salad and ice tea or orange juice or bottled water. Bring organic apples to work with you for a snack with almonds on hand for those mid afternoon snacks. Order salads when possible, and rice bowels over sandwiches.

Remember to tell them to hold the salt (yes they do salt all fast food sandwiches!), the whip cream on those coffee drinks, the sauce on the sandwiches, like the mayo (or choose mustard or oil and vinegar over mayo), and that slice of cheese. If you get a double anything that has an extra slice of bread in between your two slices of bread, remove it to cut back on your refined carbohydrates.

Restaurant menu navigation also requires a plan. First of all, ask to have them hold the bread so that you are not tempted. Make sure to order a salad and ask for the dressing on the side. When eating the salad, dip your fork in the dressing then the salad, you will get all the taste and loads fewer calories!

For appetizers try shrimp cocktail, or other protein based item. Avoid fried, cheesy, buttery entries. If you must order a mixed drink, ask them to reduce the alcohol by 50% or order virgins, or limit yourself to only one.

Avoid all fried food. You can ask them to broil it instead if they do not offer that on the menu. Instead of rice or potato, ask them to replace that entry with steamed or grilled vegetables even if you entry already comes with vegetables. You will have a larger portion of vegetables and you will not feel hungry cutting back on those carbs! Most restaurants will do that at no additional charge. If you must have potatoes, hold the sour cream and butter and have it baked.

If you don’t see the entry you want, ask them to create it. Many restaurants only have chicken salads. However, if your blood type is suppose to avoid chicken, ask them to replace that with shrimp, steak, prawns, or a fish that you might notice on their menu. It may cost a few dollars more but then you have the satisfaction of having what is tasty and good for you!

Avoid dairy based soups as they are loaded with cream and cheeses. Choose soups with clear broths. For dishes that are cooked with oil or butter, ask that they prepare it “light”.

Even that after game pizza can be made healthier! Eat a salad before you eat your slice of pizza. Avoid calzones and deep dish pizzas because they have extra pizza dough! Avoid the oily meats and hold the cheese if you can. Try not to eat the crust to cut back on your carbs and limit yourself to 2 slices. If you think this will be hard to do, have an apple on the way to the pizza parlor and it will help to fill you up!

If you must order dessert, agree to split it or share it among your group. Try to order a fruit tart, or Brule, or an entry that has no cream cheese or icing. By slicing back the calorie and saturated fat loaded options you greatly cut back on the carbohydrate, fat and calorie load your night out for dinner can cause.

If the restaurant you go to is one known for its king-sized portions, then at the start of your meal ask for a “to go” box. When your meal arrives, put half your meal away before you start eating. You won’t miss the portion you set aside!

Remember that coffee is a diuretic and will dehydrate you and make you acidic. Therefore, if you do have a cup of coffee, make sure you drink an entire glass of water with it. Try to choose an herbal tea after dinner instead.

Finally, try to eat your meal within one hour. Eating that extends over an hour causes an extra cycle of insulin to be excreted by your pancreas which can aggravate Syndrome X, insulin resistance, and cause you to become hungrier and increase your appetite the next day as a result! If you’ve ever gone out to dinner and came home really full, only to wake up the next day really hungry and surprised by that…its because your body excreted additional insulin either from the carbo load the night before or the duration of eating extended beyond the hour cycle.

Should you starve yourself all day because you know you are going to your favorite restaurant? No! Skipping meals causes you to store fat faster and easier! You must eat during the day. However, you can cut back on your carbs during the day and eat more vegetables to keep yourself from getting hungry and to have those carbs at dinner. Eat leaner, eat fresher, eat smaller meals, and more frequent meals and you will find your blood sugar more stable and you become less impulsive and tempted while dining out.

A final tip is to drink a glass of water before going to the restaurant to fill up your stomach a bit. If you are very hungry before leaving for the restaurant your will power will be down. Make sure to have a slice of apple, some almonds, a slice of celery with almond butter before heading out the door. Your blood sugar will be more stable and your brain will be able to make better food choices for you as a result. Happy dining!

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Anna Manayan

Anna Manayan