Two twin medical doctors in the UK decided to put to the test the issue of whether sugar or fat was the culprit in weight gain. Dr. Chris and Dr. Alexander Van Tulleken took upon it themselves to undertake a one month weight loss regiment where only diet was changed. Dr. Chris chose the low fat option to dieting. He consumed only 2% fat in his diet, an extremely low fat and radical dietary approach. Dr. Alexander chose the high protein option avoiding all sugars/carbohydrates. Their progress was filmed by the BBC and will air soon.

What was the verdict? They admitted and went public to the fact that doctors in medical school are trained about disease and the consequences of being overweight. They admitted however that “these topics (of diet and nutrition) fall between the cracks in medical school”. It’s a commonly known shortfall in Allopathic medical schools around the world that very little is taught about nutrition, supplements, vitamins, and minerals aside from the basic essentials of biochemistry and what is needed for essential building blocks to sustain life.

Optimizing hormones through nutrition, maintaining one’s alkalinity through dietary changes, knowing what vitamins and minerals one becomes deficient in when sick (and there are many ways to become sick) or when one has common genetic defects to efficient detoxification, are all subjects for specialists who take it upon themselves through trial and error and research and specialized training to offer the public advanced knowledge and nutritional and biochemical support. To complicate matters more, each one of us is different hormonally, metabolically, has different nutritional deficiencies and needs depending upon our metabolism, hormone function and toxic retention. To use the same approach on everyone is to ignore these glaring differences. The approach may work for a short time but our differences will cause us to falter in losing and keeping off the weight when our body’s needs are not being addressed.

What was the end result for the twin doctors’ experiment? Caloric restriction of any type may work in the short run. Nearly everyone knows that these days. However, lasting results and improving one’s health by shedding those health obstructing pounds is not a simple answer of abiding by caloric restriction. Consequences to the body occur depending upon the type of restriction used. Risk to kidney health, liver health, mental and emotional function, energy and stamina can all take a toll when an unbalanced program of caloric restriction is used to force the body into what it perceives is starvation to lose weight.

There is a price to pay and it can come in the form stated above and include losing one’s own muscle mass causing your metabolism to suffer as a result. That is the biggest bite in a caloric restriction only weight loss program because rebounding and recovering one’s metabolism is not automatic! When you strive to deprive yourself on an extreme diet, you can shoot your adrenal and thyroid function and metabolism down, making subsequent easy weight gain a sure thing!

Dr. Chris and his brother Alexander admitted just that fact in a recent interview when they were quoted as saying “We know people cannot sustain this way of eating and therefore, they re-gain the weight.” They cautioned the public by saying “We should not vilify a single nutrient…it’s too easy to demonize fat or sugar but that enables you to let yourself off the hook in other ways. The enemy is right in front of us in the shape of processed foods.”

Processed foods are nutrient deficient by their very nature in being processed and the chemicals needed to give them shelf life. Furthermore, the very digestive process involved in breaking down and absorbing processed foods requires our body to steal essential alkaline minerals and core vitamins otherwise needed to make brain chemicals and hormones and to help us detoxify, maintain a healthy blood pressure, bowel movement and muscle relaxation. These processed foods therefore imbalance the body’s nutrient supply which cause problems over time in other areas of the body. Why isn’t this discussed more with one’s doctor? Because eating processed food doesn’t cause disease immediately! However, it will contribute to imbalances depending upon the type of processed food eaten leading you into suffering from diabetes, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, arthritis, migraine, irritable bowel and a host of other chronic inflammatory disorders that are now over 75% causally linked to what we eat!

For lasting weight loss, weight maintenance and health, one must not resort to simply caloric restriction or worse yet, a program at puts you on processed foods

high in salt, fake sugars, oxidized fats, chemical preservatives, free radical causing, acid forming imbalanced food in a box. You will consume less calories at the expense of other metabolic processes. You will cause other nutrient deficiencies in the process that will hinder your efficiency to shrink those fat cells because they will not be able to eliminate their toxins. Free radicals will increase, while energy producing glands are starved from making energy hormones because key vitamins and minerals are missing in your diet to fuel optimum hormone function. If you put your diet in a processed food box you will put your health, energy and metabolism in a box, and that is no place to be.

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Anna Manayan

Anna Manayan