Emotions – Food Sensitivities

November 21, 2010

Emotions – Weight Loss

Emotions can Cause Food Sensitivities

When dealing with emotions from the biochemical side, they can impact any aspect of one’s health in complicated ways. Here we address a few ways emotions impact our weight. Negative unextinguished neuropeptides of emotion do contribute to weight gain and form an emotional basis that drives our weight out of balance.

Sometimes a negative emotion can become associated with a food and cause symptoms. An example Immune Matrix describes is a child who had strife with his father on Sundays while his dad cooked eggs. He was seen as an adult at the clinic for food allergies and when all the allergies were cleared, his symptoms to eggs persisted despite no positive allergy or food sensitivity findings. An NET session revealed the original NEC of anger and frustration at this father while eating eggs on Sunday as a child. Once this NEC was cleared and the neuropeptides detoxified, he was able to begin to enjoy eggs symptom free!

One can form a linked association to food, substances, chemicals etc. which can easily be checked by a certified NET practitioner. It could be one piece of the puzzle missing in your continued progress.

Emotions Can Block Digestive Efficiency

The accumulation of negative neuropeptides, especially after an acute event such as:

  • a trauma
  • relationship stress
  • job layoff

can stimulate the body into being more sympathetic (the fight or flight response). If we are running from a train, this comes in handy and the body’s last concern is digestion, marshalling all its forces to help you get your nervous system in top gear to escape that train! However, if there is no train to run from and you need to digest your food, you cannot be in a sympathetic state. Digestive juices, enzymes etc. cannot function in such a state.

  • Intestinal cramping
  • bloating
  • abdominal gas
  • acid reflux

We are unaware consciously that our body is in a sympathetic state because the limbic system, that part of our brain that controls emotions and the processing of these neuropeptides is separate from our cognitive or conscious part of our brains. When issues press through our consciousness into our conscious awareness, the accumulation of negative neuropeptides is great. Certified NET practitioners are trained to know how to test the body for localized areas of accumulation and to find the root emotion to stop your body from running from the freight train long after it is gone.

Our bodies continue to react long after conscious stressors are gone. This is why it could be pivotal to check for negative stored emotions that underlie life stressors and have them extinguished. It will relieve the body of stress, improve your chemistry and make you much happier.

Emotions – Immune System

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Anna Manayan

Anna Manayan