The Chemistry of Emotion

There are positive and negative emotions in life. Both course through our bodies as chemical peptides. Emotions can aggravate, sustain, and/or block the healing of any health condition. Conditions involving pain, such as fibromyalWgia, migraine, arthritis, trauma, digestive disorders, food allergies, environmental sensitivities, chronic nausea, chronic infections, especially fungal infections as seen with candidiasis, eczema,  chronic viral infections in chronic fatigue, lyme disease, and as well as autoimmune conditions all seem to be particularly impacted by the effect of un-extinguished negative emotions. Weight loss is one of the most sensitive to emotional processing.

Positive emotional neuropeptides stimulate endorphins, hormonal triggers for the body and brain that make us feel energetic, happy, content, peaceful and alert. Positive neuropeptides also positively influence the immune system and stimulate it into action. Negative emotional neuropeptides act like the cross walk guards at intersections, they block function. They suppress one’s immune system and inhibit the synthesis of positive neuropeptides.

All emotions, positive and negative have associated neuropeptides that are degraded and eliminated from the body. This is called the “extinction” of an emotion. If the body is unable to extinguish all the neuropeptides of that emotion, it is stored! Dr. Candice Pert, in her groundbreaking book the Molecules of Emotion, Why You Feel the Way You Feel,  was the first scientist to discover that our body can be interrupted in the processing of our emotions, especially the negative ones. As a result, we can store these neuropeptides of negative emotions such as anger, resentment, frustration, etc. in our body, not just our heads! The consequences of this discovery are profound.

Through the science and study of the chemistry of emotion, Neuro Emotional Technique (NET), the brainchild of Dr. Scott Walker, discovered that non-extinguished negative emotions would compel a person to re-experience a similar event that would create new yet similar negative emotions in the body’s faulty attempt to heal and extinguish these neuropeptides. He named the phenomenon NEC’s (neuroemotional charges).

In lay terms, an NEC acts as a button that is pushed in a person to create a negative emotional reaction. Have you ever reacted to a comment or attitude and found yourself asking “why does that bother me so much?”, when it may not seem to ruffle the feathers of others? This is a sign that it is an NEC, and behind it are the stored neuropeptides of negative emotion. Talking about why something bothers you does not necessary change how you feel. This is because the biochemistry of emotion has not been eliminated. Eliminating these negative neuropeptides eliminates the negative reaction and emotion! You can then change how you feel!

Dr. Walker’s NET technique is designed to eliminate the biochemistry of negative emotions. It tracks back to the original forming event and assists the body in discharging these negative emotional neuropeptides. This technique is being taught in medical schools and certified doctor referrals around the world are available at More will be written about NET in future articles.

Emotions and Weight

When dealing with emotions from the biochemical side, they can impact any aspect of one’s health in complicated ways. Negative unextinguished neuropeptides of emotion do contribute to weight gain and form an emotional basis that drives our weight out of balance. The following is a brief list of how emotions affect our weight:

1)      emotions can create food sensitivities

2)      emotions can block our digestive efficiency

3)      emotions can increase inflammation

4)      emotions can increase our cortisol levels

5)      emotions can stress and suppress our immune system

6)      emotions can drive us to eat the wrong foods

7)      emotional aspects of weight loss and gain or plateaus make it difficult for us to rise above our circumstances

Part 2 will discuss how.

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Anna Manayan

Anna Manayan