Emotions and Weight

In Part 1, we learned that emotions are chemistry and the unextinguished chemistry of negative emotions (aka NECs) can be stored within the body. In Part 2 we began to show key ways in which these negative unextinguished neuropeptides of emotion contribute to throwing off our health contributing to weight gain. Here we will discuss further examples of how these NECs drive our weight out of balance. 

Emotions Can Suppress our Immune System

Western medicine acknowledges the link between immune system strength and stress. What no one knows is the exact biochemical processes that allow the nervous system to communicate with our immune cells. Studies confirm the link of chronic stress on our nervous system with inhibiting immune function.

The nervous system and our emotions are intimately linked. The foundations of chiropractic and acupuncture theory study the body’s linked associations between the nervous system and our organs. As discussed in Part 1, all emotions exist because they are biochemicals in the body.

Anything created in the body has to be eliminated. When too many negative emotional biochemicals accumulate in the body, their effect can over stimulate the biochemistry of our nervous system. The result is depletion of core pathway nutrients, trace minerals, alkaline minerals such as magnesium, manganese, zinc, lithium, selenium, chromium, molybdenum, B6, B12, 5-tetra-hydroxy-folate to name a few. Besides depletion, imbalances in nutrients can also result, such as excess copper accumulating in our systems, pushing us towards anxiety and insomnia.

If these NECs are contributing to drive our biochemistry out of balance, our battle to digest and absorb the nutrients necessary to optimize our energy and metabolism will continually be off.

Emotions Can Drive us to Eat the Wrong Foods

When unextinguished negative emotions continue to bubble up within us, we seek solace sometimes in self-soothing behavior such as eating. The repetitive act of eating in and of itself is soothing to our bodies. Recall the baby that calms down to feed.

Sometimes we simply have bad habits, like coming home from work and going straight to the refrigerator to have a snack before dinner that begins to tip our weight out of balance. However, more often, if we dig deeper, and especially if we have an NET practitioner test us, we can find out that at the root of our need to soothe ourselves with comfort foods is a feeling of anxiety, boredom, loneliness, even anger and frustration! Removing the neuropeptides of emotion that trigger this ongoing need to soothe ourselves can help us to overcome the cycle of weight loss and gain! You don’t need to know what emotions are triggering your desire to eat, as the certified NET practitioner is trained to know how to test you.

Chronic Challenges in Weight Loss can Elicit Emotions that Block our Progress

Chronic states of illness or weight loss plateaus can have a payoff to no conscious fault of our own. As much as we hate being ill, stuck on a weight loss plateau or on a roller coaster of weight loss and gain, sometimes our subconscious (limbic system) can use our condition to our detriment. The result is that we find a practitioner to help us heal, loose weight, get some treatments, get better but eventually lapse back to our prior state. Repetitive relapses should be checked by a certified NET practitioner to determine if there are subconscious “laws” or “programming” that hinder our overcoming our plateaus.

Some key statements that are used to check our limbic system for congruency are “I’m ok being well”, I’m ok overcoming chronic fatigue”, “I’m ok having better health than anyone in my family”, “I’m ok loosing weight.”, “I’m ok with receiving attention from having a great physique!”, “I’m ok with failure”.

These statements may look obviously positive to the conscious mind as it doesn’t make sense to our conscious mind to not be ok being well. However, the limbic brain does not operate in a logical manner and unextinguished negative emotions in the form of fears, lack of self esteem etc. will use our chronic conditions to protect itself from breaking through to the conscious (cognitive) mind.

For example, if one has a subconscious fear of failure, they are less likely to want to overcome chronic fatigue or reach their weight loss goals because this now exposes the individual to the risk of failure, whose emotion can be overwhelming to the patient emotionally. The patient will either self-sabotage, stop taking their medications or supplement or become entangled with additional health issues that are also not efficiently dealt with for “emotional” reasons unknown to the patient.

In the case of weight loss, being ok with being attractive and the attention it attracts is a huge subconscious detriment for those who have suffered rape, or sexual abuse. Therefore, those patients suffering cycles of weight loss and gain, or relapses, stalled progress, should see a certified NET practitioner to check their congruency in overcoming their condition. The more layers one can peel off that contribute to imbalance the further and faster one will see progress.

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Anna Manayan

Anna Manayan