Reported levels for radiation continue to come in at “normal” or “no cause for alarm”. However, what damages our body in this day and age is the cumulative stressors from, radiation, pesticides, heavy metals, environmental chemicals, smog, petrochemical and estrogen promoting substances, as well as the hidden pathogen load from chronic low grade bacterial overgrowth in our gums, digestive tracts and joints, yeast and candida, and viral infections such as herpes, Esptein Barr, HHV, and other opportunistic chronic viral infections. If we isolate any one cause for disease and require its level alone must produce disease, we loose sight of the global environment our body lives in and the cumulative stressors that cause it to break down. In an ever-increasing toxic world where our water, our food and the air we breathe contains more toxins now than it did 50 years ago, and where stress is accepted as part of our “normal” lives, how do we dodge the cumulative onslaught of things that can break our bodies down and lead to premature inflammatory conditions and cancer?  Read on for more about the power of vitamin c.

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Anna Manayan

Anna Manayan