Epstein-Barr Virus

December 20, 2010

Science has known for a long time that some cancers have a viral origin. The virus is able to take over the cell and reprograms it to do their bidding. Gene Vectors of Germany has confirmed the mechanism of how Epstein-Barr, a chronic fatigue virus, takes over a cell and converts it into a cancer cell.

Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) belongs to the herpes virus family and it has been estimated that nearly 90% of the industrialized population has been exposed. As such, it is touted as one of the most successful human viruses. Unfortunately, it is one of the few viruses that are known to cause cancer in humans (lymphomas, nasopharyngeal cancer and gastric cancer). EBV is contracted just like a flu virus through the air and in contact with secretions from an infected person. It can cause lingering symptoms of cyclic fatigue and exhaustion as the body becomes unable to eradicate the virus from its system.

When one is first exposed to a virus, the immune system launches an attack that can be measured in serum blood tests by testing for the immunoglobulin M produced by the body’s B immune cells as a first response to attack. This makes the testing for IgM diagnostic for recent infection. High IgM titers to EBV means you have contracted the virus and are launching a current attack on it. Over time, the body converts its defenses to long term memory and the development of a secondary immune response associated with immune memory to the virus. This is your IgG response and if IgG is elevated then your acute response to the virus is passed and your body is now making long term immune memory proteins for the virus.

Western medicine stops there in terms of testing and treating for virus. There are no effective anti-viral eradication drugs specific for EBV or virus in general. The patient is left to “live-with” the virus and is told they will “get over it”. Testing for EPV is not routinely done when one suffers from cold or flu symptoms. Therefore, many have no idea they have actually contracted EBV until they return months later to complain to their doctors that they suffer cyclic fatigue and even then IgA, IgG titers for EBV are not run. If the patient finds out that they have been exposed to EBV and their IgG titers are high, they are told they will have to live with it because there are no effective drugs in Western medicine to eradicate the virus. However, one can eliminate one’s immune titers and reduce one’s viral protein load through homeopathic detoxification specific for the virus.

Immune Matrix has found that if the patient has an immune sensitivity to the virus, detoxification of the viral proteins are very difficult and nearly impossible, making homeopathic remedies ineffective for these patients. However, once the body is strengthened to recognize the viral proteins fragments for EBV (latent membrane protein 1, LMP1, and others) then the immune system is better able to go in with the assistance of homeopathic dilutions to sweep these fragments from the body. Only then will the IgA, and IgM titers disappear.

Recent findings in anti-aging medicine and brain research suggest that EBV is also causal in some types of brain degeneration and inflammatory conditions. This is all the more reason to have your practitioner check your blood for at least the IgM for EBV at your next routine exam and not wait if you suffer any type of cyclical or chronic fatigue.

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Anna Manayan

Anna Manayan