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November 26, 2012

shea butterWe are proud to announce TWO products by SMART BABY™ called SHEAMU BALM & BABASHEA BALM (the VEGAN version). These balms aren’t just for babies! These products are unique among balms on the market today because they combine the best of natural advanced patented anti-microbial technology in the form of a proprietary colloidal silver solution along with the skin nurturing and protective properties of not just one 100% organic oil but two, Emu and Shea for SHEAMU BALM and Babassu and Shea for BABASHEA BALM, the vegan version. Both are light, non-greasy, anti-microbial, moisturizing and soothing. 

SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER: These balms combine the best of what mother nature can offer across three continents to bring you natural, healing, moisturizing balms for babies and anyone with skin! Take advantage of our introductory special good till December 31, 2012.  BUY 4 4oz jars (perfect for air travel) for $22 (free shipping) (with CA tax $24) Retail: $6.79/jar (CA $7.42 includes tax)

If you have dry skin, skin irritations, sensitive skin, skin abrasions, sunburnt skin, flaky skin, razor burn skin, and skin with fine wrinkles and lines, this is the balm for you too! For babies, they are a natural anti-septic, soother and healer of the skin, and helps to protect the skin from sun, wind, irritation and infection, fostering quick healing. What makes these balms so great? They’re made with a nano colloidal silver solution, 100% organic Shea and emu oil or Babassu oil, with no chlorine, no fragrance, no preservatives, no wax, and no additives.  The silver solution, being an anti-microbial helps to prevent infection.  Try it after a bath or shower, after a diaper change, before going into the sun and wind, after scrapes and falls, and before going to day care centers, and places loaded with germs!

ANTI-MICROBIAL: Both balms are the first of their kind to contain a proprietary patented anti-microbial 30PPM nano-colloidal silver solution. They protect the skin from infection from minor cuts, scrapes, abrasions, & itchy bug bites that become infected after scratching. Safe & non-toxic, they will not cause retention of silver in the body, unlike original colloidal silvers that were ingested. Excellent to prevent colds & flu for use on hands and face, they inhibit the spread of contamination from toys and day care facilities, as the colloidal silver has strong natural anti-microbial properties on skin contact and is much safer than common chemical anti-bacterial wipes and liquid hand applications. This balm is even safe if accidently ingested by a child putting its hand in the mouth. 

100% ORGANIC SHEA: Shea is the gold standard in moisturizing balms. Shea comes from the oil of the nut of the Karite tree. It is high in essential fatty acids, an anti-oxidant with extreme moisturizing properties. Shea has a long history of benefiting skin with eczema and psoriasis. It is known to help support skin elasticity, healing cuts and burns without scarring, minimizing stretch marks, razor bumps and rashes and is a natural sun protector besides its moisturizing properties. 

100% EMU OIL: The ancient Australian Aborigines used emu oil as a remedy for injured, dry, sunburned, or wind parched skin, as well as a balm to relieve aching muscles and joints. It is a light non-greasy skin nourishing oil that benefits fine lines and wrinkles. Laboratory studies conducted in Australia found emu oil to reduce inflammation of the joints. High in linolenic acid, a substance known to temporarily ease joint pain, and oleic acid… this oil has proven anti-inflammatory effects upon skin tissue.

100% BABASSU OIL: This organic cold pressed oil comes from the Babassu palm in Brazil. High in lauric and myristic acid, it is a great emollient beneficial for both dry and oily skin, light & gently moisturizing, without creating an oily sheen. It is quickly penetrating, soothing, protective & conditioning  for the skin. This oil is the perfect VEGAN compliment to Emu oil.

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Anna Manayan

Anna Manayan