February 18, 2011


Acid Reflux Program:

Our program gets to the root cause of acid reflux and will enable you to be drug and over the counter medication fee. Our computerized testing is thorough and will show you all dietary and pathogenic factors contributing to your reflux. Our treatment program is natural and fast will give you increasing relief towards healing from this disturbing disorder. No one needs to live with acid reflux.

Anxiety –Panic Attack Program:

We have a natural, quickly effective treatment program for anxiety disorders and panic attack issues. We have a computerized testing assessment program to examine your body’s metabolism of neurotransmitters, and the causative factors that trigger the disorder. Treatment modalities depend on the findings but are immediately effective when used with our nutritional program.

Autism Program:

Our program treats the specific metabolic needs of the child as opposed to making your child fit into a boilerplate “autism” treatment protocol. Many “fad” programs try to focus one causative agent for the “cause’ of autism,  no matter where the child may be on the “spectrum”. Our comprehensive computerized testing will examine all the known causative factors. Our treatment program is natural and re-programs the immune system, changing how your child is able to now metabolize toxins, key nutrients that support methylation, and neurotransmitter synthesis. Our testing will also determine the exact maximum dosages that your child is metabolically able to take under the autism treatment program of your choice. We work with DAN doctors and chelation specialists. Together, we can enable your child to successfully manage a treatment program side effect free, with safer excretion of heavy metals and minimal side effects.

Asthma Resolution Program:

Even if you are on regular medication for asthma, and have had asthma all your life, you can reduce the frequency and severity of asthma attacks. With our natural treatment, most patients are able to reduce their dependency on medications and therefore reduce their toxic load from the drugs.

Our computerized testing will help you find out what the triggers are for your asthma (house dust, mold, mycotoxins, food, food additives, toxins, virus etc.) and systematically eliminate the sources for those triggers. Our treatment program re-programs the immune system thereby reducing the body’s reactivity and sensitivity that induces asthma attacks. It also reduces the inflammation that causes long-term damage to your lungs.

Brain Nutrition:

Focus, attention, brain fog, mood disorders, insomnia, etc. all require proper brain nutrition. The prevention of pre-mature aging of the brain also mandates an awareness of proper brain nutrition to prevent the degenerative changes years before symptoms begin.

Our program evaluates brain chemistry, brain speed, mood, and function via in depth questionnaires, computerized testing, neurotransmitter analysis, and qEEG findings where necessary. Patients find they can overcome insomnia, lessen their dependency on prescription medications, and improve brain focus and mood disorders.

Our testing can also determine if your brain is the causal factor for declining immune vitality, the source of migraines, and other disorders ordinarily not linked to brain function and metabolism.

Blood Pressure Management Naturally:

Whether you are on prescription medications or taking over the counter remedies to manage your blood pressure, our program will help to identify the causes for your elevated blood pressure (sugars, salt, food additives, hormones, heavy metals, other toxins, weight etc.) Treatment can normalize blood pressure or reduce one’s dependency on drug or herbal treatment.

Bloating & Indigestion Relief Naturally:

You do not have to live with bloating or indigestion. Your digestion is the key to your health. Proper nutrient absorption ensures vitality, repair and rejuvenation of the body. After your initial exam you will know the factors contributing to your symptoms and what can be done to easily reverse this condition w/o dependency to over the counter or prescription medications.

Candida – Get Free

Our program helps you turn the tables against chronic candida and yeast inflammation. If you think you are controlling your candida by following an “anti-candida diet” then your candida is not gone!

Our treatment program boosts your immune recognition of candida, yeast, fungal pathogens and mycotoxins. It will make what you take to kill these pathogens more effective whether it is prescription or over the counter herbal medications, and you will have little to no die-off symptoms as a result. We will also identify where in your body these pathogens are located and the factors that contribute to their continued presence in your body. Eliminate them and you eliminate the welcome mat to their proliferation.

Cellulite Reversal

Our program for cellulite reversal deals with the internal causes for retention under the skin. Our detox program, Lulum skin treatment program and home maintenance application will have you beach ready.

Colitis Reversal Naturally:

No one needs to live with colitis no matter how long they have had the condition. Our program will determine the causes for the inflammatory condition, reverse the immune sensitivities that create the inflammation, and help your body heal from this disorder. Our patients can over time eliminate prescription drug dependency and eat healthy nutritious food symptom free.

Comprehensive Program:

This program is the most comprehensive in scope and depth of all our programs. This program includes:

1)     Comprehensive Initial evaluation & treatment: This includes an in depth computerized exam covering:

  • Your toxicity and drainage efficiency
  • Your toxic load
  • Your detoxification pathway efficiency
  • Areas of inflammation
  • Metabolic/immune challenges
  • protein metabolism
  • sugar metabolism
  • fat metabolism
  • mineral metabolism
  • vitamin metabolism
  • hormone metabolism
  • Pathogenic stressors and weaknesses
  • Food sensitivities
  • Environmental/chemical/seasonal sensitivities

2)     Comprehensive nutritional evaluation: This program covers

  • your initial dietary guidelines while undergoing detoxification

and immune treatments

  • your subsequent blood type/secretor/and genotype program
  • Regular BIA parameter testing to determine hydration, fat mass, muscle mass, cell membrane function, toxic accumulation and disbursement

3)     May Include lab testing where appropriate for:

  • cortisol function
  • neurotransmitter function
  • optimum hormone levels
  • leaky gut/probiotic strains/levels
  • parasite/fungal/candida detection
  • melatonin profile
  • bone loss markers
  • vitamin d levels
  • heavy metal excretion
  • mineral analysis
  • uterine/breast cancer risk factor

l.        DPA for arteriosclerosis assessment


You do not need to live with constipation; and chronic constipation can cause other damaging health effects. Our fast easy testing and treatment will improve one’s bowels even if you’ve had the problem for years. Our program is natural and will resolve any dependency you have on fiber, laxatives or other over the counter or herbal remedies for this condition. We get to the root cause and you might be surprised to know what it is.

Coping Program:

If you are struggling to cope with some challenge in your life, then we can help you feel empowered, give you coping skills and a game plan, and most importantly change how you feel and see the problem naturally with a technique called Neuro-emotional Technique. It deals with the biochemistry of emotion and will help you get unstuck and free of crippling emotions and allow you the freedom to take on all your challenges in life with a positive vision and empowerment. Sessions are extremely effective and relief is immediate! You don’t need years of therapy to cope effectively and with a better attitude.

Dental Amalgam Screening:

Computerized screening of the teeth to identify mercury amalgam fillings under crowns, to identify areas of localized infection in the gum & wisdom pockets (common in lyme disease), and issues related to de-mineralization, & calcium metabolism.

The patient must have had their regular mercury amalgams removed at least 7 days prior to this exam to ensure accurate detection of mercury amalgams under the crown. This will save you the tremendous expense of having your dentist remove each crown just to see if there is an amalgam filling under it. This testing is also essential for anyone prior to embarking on a heavy metal chelation program.

Detoxification Support:

Not sure if you need to detox, or not sure how or what to detox? Our computerized testing will determine the relative toxic burden circulating in your system, the types of toxins that are stressing your body the most, the relative efficiency or non-efficiency of your liver detoxification pathways, whether you have sufficient mineral stores to enable you to process toxins in a detoxification program, test you for the most compatible chelator to use to detoxify, and determine the dose your body can handle to detoxify. We also monitor excretion of toxins so that you can be assured of no harmful side effects. Do not try to detoxify yourself without this baseline knowledge. One detoxification program does not fit everyone especially with genetic variations and defects affecting one’s liver detoxification pathways.

Diabetes Support Program:

Our program for diabetes support will improve your body’s ability to metabolize sugars and carbohydrates. It will lower your triglycerides, and improve your circulation, improve wound healing and often reduce your insulin dosages making what you do take more effective. Drug resistance is a huge problem in diabetes so any program that can make what you do take for diabetes more effective is worth its weight in gold. The program is natural and changes the body’s ability to metabolize toxins, protein, sugar and fats. It is based on a comprehensive computerized analysis of your body’s reactivity to food metabolites and hormones. It can also determine the causative factors that contributed to your developing diabetes (viral, chemical, nutritional, hormonal). Our program is compatible with any drug treatment program you are currently on.

Drug Allergy Treatment:

If you have a prescription drug that you feel is not agreeing with you, we have a way to test your body for immune sensitivity and compatibility to that drug. Sometimes we develop an allergy to a drug. Our treatment program can de-sensitize you from that sensitivity and help you stay on your medications. The only way to know for sure is to have us test your drugs.

Ear Infection Resolution:

Chronic childhood ear infections often end up with stents being implanted in a child’s ear. This is totally unnecessary and completely preventable even if the operation date has been set! Our testing and treatment program gets to the bottom of why your child has recurrent ear infections and eliminates the cause. This can prevent auditory and other brain processing disorders by preventing the infection from entering and scaring the brain. Stents will not do that. Eliminate the cause now and have a healthy child.

Eczema Relief:

Treatment for eczema can be frustrating because suppression of the immune system with immunosuppressive drugs does not cure the underlying cause for eczema and causes other side effects often more detrimental than the eczema itself. Our comprehensive computerized testing will reveal the underlying causes for the eczema (heavy metals, candida, food sensitivities, immune sensitivities, detoxification pathway inefficiencies, unresolved emotional trauma, B vitamin metabolic issues, mineral metabolism issues, to name a few). Our treatment program will help your body eradicate the causes and heal your skin, changing your metabolism and sensitivities to make eczema a thing of the past.

EMF Sensitivities:

We test for and reverse EMF sensitivities of all types.

Environmental Testing & De-sensitization:

Our computerized testing is cost efficient and quick to determine the source of one’s suspected environmental sensitivities. We test for household chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, environmental chemicals, petrochemicals, mycotoxins, indoor, outdoor and pathogenic molds and candida and yeast strains.

Fight Fatigue Program:

Our computerized testing will uncover the causal factors contributing to your fatigue that few doctors will be capable of assessing at the first visit. We examine factors such as vitamin & mineral metabolism, detoxification pathway interference, drainage issues, brain function, viral, bacterial, mycoplasma, fungal, lyme, parasitic pathogens, chemical (household, pesticide, herbicide, food additive, petrochemical, radiation, EMF, metals), mitochondrial function, ATP synthesis pathway issues, sugar metabolism, hormone synthesis, cellular receptor absorption, and detoxification, food sensitivities, acidity and more. After your initial examination you will have a comprehensive idea of how your body became bogged down with fatigue.

Fertility Support:

Our program will boost the effectiveness of any fertility program. Our computerized testing will determine immune sensitivities to sperm and hormones, causing your body to fight against you and your doctor’s treatment program. It will eliminate the side effects common in fertility programs and can boost your body’s own production of natural hormones, restoring your body’s natural biorhythm.

Our program goes beyond fertility. It will prepare you to eliminate heavy metal toxins prior to pregnancy, help you to have a healthy pregnancy, and help you to have a healthy baby that doesn’t react to breast milk or the heavy metal and other toxins excreted in breast milk that fosters colic and food sensitivities in the newborn and will prevent chronic ear infections in babies.

Food Sensitivity Testing & De-sensitization:

Our food sensitivity testing mirrors the findings of blood tests and no painful skin tests are necessary! Our system also finds what blood or skin tests don’t. We detect the metabolic source of why certain foods are not metabolized. For example, if a sulfur sensitivity is present, it may not show as a positive finding for food allergy or sensitivity testing in blood work because only the phenolic is tested. Garlic, onions, eggplant, lamb are common sources of foods one can be sensitive to with a sulfur sensitivity. Metabolic based food sensitivities comprise more than 90% of food sensitivities and are completely treatable. Living in avoidance is not the answer and it hinders one’s metabolism and nutrient absorption weakening one’s immune system over time. This program will test, treat and detoxify the immune cell memory to food sensitivities making the likelihood of re-sensitization common in other programs negligible.

Grief Recovery Program:

Grief recovery from death of a loved one, major life disappointments haunting you, traumas, living with guilt, shame, self doubt, flashbacks. Our program deals with the biochemistry of emotion, helping your body detoxify the chemistry of trauma and negative emotions. It will change how you feel quickly without years of therapy. It is completely natural and may include the use some homeopathics and/or flower essences. Neurotransmitter and brain function is also evaluated as part of our comprehensive treatment program to improve sleep, anxiety and your body’s stress response.

Hair Loss – Stopping it

Whether you are a man or a woman pre-mature or excessive hair loss can be slowed or halted when it is the cause of low thyroid cell receptivity (even if lab tests show normal thyroid values), elevated DHT levels or metabolic challenges with detoxification. Our computerized testing will help determine the root cause(s) for your hair loss and resolve it naturally without drugs.

Headache Abatement Program:

If you find yourself taking pain pills weekly, then you need our program. It is not normal or healthy to have to rely upon painkillers to manage one’s headache. Headaches are a sign of imbalance in the body. Our program will test and treat you naturally to eliminate all the sources for your headache. Don’t wait until your headaches require prescription medications or ruin your day or evening. Our program is simple, fast and efficient to find the causes and get you relief.

Heavy Metal Detoxification Naturally & Safely:

Many think they can eliminate heavy metals on their own or with a doctor with no side effects. The sad truth is that it may start that way but problems can arise that stem from one’s immune system that interferes with the

excretion of  heavy metals. The result is you become sicker and sicker as the chelation progresses until you have to quit or you stop excreting heavy metals and your doctor thinks you are done.

Our program will reverse the immune imprint and interference and allow your body to detoxify more efficiently as well as monitor the excretion of metals. Our program also determines what type of essential nutrients are needed for your body to make it more efficient in detoxification and will take into account known genetic SNPs. The end result is faster detoxification, no side effects and improved excretion levels.

Your initial exam with us will tell you your current state of toxic burden, the types of toxins stressing your system, what organs are most stressed by toxins, how well you excrete toxins, how well you use minerals and vitamins to fuel the liver’s detoxification pathways, whether you have immune sensitivities that interfere with detoxification or excretion of heavy metals, the type of chelator your body is most compatible with and the optimum dose your body can handle, and when you will be ready to begin a detoxification program for heavy metals. Our program will stand by your through the process and help you monitor your results and ensure minimum side effects from the chelators best suited to your body.

Healthy Heart Program:

Our healthy heart program customizes heart nutrition, natural cholesterol management, testing and reversal of plaque formation in arteries and veins and heart valves and optimizing your digestive metabolism to ensure healthy heart function. The program is drug free, and helps patients eliminate the need for cholesterol medications.

Hormone Balancing:

Menopause, PMS, thyroid, growth hormone and general hormonal aging issues are all addressed naturally. Our computerized system examines your immune systems’ interference in your body’s ability to use, and detoxify hormones. Our tests will inform you of what type of hormonal cancer risk you might be headed for and our treatment program will help prevent relapses of hormonal cancers by improving your body’s ability to detoxify hormones.

Insomnia Resolution:

Insomnia has many causes, more than you can imagine, some of which are based in childhood head traumas long forgotten. Our computerized testing will decipher the causative agents contributing your insomnia thoroughly and efficiently.  The end result is reduced prescription and over the counter drug dependency, improved sleep cycles, deeper sleep cycles and more restful sleep.

Latex Allergy:

Allergies develop over time from increased toxic accumulation and immune sensitization. They also tend to snowball with an ever increasing number of items we become sensitive to over time. Our system of detoxification and de-sensitization can reverse the frequency, severity and reactivity to latex and other contactants.

Libido – Boost Sex Drive Naturally

Find out what factors are suppressing your libido without extensive and costly labs. Our computerized testing will examine the causative factors contributing to the decline in your sex drive. Our treatment program is natural and restores the natural hormonal balance and vitality that fosters optimum energy.

Migraine Abatement Therapy:

Our computerized testing will give you valuable information as to the causative agents for your migraine, whether they are food based, food additive based, hormonal based, metabolic based, chemical based, neurological based to name a few. Therapy will be based upon our findings and eliminates the severity, frequency and in most cases the need for any medications for migraine. It is natural and effective and changes how your body reacts to these offending agents. Don’t be resigned to thinking you have to live with migraines.


Our neurofeedback program will help improve brain speed, focus, integration, and processing. Our program will assess whether you are a candidate for neurofeedback and whether you should avoid headphones as part of any therapy program. Our program determines whether there is inflammation in the brain and plots a course both nutritionally and functionally to improve brain function for young and old. Whether your child has had repeated ear infections, sports trauma, soccer head, car accidents, falls, brain fog, heavy metal toxicity, mold damage, migraine or birth trauma or stroke, our neurofeedback program can improve brain function. It’s rarely too late.

Nutritional Consultation – genetic based:

Our program is customized around your genetic and specific immune imprint. It’s based upon the latest research in the field of metabolic nutrition and our immune pathway clinical research. It takes into account your methylation ability (body’s ability to detoxify), how your red blood cells shed toxins, immune sensitivities and allergies to foods, vitamins, minerals, & food additives. You will not feel deprived. You will have a lifelong easy to live with flexible dietary plan that sheds weight, toxins and makes our patients feel energized. Food is medicine, so eating the right foods you’re your body’s genetics and chemistry is essential for optimum health and disease prevention.

OCD Program:

OCD is a function of brain chemistry imbalance and brain inflammation. We look for the root cause of this imbalance and treat it naturally by enabling the body to rebalance its metabolic, detoxification and immune function.

Peanut Allergy:

Peanut allergies can develop into anaphylactic life threatening situations. Our program de-sensitizes the immune system to peanut antigens and their toxins and is the only natural way to reduce one’s reactivity from accidental exposure. It will help prevent the development of anaphylactic shock and reduce the severity of accidental exposures. It’s an economical investment well worth preventing severe shock.

Pet Allergy Reversal:

Do you want a pet but know you’ve had allergies to them? Do you live with pets and suffer allergies? We treat and reverse pet sensitivities quickly and naturally. No one should have to live without a pet because of allergies.

PMS Relief Naturally:

Our program finds the root cause for your PMS symptoms. Resolution of symptoms can occur within 30 days. Suffering from PMS is more than a nuisance. It can indicate a problem with your body’s ability to detoxify estrogen and greatly increase your risk for breast, ovarian and uterine cancer. This type of risk factor is never tested for in standard gynecological exams or labs.

Radiation Detoxification:

Post radiation therapy leaves the body with the continuing effects of radiation damage. It is often subtle and can lead to increased toxic accumulation and relapses of cancer. The radiation therapy may have eliminated the cancer but it did not eliminate the cause for the cancer. Our comprehensive computerized testing will examine your body’s ability to detoxify and decipher the sources for why your body manifested cancer in the first place. With this knowledge you will be better equipped to remain cancer free and healthier.

Seasonal Allergies Testing and De-sensitization:

No painful skin testing is necessary and relief can come within a couple of weeks of treatment. Shots are not needed, neither is perpetual dependency on anti-histamines and decongestants. Get relief from house dust, animal dander, pet hair, grass, weed and tree allergies.

Skin Rejuvenation Program:

Our skin rejuvenation program addresses the internal and external causes for aging skin and inflammatory conditions that affect skin. We have state of the art equipment to test one’s metabolism, hormone synthesis and detoxification, toxic burden, sugar & fat metabolism, and drainage. Our Lulum devise with micro/pico current therapy will help dissolve calcifications under the skin, improve skin tone, muscle tone, lymphatic drainage and oxygenation of the skin. Our program will put you on track to improve your skin texture and tone to minimize the effects of aging.

Stop Stomach Pain:

Have you visited doctors for your nagging stomach pain and been told nothing is wrong with you? Our advanced computerized testing will determine with amazing accuracy the causes for your stomach pain and in most cases heal it naturally. Don’t live with stomach pain, heal it now.

Stop Cravings Program:

Cravings are often a sign of immune sensitivities to the very thing you crave. Metabolic imbalances make it impossible to will your way to overcome these cravings. Brain chemistry imbalances work further promote cravings.

Our computerized testing and evaluation will get to the root cause for your cravings and a customized treatment program designed. Most programs can be complete within 30 days with astonishing resolution of cravings!

Supplement Testing and Dosing:

Everyone has bottles stockpiled and always hear of another miracle supplement one’s neighbor is taking. Our computerized testing tests your body for allergies and immune sensitivities to the supplement or medication, its effectiveness, compatibility and then the dose your body should not exceed on a daily basis. Our system will determine what you should be taking, could be taking and should not be taking. Eliminate the guess work, get tested.

Trauma Recovery:

Trauma in the form of abuse, whether it is physical or emotional, PTSD, accidents, mourning the death of a loved one, recurrent nightmares, flashbacks, the trauma of a bad divorce or break up of a relationship can leave lasting emotional scars. You can heal these emotional wounds and not be controlled by the emotions from your trauma. NET is the technique that treats the biochemistry of emotion and helps your body to detoxify the emotion that keeps you a prisoner to the trauma.

Toxicity Evaluation:

Computerized scoring for toxic load, drainage efficiency and cellular nutrient absorption. Assessment of which organs are most stressed by toxins and assessment of which type of toxin is the primary stressor. Assessment of detoxification pathways and degree of immune interference with those pathways.

Treatment is simple and effective in changing the body’s response to key metabolites that facilitate detoxification irrespective of genetic SNPs. This evaluation is a must have prior to embarking on a chelation program or rigorous pathogen abatement program (for lyme, chronic viral, or fungal infections) to enable the liver to accommodate the additional stress of chelation or die-off. It will minimize side effects from chelation or drug or herbal programs and make excretion of the byproducts of the program much more efficient, ensuring that you will be able to stay on your doctor supervised program to completion.

Viral Detox:

Chronic viral infections can be treated. Chronic fatigue viral infections such as Epstein Barr, cytomegalovirus, echo virus, coxsackie virus can and does live in the body indefinitely leading to chronic disability and some cancers. So-called incurable viral infections such as Herpes, HHV strains can be managed successfully to reduce the frequency, severity and duration of episodes. Our computerized testing and treatment will identify which strains your immune system is weak to fighting and boost immune recognition to those strains. This makes your treatment program much more effective and could be the very reason past treatment programs were unsuccessful.

Weight Loss With Ease:

Our comprehensive weight loss program will address each of the sources for failure in weight loss (toxic accumulation, food sensitivities, hormonal imbalances, detoxification pathway issues, genetic based food incompatibilities, food based inflammation, hormonal triggers, blood sugar imbalances, and emotions).

The program is easy to follow and patients say the weight melts off with ease as they gain more and more energy in the process. The program is customized to your metabolic profile, hormonal needs, toxic burden and immune profile. Weekly BMI/BIA and weight testing will tell you how your body is progressing in our system.

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