Tired All The Time? Maybe It’s Your ‘Invisible’ Gland!!!

Tired All The Time? Maybe It’s Your ‘Invisible’ Gland!!!tr

Low Energy & the “Invisible” Gland transcends the boundaries of any one disease and will help you to determine what stone has been left unturned to reverse a cause for low energy in your life!

STORY IDEAS 1. IS YOUR BRAIN MAKING YOU FAT? 2. IS YOUR FOOD GIVING YOU BRAIN FOG? 3. WHO GETS CANCER ON HRT? 4. IS THAT MUFFIN KILLING YOUR MEMORY? 5. DO YOU HAVE TOXIC BRAIN? 6. WHAT IS PUSHING YOUR BUTTONS? 7. SUGAR HOT FLASHES? 8. BLOOD TYPE A’S AND BAD BRAINS 9. HOW TOXINS MAKE YOU FAT 10. WHAT YOU GET FROM YOUR SEXUAL PARTNER THAT IS NOT CONSIDERED STD 11. ARE TOXINS BLOCKING YOUR HORMONES? Anna Manayan, Anna is a licensed acupuncturist, board certified in Internal Medicine in CA, Diplomat in Anti-Aging Medicine (American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine), voted Best of The Bay Alternative Doctor in San Francisco Bay Area and 2012 Covington’s Executive of the Year. Her expertise in computerized diagnostics, detoxification, drainage, immune therapy, and brain mapping puts her in a unique position to reprogram immune interference that impacts key metabolic and biochemical pathways in the body. Creator of the Immune Reset Protocol, this proprietary treatment protocol “resets” immune triggered interference with the metabolism of protein, sugar, fats, vitamins, minerals, hormones, and detoxification pathway function and boosts immune recognition to Lyme & other pathogens. Available: In Person/Phone/Skype/Phone, east coast and west coast

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Show features can include inside interviews from the world’s cutting edge health practitioners leading the front in metabolic/immune, brain nutrition and function, detoxification pathway function and nutragenomics, the forefront of alternative and integrative medicine!

Anna Manayan

Is Toxic Retention Unraveling Your Health? What’s Eating Your Brain? Is Silent Inflammation Choking Your Sex Life? Is Stress Damaging Your Brain? What Your Blood Type Can Tell You About Your Brain… When Fat Cells Are Toxic…. The American Zombie, What Food Is Altering Your Brain! Road Rage….Is Your Liver To Blame? Is Your Food Harming Your Brain?…easy ways to find out! Are You Loosing Bone as We Speak?…an easy way to find out! Vitamin D…How Long Must You Lie Naked in the Sun? What Food is Most Likely to Alter Your Genes? Is Your Soda Making You Tired? What Your Mouth Tells You About Your Chances of Dying hg

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Anna Manayan

Anna Manayan