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How much of our plaque of low energy is due to a recognized disease? How much falls outside this disease model yet is still medically significant? Escaping Your Low Energy Trap is the first to take a common symptom and examine its uncommon roots as it impacts one’s energy irrespective of whether the cause is considered a disease, nutritional deficiency, medical condition or some other imbalance manifesting indefinitely and cyclically taxing one’s energy reserves.
Written by a clinician speaking to his/her patient plagued with persistent low energy to the point that lifestyle is impacted, it asks the question that one’s well informed doctor should be asking. It answers them with information a lay person can understand and use, systematically checking off all possible sources, uncommon sources presently overlooked by mainstream medicine.
Myths about low energy causes are dispelled. When is low energy a red flag? It walks you through the signs commonly overlooked and what they mean. It provides you with consequences for ignoring these signs. Obvious and not so obvious culprits are identified. It explains how Allopathic medicine is designed to miss these culprits. It spells out what you can do to unveil your cause(s) for low energy. It will let you know how much you can do on your own and how to access laboratory tests that will act as guideposts for your r
recover. With this life changing insight, answers and opportunities unveil to help you escape from your low energy trap!

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CM Core   CM Core

With Berberine for supporting positive insulin response and Grape Seed Extract  to maintain normal blood pressure levels, CM Core supports the important parameters for optimal cardiometabolic status.

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Microbiology Stool (Doctor’s Data)
This is a fantastic test to identify the probiotics and their levels in your digestive tract, to identify the bad bacteria and yeast/candida that contribute to “leaky gut” and their levels. This is a must as a base line reading for anyone embarking on healing their digestive tract and a great report card to determine if your anti-fungals and probiotics are actually working! This test can be run every 60 days if necessary to track one’s progress.

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Cortisol/Saliva Test – Diagnos-Techs,Inc.  15 minutes phone consult with Escaping Your low energy Trap   LabKits-07

This test is essential to tract one’s adrenal function throughout the day and DHEA level. The results are essential for the practitioner and patient to know the time of day to take a glandular or adrenal supplement and to track one’s improving adrenal function over time while on medication or supplements. Low cortisol results make blood sugar regulation difficult and result in lowered immune function against pathogens. Many patients are unable to resolve chronic infections and inflammatory conditions because of undetected low cortisol levels. Elevated cortisol levels also fuel inflammation and aggravate arthritic and immune conditions. Western medical blood lab testing is not designed to track levels of cortisol throughout the day and is designed only to detect the advanced state of disease. Most patients are symptomatic before blood lab tests become abnormal.

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E3Enzymes Supreme



100% Plant based Enzymes

may promote

Better digestion

Improved absorption of vitamins and minerals


E3Enzymes Supreme is our digestive and cleansing blend of plant based enzymes and other plant derived digestive aids. Our formula consists of premium, full-spectrum, digestive enzymes with added nutritional co-factors optimized to work in wide pH variations throughout the entire digestive tract.

available in vegetarian (no gelatin) capsules and powder

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Magnelevures  (Nervous system support)






Magnelevures provides magnesium along with essential nutrients formulated specifically to encourage optimum absorption and tissue utilization of magnesium for the proper functioning of and protection against damaging effects on the nervous and cardiovascular systems. Magnesium, along with vitamins B1 and B6, enhances nervous system function while taurine provides an essential component found in heart muscle and the central nervous system. As a powerful antioxidant, glutathione inhibits free radicals and protects against cellular damage.

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