RADIO – Michael Dresser Show

Anna Manayan, J.D., Dipl.Ac., L.Ac.,

Board Certified Internal Medicine NBIMA

Diplomat A4M Anti-Aging ABAAHP

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RADIO – Michael Dresser Show

Anna Manayan: Founder of Immune Matrix, talking with Michael today about how to protect your genes:

Anna Manayan is a nationally recognized holistic clinician and founder of Immune Matrix clinics. She has traveled extensively around the world to seek answers, to investigate, research and develop techniques to uncover the roots of immune and metabolic issues that plague her most chronic and severe patients. With diligent trial and error she has brought her collective knowledge and clinical experience to her patients via the Immune Reset Protocol.

Patients are seen from all over the globe on their own and via referral from their physicians. Her specialty is the treatment of the most challenging cases of chronic fatigue, immune pathologies, Lyme disease, chronic viral and very metabolically challenged patients whose brain chemistry and digestive states are so poor that their doctors cannot give them any medications or supplements without them reacting.

Anna’s expertise in computerized diagnostics, immune interference with metabolic pathways concerning detoxification, drainage, hormone synthesis and detoxification, brain chemistry and nutrient absorption puts her in a unique position to “reprogram” immune disorders and immune interference that impacts key metabolic and biochemical pathways of the body.

Anna shares her insightful approach to reversing the course of low energy and chronic fatigue irrespective of one’s “disease label” and irrespective of how long this fatigue has been an issue in your life. The time has come to embrace state of the art laboratory testing largely ignored by main stream medicine simply because it does not diagnose disease. The time has come to realize that everyone can optimize their energy in ways they never expected irrespective of other existing health conditions.

Anna is a license acupuncturist, holding a certified specialty in Internal Medicine, and a Diplomat in Anti-Aging Medicine with the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. She was voted Best of Bay Alternative Doctor in San Francisco Bay Area, is the 2012 Covington’s Executive of the Year and has been interviewed nationally on MSNBC and CNN’s show “Healthwise”. She writes articles weekly about the cutting edge treatments in her clinical practice and research on her blog at: and speaks passionately about cutting edge health topics to empower listeners in person and on radio.

Immune Matrix clinics are located on the east and west coast. They bring a proprietary holistic metabolic/immune pathway approach to reset the body’s metabolism and immune function, resulting in improved digestion, brain function, hormone output and detoxification, liver function and excretion of toxins as well as breakthroughs in energy. Please see the clinic website for more information on her programs of treatment. (

As an attorney, she donates her time freely to assist on legal matters concerning expanding insurance coverage for alternative medical care, acupuncture scope of practice, peer review, and rules and regulations regarding the use of herbal medicine. She continues her clinical research to provide effective relief for the most chronic and perplexing symptoms.

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Anna Manayan

Anna Manayan