Our objective today is to understand how the body reacts to mold and its toxins, the types of symptoms associated with mold allergies and what you can do to begin to overcome their attachment to you!

The nature of molds, yeasts, candida, fungi:
Generally speaking we come into contact with molds, yeasts and fungi through the food we eat if they are the type that are commonly associated with harboring molds, such as raisins, strawberries, cantaloupe, corn, oats etc., and through environmental contact with their spores from working in the garden to inhaling damp stagnant air where molds have grown on old furniture, books and in the drywall and baseboards of homes, as well as through sexual contact! The molds cause problems for our immune systems in three principal ways: 1) from their metabolic excretions, called mycotoxins, 2) from their infestation in the body like a parasite 3) from their immune effects.

Mycotoxins are the metabolic excretions from these pathogens. Some excretions are used in the food industry to manufacture the foods we love, for example, roguefortine for roguefort cheese. Other mycotoxins are used in the drug industry to heal as in penicillin. Most simply make us sick to various degrees, such as:
1) chronic sinus infections can have a fungal element
2) abdominal bloating, gas, distension and other digestive complaints
3) skin rashes, often itchy, and in damp areas, where skin folds are located, but the face, behind ears and eyebrows can become affected
4) athlete’s foot, jock itch
5) itchy scalp
6) vaginal itching and anal itching
7) chronic fatigue
8) chronic immune sensitivities
9) food cravings, especially for sweets
10) chronic immune suppression and vulnerability to other pathogens

Here is a broad list of the types of mycotoxins Immune Matrix tests its patients for sensitivity to:
Chchliodinol, Penitrem A, Cephalosporin C, Fusaric Acid, Eniatins, Cyclopiazonic Acid, Alfatoxin, Martoryzine, Verruculogen, Penicillin, Rubratoxin, Nivalenol, Patulin, Butenolide, Trichoverrins, Citreoviridin, Acetyl T-toxin, Destruxin B, Fumonisin B1, Trichothecin, Brevianamide, Moniliformin, Scirpentriol, Xanthocillin, Crotocin, Roquefortine C, Roridin E, Slaframine, Acetaldehyde, Viriditoxin, Lateritin, Alternariol Methyl Esther, Aflatrem, Islanditoxin, Citrinin, Deoxynivalenol, Neosolaniol, Fusarin, Emodin, Zearalenone, Kojic Acid, Penicillic Acid, Cyclosporin A, Acetyldeoxynivalenol, Cytachalasin E, Malformin, Satratoxins, Ergot, Calonectrin, Ipomeanine, Chaetoglobosin, Alternariol, Beauvericin, Lycomarasmin, Diacetoxyscirpenol, Ochratoxin, T-2 Toxin, fumagilin, Sterigmatocystin, Rugulosin, Avenacein, Verrucarins, Viomellein, Gliotoxin, Austdiol, Austamide, Griseofulvin, HT-2 Toxin, Oxalic Acid, Monoacetoxysccirpenol, Trichodermin, Tenuazonic acid, Amanitins, Trichoverrols

Innoculation leading toward leaky gut, bloating and chronic fatigue:
Whether a patient becomes debilitated from exposure to molds, fungi, yeasts, candida, depends on many factors:
1) their state of immune health at the time of exposure
2) the number of other co-existing infections present at time of exposure, such as dysbiotic flora in the digestive tract, chronic fatigue viruses such as Epstein Barr, echo or cytomeg, and other candida, yeast and opportunistic fungal infections in the digestive tract, skin, and internal tissues of the body
3) the type of exposure, skin, food, inhalant
4) the type of pathogen and its associated toxic and immune suppressing effects

Inhaling mold toxins or spores can result in the body reacting to the toxin, as seen in black mold, where neurological effect such as brain fog, headaches, dizziness, body pains etc.. It can also result in the pathogen becoming an opportunistic infection in the body, searching out warm damp areas of the body to live such as sinus, skin folds, scalp, feet and in and around sexual organs. It is not uncommon for some types of chronic sinus infections to harbor some degree of chronic yeast in the nasal sinuses. This is often overlooked as a culprit in most Western medical offices. However, Immune Matrix has found that when some patients are given anti-fungal medications and certain anti-fungal nasal sprays their long history of sinus congestion resolves.

Itchy skin and itchy scalp conditions also have an element of fungal infection. Re-using damp infected towels, sharing towels, bed linens, sharing combs and hair brushes, are all opportunities for additional exposure and infection. However, one must have a certain degree of susceptibility in order to manifest a fungal infestation after exposure. Patients are usually acidic, somewhat toxic, eat too many refined carbohydrates, sweetened tea, sodas, mochas and the like, providing easy food for their replication. And, their digestive systems do not break down the sugar and carbohydrates into simple sugars that our cells need to absorb, making available undigested sugars to these pathogens for their abundant growth.

Most people seek first to find some type of topical agent to treat the skin irritation. When this becomes a chronic issue, patients will often go to a doctor for a stronger topical medication. However, in many cases, the patient will resolve the condition only to have it return and a merry go round of infection/medication becomes a lifestyle for that patient instead of making it a thing of the past. This is because nearly all doctors do not address the underlying cause that makes living in your body so irresistible to these pathogens! Dr. Anna likes to tell her patients “what good is a fly swatter when you always leave the door open!”

Digestive upsets such as bloating and gas. food cravings for sweets and carbohydrates, are a sign that yeast and candida and possibly other fungal strains are living in your digestive track. Immune Matrix highly recommend if you have not already been tested by your health care provider with a test that identifies and quantifies the strains of good probiotics, bad bacteria, yeast, and fungi in your digestive tract that you take this unique opportunity to order a Microbiology Stool Test from Immune Matrix at the online store at The lab fee includes the cost of a telephone consultation from a licensed health care provider to interpret the findings and recommendations on what can be taken prescription and non-prescription to kill off and re-colonize your digestive tract with good pro-biotics. This information is absolutely vital for you to know what is happening inside your digestive tract. It cannot be emphasized enough that one cannot treat themselves based on their symptoms alone. Appropriate and economical laboratory testing is vital to identify strains, determine their susceptibility to an agent that will kill them and to determine the effectiveness of a treatment program that you or your practitioner undertakes.

Is all bloating due to yeast and candida?
No. Two other factors can cause bloating. The first other possible cause is having an immune sensitivity to lactose, milk sugar, commonly referred to as lactose intolerance. However, lactose intolerance as a term is really a misnomer. Lactose intolerance can come from having an immune sensitivity or allergy to a proteins found in dairy such as casein, albumin or whey, or to the sugar in dairy which is lactose. However, if the body does not make sufficient lactase enzyme, then you cannot break down milk sugars and it ferments in our digestive tract where opportunistic candida, yeast, bacteria and fungi can grow. Therefore, the same symptoms of bloating and digestive discomfort can occur whether the problem is an immune sensitivity to dairy proteins, the inability to break down dairy sugar, lactose from the lack of lactase, or an immune sensitivity to dairy sugar. Immune Matrix advises all their patients suffering from bloating or suspected lactose intolerance or dairy allergy to avoid all dairy including cheese and even yogurt until they can confirm that they have eradicated the pathogenic organisms from their digestive tract with the Microbiology Stool kit.

If you do not have bad flora or candida or yeast from your stool lab findings and you suffer bloating after meals, especially with dairy, then it is possible that you are low in sufficient lactase enzyme. Remember, that what you do not break down adequately in your food, you cannot absorb and what is not absorbed is either going to putrefy in your digestive tract and cause bloating or it will feed organisms whose metabolic waste will irritate your digestive tract. Therefore, it is an easy test to take a lactase containing enzyme, and even better to take a broad spectrum enzyme such as “Digestion” which is sold in a veggie cap at the online store at (This is a more potent grade of enzyme than is generally available to the public.) Take one pill with the start of your meal and wait and see if the bloating begins to subside. If so, it is an indication that you were not breaking down your food with sufficient enzymes, and especially not breaking down your dairy sugar (lactose), which then contributes to the bloating.

If my stool test shows no yeast or candida could I still have a problem with yeast and candida?
Yes. These organisms can live in other places in the body besides the digestive tract. A stool test only reveals those organisms living in the digestive tract. One can still have bloating and weight gains from yeasts and candida and not test positive for their presence in the stool. This involves more of a complicated immune picture that involves several possible factors that require you to see an experienced medical practitioner to get to the root cause:
1) Your body is reacting to the metabolic excretions for the mold, yeast, candida, i.e. mycotoxins. Immune reactions can cause inflammation in the digestive tract and thus bloating as well as other symptoms throughout the body too complex to go into here.
2) Your body is struggling to excrete the mycotoxins and microbial metabolities (dead organisms) and thus stores them in tissues, fluids, and fat cells!
3) You have an undiagnosed invasion of yeast or candida in your body other than your digestive tract and/or your immune system is weak to identifying it. In women who suffer recurrent vaginal yeast infections, it is common for these pathogens to cross into the blood stream and replant in the digestive tract or other parts of the body, erupting through skin as an example, thus the “candida rash”. Blood tests are often necessary for their detection

How do yeast, candida and fungal strains contribute to leaky gut?
Once these opportunistic pathogens enter the digestive tract, which is loaded with undigested particulate matter, they implant themselves in the lining of the digestive tract so as not to be eliminated by the processing of the food. In doing so, microscopic holes at sites of implantation have been documented in electron microscopy. These holes allow for the food you ingest, which is in the process of being broken down into simple protein, sugars and fats to pass through the microscopic holes and enter your blood stream.

Since the food is undigested, it cannot be absorbed by our cells, whose receptor sites have specific recognitions for glucose, not a long chain polysaccharide. The same is true for amino acids that can pass into a cell and feed the cell, but when it leaks through undigested, it presents itself in the body as a large chain of amino acids. The same is true for fatty acids. These large chain molecules that cannot fit into our cell receptor sites have to be eliminated by our immune system which will develop a memory for what it sees most often.

Therefore, having leaky gut, due to overgrowth of attaching candida, yeast, and fungal pathogens stimulates your immune system to begin to recognize these undigested foods as foreign entities and thus develop food allergies and food sensitivities to those foods the immune system sees the most, creating a cascade of inflammation that can be specific for several different types of tissues in the body that include the skin, the lining of our digestive tract contributing to irritable bowel, to joints, and even our brain!

To prevent and help minimize your immune system from becoming sensitized to the foods you eat, take a broad spectrum digestive enzyme such as “Digestion” while you continue to eradicate pathogens from the bowel and body. Digestive enzymes can safely be taken for child through adults are safe to be taken with one’s anti-fungal medications.

Lifestyle changes to close the door to bloating and mold allergies:
For environmental exposure to molds and such, abatement is the first and major step as continued exposure re-inoculates the body and can have a devastating effect on suppressing immune system function making the body susceptible to other opportunistic bacteria, protozoa, amoeba, parasites and viruses.

Staying alkaline is important. We do this with adequate minerals, especially magnesium. Our soil is depleted with magnesium and so our food sources are low and deficient in magnesium. If you tend to suffer stiff neck and shoulders and/or tight muscles, muscle spasms, leg cramps then this is a sign of potential deficiency in magnesium. Magnesium deficiency also causes constipation or hard stools. You can begin to take magnesium to what we call “bowel tolerance” which means that you take a dose of magnesium every couple of hours throughout the day until your bowel movement begins to get soft and then stop the magnesium. The body stores magnesium in tissues and when sufficient magnesium is store then the remainder is purged through the bowels. The metabolism of magnesium can aggravate a B6 deficiency and therefore, patients at Immune Matrix are given a balanced magnesium product, meaning to take this form of powdered magnesium in water, it contains all the ingredients the body needs to metabolize and use magnesium and therefore will not cause a deficiency of another vitamin or mineral. This product is called “Magneleuvers” and can be purchased at the online store at

Drinking lemon in water between meals is also very alkalinizing. All it takes is a squeeze of lemon in a glass of water. Within 30 minutes a salivary ph test will reveal changes in your ph in most cases.

Following an anti-candida diet is another recommended idea. Avoiding all “moldy” foods such as raisins, peanuts, corn, oats, white flour, cantaloupe, grapes and strawberry. Avoiding sugar and sweets is essential. Also avoiding the intake of carbohydrates, refined or complex on an empty stomach is essential because it gets converted to sugar to quickly by the body. It is recommended that carbohydrates be taken with a meal that includes protein and vegetables.

Reducing one’s stress helps to reduce your acidity! Getting more sleep! Turning off the computer and TV one hour earlier and going to bed with a book or magazine alone before sleeping will help to induce sleep sooner. Listening to relaxing music and taking walks after dinner for 30-45 minutes helps to relieve stress and oxygenate the blood, providing for a more restful sleep.

Following the above suggestions will do much to help you to alter your body’s chemistry and eliminate the merry go round of having to take anti-fungal medications and stay on restrictive diets forever, because you are addressing the cause of your tendency to invite these pathogens into your life!

Please note:
Information on this site is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for the advice provided by your physician or other healthcare professional. You should not use the information on this site for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease, or prescribing any medication or other treatment.

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I'm pretty sure I have mold poisoning..I also have what appears to be worms or parasites in my sinuses among at least 5 more signs of poisoning and candida and major digestive issues No one believes me that the mold is affecting me this bad,where do I start to get help I have no money no car no home and I don't know who or where to start with out a ton of money. This has been going on for at least 3 1/2 years..Please help please!!!!


If you have black mold poisoning and are lactose intolerant, does the aspergillus in the lactaid pills make it worse?

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Anna Manayan

Anna Manayan