In Part 1 we discussed how one is more likely to have mold and mycotoxin exposure. We also identified the types of common mycotoxins and a few key ways they contribute to aggravating our symptoms. Part 2 and 3 discussed specific health conditions and how molds and mycotoxins aggravate those symptoms. Here we will address what you can do to peel off this layer of irritation to your immune system to assist you in regaining your health.


1)      It is a good practice to weekly air out your home for at least one hour and to open the curtains and bring the sunshine into the home. The sun’s rays kill pathogens like mold and dry out accumulated dampness. Be especially mindful of the bathroom and laundry areas and keep them well ventilated.

2)      Use a 10% Clorox solution (one part Clorox 10 part water) in a spray bottle and keep this away from children. Use it to clean around toilets and sinks and windowsills, it will kill mold and yeast on contact, bacteria and virus too.

3)      Repair leaks and damaged floor boards as soon as possible

4)      Buy a test kit from Home Depot and take samples of suspected molds for lab identification


The type of moldy foods we are talking about are molds that grow in association with the food such as strawberry, grape, raisin, cantaloupe, corn, oats and wheat because of corn, wheat and oat smut. Avoiding these foods will greatly reduce the risk of inoculating your digestive tract with a food borne pathogenic mold. This reduces the risk of dysbiosis and aggravation of leaky gut syndromes.


If mycotoxins are causing neurological problems such as brain fog, irritability, aggressive behavior, head banging and such in your child, alpha lipoid acid can assist the body in detoxifying the mycotoxins. It is suggested also to take one activated charcoal before bed to soak up the effects of mycotoxins not excreted while you sleep and detoxify. Many times patients feel better with the activated charcoal alone! In severe reactions from die-off or brain fog, or severe immune sensitivities to molds and their toxins, a prescription of cholestyramine will improve severe brain fog and help the body to excrete mycotoxins.

Make sure your detoxification support is adequate. It is best to work with an experienced health care provider knowledgeable in the genetic SNPs that impact detoxification pathways and experienced in determining organic acid tests, hair tests, fecal metals, urine toxic metal tests and other important labs. This is because not everyone is able to detoxify different things efficiently, and a good percentage of the population are non-secretors!  Some individuals are more compromised in their ability to detoxify metals. This has a significant impact upon the levels of pathogenic molds, bacteria and mycotoxins in the body. Other individuals have immune system interference in their detoxification pathways that impact their ability to excrete mycotoxins and therefore have severe reactions to the die off of pathogenic molds and additional environmental molds. Future articles will attempt to discuss the complex subject of evaluating one’s detoxification pathway and what things to look out for when detoxifying certain things from the body.

The number one concern is to be able to take in sufficient magnesium, selenium, B12, 5-tetrahydroxyfolate, lithium, manganese, B6 and zinc. They all act as crucial catalysts to fuel the detoxification pathway. If any one ingredient is missing or out of balance then the rate at which toxins are bound and eliminated in the liver will be hindered. This can have aggravating impacts upon the immune system, increase immune sensitivities and erosion of cell walls, impair nutrient absorption, and result in depositing toxins the body should be excreting.


The presence of pathogenic strains of bacteria, mold, candida and yeast will as mentioned in our other articles directly cause leaky gut. Immune Matrix has made available to the general public the Doctor’s Data Microbiology Stool kit online at, Microbiology Stool (Doctor’s Data) SKU: SKU16263.

This test will culture and identify the strains of good probiotics in your intestines, culture pathogenic bacteria, mold, candida and other yeast and identify prescription and non-prescription products that are tested as effective against your strains. Eliminating all pathogenic molds, candida strains and yeast, will reduce their excretions, the mycotoxins that wreck havoc on the body. This can be a significant source of toxic exposure outside of environmental mold exposure.


Here are some basic guidelines to follow:

1) Stop eating carbohydrates between meals, and reduce the ratio of carbohydrates in your diet to twice as many vegetables (2 portions vegetables: 1 portion protein: 1 portion carbohydrate)

2) Stop eating high glycemic foods between meals and eliminate them if possible. (Bananas, carrot juice, fruits high in sugar)

3) Become aware of foods that make you acidic, and replace them with foods that make you more alkaline. This will reduce the growth of bacteria, virus, molds, yeast and candida in the body!

4) Take more magnesium to help you detoxify and stay alkaline.

In summary, eliminating the frequency of environmental mycotoxin exposure and reducing the synthesis of mycotoxins in your digestive tract will stop the constant onslaught of immune exposure and neurological inflammation from mycotoxins. Making lifestyle changes in your diet to discourage the growth of pathogenic dysbiotic flora will reduce internal sources of mycotoxin exposure. Taking alpha lipoic acid, activated charcoal and if necessary prescription cholastyramine will help combat the accumulated mycotoxins in the system. And finally, become aware of your liver’s needs to become more efficient at detoxification. Future articles will address specific factors that impact our liver’s ability to detoxify.

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Anna Manayan

Anna Manayan