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The symptoms of Lyme disease can come on suddenly or slowly and affect brain function, digestion, thyroid function, heart, circulation, joints, tendons, muscles, and sap one’s stamina and immune function. Lyme disease is chronic especially when it has gone undetected for some time. Much of mainstream medicine sees a narrow view of lyme disease as having only the tell-tale bull’s eye symptom caused by one lyme pathogen, Borrelia burgdorferi, which in a majority of cases never manifests but proceeds to other more damaging symptoms.

Doctors that specialize in the treatment of lyme disease will use extremely strong drugs and for weeks and years on end! All the while, intestinal yeast and candida overgrowth can go unchecked, cell membranes erode, toxicity increases, digestion and immune system function suffer, and lean body mass and energy dwindle from the long term effects of these potent drugs ravage the body.

Immune Matrix has found in testing lyme disease patients with a BIA machine that measures cell wall and lean body mass for example, the longer the patients remain on these drugs the more the body decompensates. In the worst of cases, patients have to stop drug treatment because they feel so bad and cannot eat and begin to waste away. Immune Matrix helps these patients to regain their cell wall structure, detoxify, improve digestive capacity, eliminate intestinal dysbiosis, increase adrenal function and lean body mass before allowing the patient to resume its “lyme killing program”. What is seen is improved ability to fight all pathogens without losing one’s health markers, something that is not done enough with traditional drug treatment protocols for lyme disease. And Immune Matrix has made an amazing discovery with the use of essential oils for the management of lyme disease.

When one needs to use harsh measures (i.e. take very strong drugs) to get relief from lyme disease symptoms that bring you to your knees, that is understandable. However, beware the following in false thinking:

1)     If you stay on drugs indefinitely, you can control you lyme disease.

2)     The drugs won’t cause more harm than the lyme pathogens.

3)     Lyme disease is completely curable without future relapses.

4)     Only drugs are effective in treating Lyme disease.

Drugs have their time and place and should only be used for a limited period of time and one’s intestinal probiotics, yeast and candida flora should be monitored regularly. Sadly, few lyme doctors are doing this. If you are taking drugs for lyme disease and have never had a Microbiology Stool test run to identify the species and quantify the amount of good flora, bad bacteria, bad yeast and candida, then you need to run it yourself. Immune Matrix makes this test available online to assist patients in monitoring their own gut flora. (

Sadly Immune Matrix has found many of its lyme disease patients being treated by “lyme doctors” are not being monitored in this fashion and the end result is the patient’s digestive health gets worse. Patients with blood type A are the most susceptible to digestive system erosion from prescription medications and need closer monitoring. Do not assume that lyme pathogens are the cause of your eroding health. It could be the duration and type of drugs you have been taking. It is often the fact the patient has been on strong prescription med for weeks and months on end without proper gut and immune support.

The other false mindset to be aware of is the tendency for lyme disease patients to go from “fad” treatment to “fad” treatment just because a “Lyme doctor” sounds excited about the treatment. There have been so many such treatments and not one is leading the pack in curing lyme or even making a substantial claim in causing total remission of symptoms. The symptoms of lyme can cause desperate patients to spend thousands and travel the globe for the newest and most obscure treatment in the hope that the doctor claiming this “new” protocol will cure them of “lyme disease”.

The reason Immune Matrix is passionate about giving patients this warning to step back and think, is because Immune Matrix regularly sees Lyme disease patients whose health has been eroded by the chronic long term use of very powerful drugs with insufficient digestive, detoxification and immune support. This article is too short to adequately detail the nature of the shortcomings to chronic drug therapy for lyme but we hope to empower and educate Lyme disease patients on what they can do to get a foothold on this condition and manage it successfully and long-term because it is being done by the sickest of patients!

Why can someone “have” Lyme disase long term, maybe all their life and not be symptomatic? Two factors play a part and they are cumulative toxicity and acidity. The accumulation of toxicity causes one to become acidic and the gradual hyper-sensitization of the immune system caused by increasing toxic triggers begins to derail one’s mineral metabolism via an immune mechanism too complex to detail in this article. Suffice it to say that once the immune system becomes sensitive to sulfur or a trace mineral (such as molybdenum, magnesium, or mineral salts) our detoxification efficiency begins to suffer because the detox pathways will not work properly. What results is a downward spiral of increasing immune sensitivities, increasing digestive issues, increasing food sensitivities, increasing inflammatory symptoms (that we tend to assume is all lyme’s fault) and deceased energy and stamina.

What we tend to discount is that the more acidic we get the less efficient our enzymes and hormones work in our body because they require optimal ph ranges. The same goes for pathogens which love an “acidic” body! The longer a person has suffered chronic illness the more likely they are very toxic, the less likely they can metabolize magnesium or mineral salts (are you reactive to dark green leafy vegetables or sulfur products?) and therefore cannot maintain one’s alkalinity. They are at greater risk for increased growth of all pathogens, including Lyme disease pathogens.

What can you do today? The best way to focus on becoming more alkaline is to increase your magnesium intake but beware that you need B6 and taurine to be able to metabolize magnesium. Just because you take any form of magnesium is no guarantee you can use it! Immune Matrix gives its patients only Magneleuvers which is a bioavailable magnesium with the metabolic nutrients to help metabolize the magnesium. (Immune Matrix 408-262-6900) It’s in powdered form and easy to put into any flavored drink or plain water and the dose is easily monitored. There are additional ways to improve alkalinity but essential is sufficient magnesium for detoxification and alkalinity!

The other key factor in managing lyme disease long term is the use of essential oils. Immune Matrix has found good success with the Rain Drop Technique and the use of Thieves on the bottom of the feet in helping to get anti-microbial essential oils to areas of the body that bypass the limits of one’s digestion! In monitoring the microbial count with Asyra computerized testing after treatment with essential oils, Immune Matrix has found drops in pathogen count such that lyme disease patients who have milder lyme symptoms or sporadic symptoms are able to lower their pathogen count and keep symptoms at bay. Long term use of the essential oils has not seen any significant pathogen resistance and this bodes promising especially for the blood type A, the most sensitive digestions and most reactive to oral medications and supplements.

The key to managing chronic infection such as the type caused by lyme disease is staying alkaline. Essential oils help to do this. Also improving one’s ability to excrete toxins and metabolize minerals is essential to prevent the downward spiral to digestive, hormonal and immune function. With chronic inflammation and toxic stressors from drugs, it’s not as easy to do this. Patients may need de-sensitization to shut off immune interference with sulfur, magnesium, mineral salts, and acid sensitivities to name a few. Immune Matrix leads in the technology that specializes in determining where the immune system is interfering with the body’s metabolic system and has protocols to improve detoxification, hormone synthesis, and improve pathogen recognition, including lyme protein fragments that normally evade immune detection and cause die off reactions, all key to managing Lyme disease long term.

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