Mold Toxicity

November 21, 2010

Mold Causes Depression

Mold is more than what you see growing the surface of one’s bathroom tile or fruits. There are indoor molds, out door molds, pathogenic molds that live in your bloodstream, colon & sinuses, molds put in cigarettes to create cravings and molds used in the food industry to make cheese and drugs like penicillin. Our articles will educate you about:

  • the types of molds you can encounter and the specific problems they can cause
  • lifestyle habits to reduce your mold exposure
  • how and why it can be so difficult to detect and eradicate mold and yeast affecting your body
  • how molds and their excretions (mycotoxins) affect your body and your brain!
  • what signs and symptoms to watch out for to tip you off that you could be suffering from an immune sensitivity to molds, yeasts, mycotoxins or candida
  • how heavy metal accumulation and storage in the body contributes to fostering an overgrowth of dysbiotic fungi, yeast, candida and more
  • how problems in detoxification pathways of the liver can impact your excretion of mold byproducts called microbial metabolites and can increase your reacting to the die-off of pathogens in your body
  • how being acidic fosters the overgrowth of pathogenic molds, yeast and candida in your body
  • how an immune sensitivity to mold, yeast or candida can inhibit your body’s ability to kill and eliminate them
  • how these pathogens create cravings
  • how these pathogens cause other disorders such as leaky gut

Our aim in providing you with articles about mold is to share state of the art information that is not necessarily readily available to the public, that your doctor does not have time to sit down and educate you about, and to enable you have the information to evaluate your symptoms with state of the art lab tests that you yourself can obtain to help you in your detective work to get to the causation of your symptoms.

Stay tuned for articles that go into depth to empower you to know what only a very small percentage of doctors know or even test and treat for. Our goal is to enable you to find answers in a systematic approach because you know your body the best. Never be complacent or resigned to a fate chronic anything! We will walk with you as detectives to unravel the mysteries of your most perplexing symptoms, so check in frequently for updates on the latest information.

Mold – Chronic Fatigue


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Anna Manayan

Anna Manayan