The Power of Vitamin C

With the growing concern for our cumulative radiation exposure from Japan’s nuclear reactors and airport scanners, are we just being paranoid to want to protect our bodies? Absolutely not! Radiation affects our DNA on a cellular level. Healthy bodies can repair the occasional ping from radiation that might damage “a” cell. However, we live in an ever-increasing toxic world where our water, our food and the air we breathe contains more toxins now than it did 50 years ago. We live in times of more stress than 50 years ago. Stress makes our bodies acidic and acidic bodies cannot fight against pathogens well and have a huge need for alkaline minerals to repair tissues.

Radiation causes oxidative damage to our cells. It damages the cell walls and the order of the amino acids that make up our genetic blueprint. Cells whose DNA are altered cannot replicate healthy cells and loose function and begin to multiply unchecked, thus leading to the development of cancers. Certain tissues of the body are more sensitive to the effects of radiation and over time we can develop things like cataracts faster.

Vitamin C has a great affinity for those tissues in the body sensitive to the effects of radiation. Studies have shown that it is protective against the development of cataracts and helps to heal wounds. It’s no wonder that this water soluble vitamin C is so essential to our health, as our body becomes more subject to the effects of ever increasing chemical toxin and radiation damage.
The key point to remember is that it’s the cumulative effect of our lifestyle, meaning the cumulative effect of stress, being acidic, lacking sufficient alkaline minerals to detoxify and repair cell tissues, lower oxygen levels in our atmosphere, as well as the cumulative overloading effect of all toxic exposure that will wear our bodies down over time that will send us to suffer degenerative conditions and cancers. Modern medicine tends to want to only point a single finger at one item such as radiation and say this does or does not cause that. However, the body breaks down in pieces and it is the cumulative effect (the straw that broke the camel’s back) that can lead one person to develop a cancer with “normal” radiation exposure, while another develops cancer from “normal” estrogenic effects of plastics by drinking bottled waters made with plastics. Will a so- called “normal” exposure of anything cause X, Y, Z? Is that how we are to think about our safety? What about the combined effect of nutritional deficiencies such as:

  • low vitamin D
  • low vitamin C
  • high heavy metal load
  • petrochemical and pesticide exposure

and now more radiation?

Patients at Immune Matrix come to this clinic after having been to dozens of doctors from a host of specialties. The sickest of the sick all have a few things in common. They are all suffering from toxic overload that impacts one or more organs by increasing the inflammation of those organ systems. They are also acidic and suffer from leaky gut and dysbiotic intestinal flora. Their toxic exposure is never due to only one thing! Their toxic exposure is always cumulative…from long standing antibiotic usage, the inability to excrete sulfur metabolites, the inability to excrete microbial metabolites caused by die-off from anti-microbial therapies of all kinds, to the accumulation of heavy metals, and yes in a few cases radiation exposure (generally from occupational hazard in the computer industry). All are deficient in Vitamin C and their ability to use it.

Immune Matrix uses a simple urine test strip to determine if a patient’s Vitamin C level is deficient. A box of 50 test strips is being made available here for blog readers simply click on the button.

Immune Matrix has found time-tested its most bio-available vitamin C is the  LypoSpheric™ Vitamin C by LivOn labs. This supplement is state of the art in its ability deliver the C protected by sub-microscopic liposomes, virtually impervious to degrading substances in your digestive system. These “Smart” Lyposomal Nano-Spheres™ protect your lower G.I. tract so there is no gastric upset and no diarrhea. Since it is so bio-available your body has quick access via the bloodstream where it is “grabbed” by the damaged cells that need the phophatidylcholine and the Vitamin C. This product is so popular that we are making it available here through the blog at special pricing for blog readers.  You can purchase by clicking  shopping cart

Consider the sources for your toxic exposure such as:

  • stress
  • diet
  • lack of exercise which means lack of circulation to move toxins out of your system
  • malnutrition of minerals and vitamins
  • low vitamin D levels
  • birth control pills or synthetic hormone usage
  • recreational drugs
  • smoking
  • drinking
  • junk food
  • car exhaust, and industrial pollution
  • water contamination
  • mercury exposure from our mercury fillings and seafood
  • mold exposure, and your pathogen burden from bacteria,
  • fungal and other silent chronic viral infections such as HHV, herpes, Epstein Bar, and the 300+ lyme disease pathogens also sexually transmitted in bodily fluids).

Some of us have all of these, many have most,  and in time our bodies will break down and become symptomatic if not given the essential nutrients needed to detoxify and rebuild our tissues.  Vitamin C’s ability to protect the cells and structures of our body is so broad we suggest you read more about its specific functions here.

Vitamin D

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Anna Manayan

Anna Manayan