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Sugar metabolism is what insulin resistance is about. Our articles focus on the dynamics of sugar metabolism and little known systems in the body that contribute to the development of sugar metabolism issues, insulin resistance and the chain reaction of degenerative and inflammatory conditions that arise from insulin resistance. You don’t need to have a diagnosis of insulin resistance or diabetes to have a legitimate concern about your body’s ability to digest and use sugars.

Our articles will give you explanations few health care practitioners have the time or depth of knowledge to explain in your office visits. Our mission is to educate, empower, and enable you to manage your health care, working as a team with your health care provider and enable you to take better charge over your health, and prevent the development of chronic degenerative conditions associated with problems metabolizing sugars. Our articles will:

  • educate you about how the body metabolizes different types of sugars to allow you to make better food choices for your family
  • educate you about how the body processes sugars and what systems it affects
  • educate you about the link between sugar metabolism issues and chronic low grade infection, dysbiosis, chronic viral infections and hormonal disorders
  • educate you about which hormonal systems affect sugar metabolism
  • educate you about how insulin resistance contributes to leaky gut
  • educate you about how insulin resistance contributes to obesity
  • educate you about how sugars accelerate aging, especially the skin!
  • help you talk to your health care provider better, knowing what should be tested and why
  • empower you with nutritional information to improve your sugar digestion
  • educate you on the type of testing to ask for or get on your own
  • discuss certain disorders and the little known facts of how insulin resistance can aggravate and even cause some disorders
  • give you in depth information on the metabolic connection that hormones play in affecting one’s sugar metabolism
  • discuss natural alternatives, and natural ways to improve sugar metabolism even if you are on drugs for diabetes
  • discuss how sugar metabolism contributes to increased toxicity and acidity, one’s cancer and Alzheimer’s risk
  • educate you on the role insulin resistance plays on brain function and degenerative brain conditions and brain aging
  • discuss the connection between chronic candidiasis, chronic lyme disease, chronic fatigue and insulin resistance
  • discuss the adrenal and thyroid’s role in insulin resistance

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Anna Manayan

Anna Manayan