Type of Toxic Load Affects Sleep

The type of toxic burden and amount can stress our ability to detoxify. This is a complex subject that cannot be addressed in two paragraphs. However, the type of toxin affects how the body excretes it. For example, detoxification of hormones, such as estrogen, require more of the amino acid methionine. Our body has to eliminate hormones, digestive metabolites, dead pathogens our immune system has killed, byproducts of digestion, drugs, alcohol, as well as metal, chemical, pesticide, herbicide and environmental toxins. Neutralizing, binding and eliminating them calls upon customized chemical interactions before the toxin can be eliminated.

However, the purpose in telling you this is to have you reflect on what is going on in your life right now, to have you examine what toxins could be “overloading” your system right now. Consider the following:

a)      Are you at your peak estrogen cycle (females), or do you tend to be estrogen dominant?

b)      Did you drink alcohol that night or regularly?

c)      What over the counter or prescription drugs did you take?

d)      What extra toxic environmental exposure do you have from your job (drivers exposed to more exhaust, diesel, other occupational exposures such as auto body shops, auto repair, dry cleaning, beauty shop fumes etc.)

e)      Are you struggling with or overcoming viral, bacterial, fungal infection

f)        Are you on antibiotics or adjusting to a new prescription medication

g)      Do you take several over the counter medications regularly, such as anti-acids, sleep meds, pain medications, bowel regulators

h)      Are you eating a lot of one type of food lately

i)        Are you taking an oral heavy metal chelator? And at what time? And for how long?

Toxins Deplete us of Minerals

Along with having a toxic burden that fluctuates, our toxic burden can deplete our bodies of core mineral nutrients essential to fuel our detoxification pathways. The largest quantity of this mineral is magnesium. Think of it like a cookie dough recipe, without sufficient flour we cannot make cookies. Without sufficient magnesium for the liver, it begins to pull magnesium out of the digestive tract and muscles. The result is symptoms of recent hard stools, constipation, muscle tightness in our calves worse at night, and tight neck and shoulder muscles all day. Take that as a sign of magnesium deficiency.

When we are magnesium deficient, it slows our liver’s ability to bind and excrete toxins. Our food is depleted of sufficient magnesium, especially if we eat processed foods, or too much beef or foods that make us acidic. The body uses magnesium also to neutralize our acidity, and to neutralize and balance our calcium. Insufficient magnesium causes our body to pull calcium from our bones to neutralize our acidity. This leaves little for the liver to do its detoxification.

Other core nutrients needed to run the liver smoothly are selenium, chromium, manganese, molybdenum, B12, 5-tetra-hydroxy-folate, P5P, lithium, copper and zinc. Taking a balanced mineral supplement especially when toxic burdens run higher and one is exhibiting symptoms described above will help give your body what it needs nutrient wise to be more efficient to detoxify and allow you better sleep during those peak liver hours of 1-3 a.m.!

Immune Matrix gives its patients BAM (Beyond Any Multiple – 180 tablets, sku:16160 at www.immunematrix.com) because this formulation was designed for the specific focus of supporting one’s detoxification pathways. Beyond B12 is another favorite of Immune Matrix patients, also available online, because of its sublingual B12 + 5-tetra-hydroxy-folate.

Those individuals suffering from chronic inflammation such as chronic fatigue, celiac sprue, irritable bowel, acid reflux, Chron’s disease, fibromyalgia, eczema, asthma, leaky gut, candidiasis, environmental sensitivities, food and seasonal allergies, autism, ADD, ADHD, often also have certain genetic challenges to efficient detoxification. These genetic “challenges” are called SNPs, and they can be bypassed nutritionally to improve one’s detoxification pathways. Genetic testing to determine one’s genetic SNPs are available at Immune Matrix. The end result of these genetic SNPs requires these individuals to be “high octane” requiring more of one nutrient or less or a different version of another nutrient in order to detoxify properly. Therefore, the type of supplement, for example in the case of B12, whether it is methyl or cyano based for example becomes important to those with crucial SNPs in their detoxification pathways.

As you are beginning to understand, the type of toxins currently stressing our liver, the overall toxic burden, the efficiency with which our genetics enables us to detoxify, our mineral stores, are all dynamic influences that affect the efficiency of detoxification for our liver and bears a direct impact upon our ability to fall asleep and stay asleep especially during the hours of 1 and 3 a.m..

If toxic burden is your issue then insomnia medications do not work well or at all because they need to be cleared through the liver, and can make your insomnia worse. Understanding what is going on with your lifestyle, overall toxic exposure and other factors discussed in this collection of articles will help you to purge toxins that overload and deplete your body of its essential storehouse of calming minerals. Once balance is restored, chronic insomnia is completely reversible.

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Anna Manayan

Anna Manayan