Who needs to worry about what’s in our cosmetics? We all do because its what we do daily that contributes most to our overall toxic exposure! What type of cosmetics do we need to be concerned about that might contain hormones and what kind of hormones? Face creams and shampoos are legally classified as cosmetics. In the United States, cosmetics fall under the purview of the FDA. Our FDA allows manufacturers to add up to 4% progesterone to cosmetics WITHOUT disclosing it on the label! Apparently the FDA seems to feel that up to 4% is harmless. However, what is considered harmless? That it won’t cause a disease or cancer? Or is it harmless if it throws off a woman’s fertility cycle and she cannot get pregnant because of it. Or it throws off a peri-menopausal or menopausal woman’s hormones and increases her toxic load unbeknownst to her! What if she is a hormonal cancer survivor and her daily beauty cream is loading her body with synthetic progesterone?

What can you do if the labels are not required to list progesterone? You can do a Salivary Hormone test and find out if in fact you are suffering from elevated “stored” progesterone! A kit can be ordered from Immune Matrix, an alternative medical clinic at (https://www.immunematrix.com/store/cart.php?keep_https=yes) and includes a consultation from a licensed medical practitioner about your results. There is no better way to start your search than to find out if your body is storing unusable progesterone!

Why a saliva test and not a blood test from your regular doctor? Blood tests from one’s doctor are designed to diagnose disease. The other down side to a blood test for progesterone is that when one uses a cosmetic cream, the progesterone is transported through one’s lymphatics (because it is an oil) and the hormone therefore travels in the lymph which is best measured by saliva. If one were taking a progesterone gel, it would be water soluble and better tested by the blood/serum levels. However, most cosmetics are not water soluble, they are oil based and therefore to get an accurate measure of the progesterone your body is exposed to, the saliva test is best. (Clin Endocrin (2005) 53:615-220)

Is progesterone used differently by the body depending on whether it is applied by a progesterone cream, hidden in an oil based cosmetic, taken sublingually, or in a water based gel? Absolutely! Progesterone delivered by oil become absorbed by our fat cells! There could be more to your cellulite than fat making it nearly impossible to eliminate. Our fat cells do not respond to the hypothalamus/pituitary/adrenal connection that helps to regulate our hormonal rhythms! As a result we can begin to store excessive unused progesterone that will not be eliminated by the liver because it is locked up in the fat cell. Reducing your stored non-useable progesterone can take months! Excessive progesterone can make you very tired, fatigued! Furthermore, synthetic progesterone is not use by the body as easily as a bio-available one and therefore contributes to one’s toxic hormonal burden.

Women taking synthetic progesterone cream or using cosmetic creams with hidden progesterone can have elevated estradiol (E2) levels that disrupt their fertility cycle or increase their risk for estrogen cancers as they approach menopause because the body is not able to use the synthetic progesterone and therefore one cannot absorb and use estradiol. The salivary hormone panel will let you know if this is occurring in your body!

What can you do about your cosmetic creams and shampoos? Very little can be done right now except for you to take the saliva test to check your hormones. If your progesterone levels are elevated, and you are not taking a progesterone cream or sublingual form of progesterone, suspect your cosmetic creams and/or shampoos. Stop using the products for 6-8 weeks and use baby products instead (as hopefully they are not putting progesterone in baby products yet) and retest. And urge your congressman to have our laws changed for full and complete disclosure irrespective of % ingredients! Send him/her your test results to educate them of the dangers of non-disclosure.

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Anna Manayan

Anna Manayan