The focus of our articles on hormones is to educate the public about the essential role hormones play in our vitality, all metabolic functions, immune health and brain vitality. There are two prevailing views about the treatment of hormonal imbalances. The traditional Western medical view is disease based in its orientation and is only comfortable treating a patient for disease states associated with hormonal dysfunction, such as Hashimotos thyroiditis, Addison’s disease, and those hormonal states that result in abnormal blood values for hormone levels. This view is less comfortable with optimizing hormone function in general. A classic example is to refrain from treating a patient for low thyroid symptoms when their thyroid hormone values show low normal serum values.

However, health care professionals (such as those associated with the American Board of Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine) in the anti-aging arena believe in optimizing one’s hormone levels, including those that traditional Western medicine ignores, such as cortisol rhythms, LH, & growth hormone. These astute health care professionals represent state of the art research in the latest advances in nutritional protocols as well as state of the art ways to test for true bio-available hormone levels. What this means is that by knowing what one’s true bio-available hormone levels are, we can improve our prevention of cancer, slow or prevent degenerative conditions, slow or halt inflammatory disease states, optimize our brain function, sexual function, energy and vitality, sleep, immune function, muscle mass and bone strength. It’s not about waiting until our body is diseased, or our hormone levels have tanked so low in standard blood serum tests before we seek treatment. It’s about maintaining optimum hormone levels through natural supplementation first, and managing our aging process and hormone levels along the way to ensure more vitality in our years.

Our articles will give you explanations few heath care practitioners have the time or depth of knowledge to explain in your office visits. Our mission is to educate, empower, and enable you to manage your health care working as a team with your health care provider. Our articles will:

  • help you talk to your health care provider better, knowing what should be tested and why
  • educate you about the subtle nuances and significant symptoms overlooked that low hormone levels can cause
  • help you to understand that detoxification of hormones as we age is even more important in cancer prevention than in our youth
  • educate you on the type of testing to ask for or get on your own
  • give you information on the latest in nutritional supplementation that safely and naturally will help optimize your hormone levels
  • discuss certain disorders and the little known facts of how certain hormonal imbalances aggravate and even cause some disorders
  • give you in depth information on the metabolic connection that hormones play in maintaining optimum health
  • discuss natural alternatives to optimize hormones before resorting to prescription drug dependency
  • how to test for hormonal cancer risks

Thyroid Problems

Thyroid Function – Chronic Fatigue

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Anna Manayan

Anna Manayan