WHY SO MUCH MUCOUS? a Homeschooling Guide


Do you or your children have chronic sinus congestion? Are mornings filled with the sound of coughing to clear lungs of mucous congestion? Do you or your children wake up and need to blow your nose? Do you find yourself clearing your throat during the day feeling like thick sticky mucous gathers there? Do you feel bloated? Do you retain water? Is your digestion sluggish? Do your limbs feel heavy, your body feeling heavier than it somehow should? Do you have low energy or find it hard to have the energy you use to have? Are you or your children more sluggish and lethargic, especially upon awaking and then in the mid-afternoon? Do you gain weight easily? Are your children overweight? Does your face or eyes feel puffy? These are all common symptoms of dampness caused by too much mucous in the body. 

Certain conditions predispose us to mucous production such as: seasonal allergies, asthma, eczema, candidiasis, leaky gut, irritable bowel, Chron’s disease, dysbiosis, chronic fatigue, food sensitivities and food allergies, acid reflux, hormonal imbalances, PMS, heavy metal toxicity, diabetes and Syndrome X. However, you don’t need to have any of these conditions to suffer from chronic mucous.

What is Mucous?

Mucous is excessive excretions from the body. Any membrane can secrete mucous as a defensive mechanism to infection, inflammation or digestion. Areas of the body where there are mucous secreting membranes are our mouth, bronchioles in our lungs, our digestive tract, especially our colon, and vaginal canal.

Mucous from Infection

During times of infection, from bacteria or viral attack the body increases the mucous secretions to help transport white blood cells to the area of attack and to purge our body of these pathogens. Drinking plenty of water helps our body keep these secretions from getting too thick and stagnant and will prevent the formation of secondary infections from forming in our sinus and lungs due to stagnant mucous. For example, we may get the flu and have a very runny nose and cough up mucous. If we don’t drink enough liquid the mucous thickens in our system and will promote the growth of opportunistic bacteria that leads to sinus, ear and lung bacterial infections.

An easy way to prevent secondary infections from thick mucous is to use Health Max silver solution (available online at www.immunematrix.com). Immune Matrix has its patients keep it on hand and instructs them to spray 2 pumps of a nasal sprayer in each nostril during times of cold and flu and sinus congestion. This will help prevent sinus infection. The silver is not absorbed and this silver is one of the safest on the market. Immune Matrix also advises parents to put a dropper in the ears of children with ear infections to prevent the need for stents.

Our body can also suffer the overgrowth of yeast and candida in our digestive tract and in girls and women their vagina tract. Symptoms of excessive mucous from dysbiosis of the digestive tract will promote excessive sinus congestion, lung congestion, intestinal bloating, sugar cravings, aggressive or irritable behavior in children, and excessive vagina secretions.

Mucous from Inflammation

Excessive mucous is also made by the body in response to inflammation. Inflammation is caused by the development of immune sensitivities to sugars, house dust, pet dander and grasses and weeds in particular. These are the worst offenders that lead to the production of excessive mucous in the body.

What kind of sugar sensitivity leads to excessive mucous production? Sugar is in any carbohydrate. If one has developed problems with sugar metabolism and is not breaking down and digesting their carbohydrates into simple sugars, this can foster the overgrowth of the wrong type of bacteria and yeast. Overgrowth can occur in the digestive tract and can lead to invasion of the pelvic organs, leading to vaginal candida in girls and grown women. It also causes excessive upper respiratory mucous.

What can you do with suspected sugar metabolism issues? First, avoid eating carbohydrates without a protein. Second, do not eat fruit, especially high glycemic fruits between meals. They become converted to sugar too quickly by the body and will feed the dysbiotic pathogens that promote mucous production. (see our other articles for homeschooling, sugar cravings, food cravings, seasonal allergies, food allergies and disabilities, and water) Third, stop any cow dairy! Fourth, add a digestive enzyme to be taken as soon as you begin eating. Immune Matrix gives their patients a vege cap broad spectrum enzyme called Digestion. (available online at www.immunematrix.com) They also have a Chewable Digestion enzyme for children. This will increase the break down of the carbohydrate into simple sugars increasing nutrient absorption. Fifth, get de-sensitized to those sugars and sugar metabolites that increase inflammation by an experienced practitioner. Immune Matrix has proprietary advanced metabolic pathway panels to improve sugar metabolism on many levels and is a part of their detailed initial work up of all patients.

In addition, the more sugar sensitivities one has, the worse the house dust, grass and weed sensitivities will be! Cutting back on one’s carbohydrate consumption, balancing one’s carbohydrates with protein and vegetables, becoming more alkaline (drinking lemon water between meals) will greatly reduce one’s sensitivity to house dust, grass and weeds! This is particularly helpful for those suffering seasonal allergies, and those suffering from chronic fatigue.

The more sugar sensitivities one has the worse the PMS and menopause symptoms will be also. Bloating, weight gain, water retention in the abdomen, and extremities, constipation, bloating, frequent sighing, hot flushes and hot flashes are all made worse by sugar sensitivities!

If you are homeschooling your child, you have the added advantage of having a kitchen readily available for healthy snacking prepared in advance during their breaks. Make it a point to explain to your child what healthy eating is about and why. You will be amazed to find that once a child understands what is good for them, they begin to take pride in eating healthy and will even keep the rest of the family on track!

Cow dairy is a carbohydrate and it has the added issue of promoting mucous production by its very nature. Therefore, whenever there is an issue with excessive mucous, the first thing to stop is all cow dairy (milk, yogurt, all cheese, ice cream!). In addition, for those children that tend to get frequent sinus and ear infections, cutting out cow dairy will greatly reduce the frequency and severity of their infections! Alternative sources for calcium are oranges, almond milk, goat products, rice milk and dark green leafy vegetables (they can be juiced with a smoothie and you never know the vegetables are there!) Cow dairy is also especially troublesome from a mucous standpoint for anyone suffering from asthma, bronchiole infections, chronic fatigue, any type of allergy, eczema, Chron’s disease, irritable bowel and candida infections.

If complete avoidance is not possible, then make dairy a once a week treat and keep an eye out for the side effects of increased mucous production within 24 hrs of eating it. This may discourage you or your child from having it. Other individuals may be able to handle a weekly dose without accumulating excessive mucous.

Those suffering skin conditions such as eczema may see wet or damp and oozing skin patches. Removing dairy and excessive carbohydrates is important as is eliminating dysbiosis in the intestinal track. Doctor’s Data has a microbiology stool test for this available online at www.immunematrix.com.

I hope this article helps you to understand that eating mucous producing foods will put our bodies in states that promote infection (ear, lung, sinus). It will make existing conditions of dysbiosis, chronic fatigue, eczema, irritable bowel, PMS, menopause, seasonal allergies, environmental sensitivities, brain fog, lethargy, heaviness, weight gain, bloating, any type of infection worse! Careful attention to avoiding mucous promoting foods, and alkalinizing your body will greatly reduce or eliminate recurrent infections and play a significant role in resolving many such conditions over time.

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