Heavy Metals

The focus of our articles on heavy metals is to educate the public about the toxic effects of heavy metal and more importantly to education the public about:

  • how the liver detoxifies metals
  • the specific nutritional essentials to enable proper heavy metal excretion
  • how the body detoxified different metals
  • how the immune system interferes with heavy metal chelation
  • how being a non-secretor affects heavy metal excretion
  • how to test for heavy metal toxicity
  • how immune sensitivity to a heavy metal impedes excretion of that metal
  • how genetic SNPs in the liver detoxification pathway affect heavy metal excretion
  • the metabolic effects of heavy metal toxicity
  • how vitamin and mineral deficiencies are cause by heavy metal toxicity
  • how bromide toxicity impacts thyroid function
  • how heavy metal toxicity affects the brain
  • how to measure heavy metal excretion
  • how to evaluate yourself for heavy metal toxicity
  • how to determine if you are ready for heavy metal detox
  • how to discuss heavy metal detox with your health care provider
  • how to safely remove mercury amalgams

Articles will be forthcoming on these and additional topics, so keep checking in for updates. Concerns about heavy metals toxicity
Common heavy metals & their effectsExcessive copper, iron & lead
Mercury toxicity & eliminating heavy metals

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Anna Manayan

Anna Manayan