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It’s now two weeks into 2011 and by now you are seeing some holes in your New Year Resolution goals. What’s wrong you ask; is willpower enough to make this year the year I achieve my health goals?

First of all we have to start from where we are now, not from where we think we should be. Starting from where we are now helps us to “course correct” and not beat ourselves down in defeat from where we think we should be in achieving our health goal. Write it down, exactly where you are now. If your goal was to be exercising four times a week and you have only managed to do it once a week, start there.

Next, write down again why you want to achieve this goal, i.e. to have more energy, to fit into a size 6 outfit etc..

Next, write down how achieving this goal makes you feel and go into great detail about this. Write it from the frame of reference that you have already achieved your goal. For example you can write: I am a size 6 and I look great in my new jeans. I get compliments on how youthful I look. I have more energy than I’ve ever had. My husband/boyfriend finds me even sexier! I am more confident now. I feel I can take on other tasks and goals with ease. As you write how you feel “as if” you have already achieved your goal, see it in your mind’s eye and feel it.

Next reassess the stumbling blocks you have encountered. Write them down in a list! This way you can step back and examine the types of stumbling blocks you have encountered. Where your stumbling blocks insufficient time, lack of energy, or you just plain forgot! It’s our stumbling blocks that can defeat us. We puff them up like dragons and they make us feel doomed and overwhelmed. However, if you understand how our mind thinks, you will realize that there are ways to outsmart your own brain!

Our subconscious mind, the limbic brain, functions to keep us alive. It operates with defense mechanisms to keep us safe. It processes negative emotions such as:

  • fear
  • doubt
  • anger

However, these emotions also function to keep “information” out. Being fearful, the emotion, prevents our logical brain, the cognitive brain from taking action based upon logic. It makes sense from the standpoint that the body wants to err on the side of caution and heed fear over logic and take a risk to protect itself from a survival standpoint. The point in mentioning this tug of war between the cognitive brain and the subconscious brain is to bring home the concept that the subconscious brain overrides the conscious brain. It’s not always a matter of willpower (which comes from the conscious brain). The life time accumulation of negative emotions can cause the subconscious brain to override your desired course of action without your conscious knowledge of it.

Nothing changes in your life unless and until your subconscious is in agreement and congruent with your conscious desires. It’s as if we default to our subconscious state. So what is in this subconscious sea in our brain? From our earliest memories and experiences throughout childhood we process the world through our emotions. Emotions become neuropeptides that are made and need to be detoxified and “extinguished” by the body. As we all know, the processing of emotions is not efficient and therefore we retain residual neuropeptides of the event that can retrigger memories and the exact emotion from the event. When the event was traumatic, our subconscious seeks to protect our conscious brain from repeated traumatization and suppresses the emotion or memory of the event. So-called traumas can be as mild as being teased for being fat as a child and foster feelings of never being good enough, never being able to measure up to others, or feeling that you will always be unlovable, undeserving, or unworthy. It’s these very emotions from our past that can sabotage our conscious mind and set us off our goals.

The challenge is to realize that “you are not your past” and “you are not your traumas”. If you have never been able to loose weight and keep it off, you need to know that this was your past and that with new information and healing you can re-set your brain and life and reprogram your body the way you see fit. Changing our programming happens in the subconscious mind. When the subconscious feels its safe to embark on the goal you want then it will allow it. For example, a person molested as a child may seek to “retain” weight for the rest of their life because they start to feel vulnerable or threatened when they start to get attention from others after loosing significant weight. This person will go back to regaining the weight and feel safer. This is a sign of negative emotions impacting the subconscious to sabotage the conscious goal of loosing weight. Other individuals will feel at odds with how their clothes fit. Some like the feel of tightness in their clothing and are totally unaware of this until they start to loose weight and the clothes feel looser. In these individuals, the subconscious cues can trigger weight gain so that the subconscious cue of “tightness” returns by gaining weight again.

NET, neuro-emotional technique is one method that Immune Matrix uses to test the subconscious mind for congruence and to eliminate swiftly and safely the biochemistry of negative emotions. There are other techniques such as the Emotional Freedom Technique that anyone can learn on their own to help process emotions. Working with a hypnotherapist and listening to subliminal tapes can also help.

Do remember that our willpower can overpower the subconscious for only a short time. It takes conscious and consistent effort. It is very tiring for the body, which defaults to our subconscious and protective state. If you find in your analysis of the stumbling blocks to consistent follow through on your New Year’s goals that they are repetitive, you’ve seen the same excuses time and again, or that you feel a lack of motivation even though your logical brain says this is a great idea, it’s so good for you, then see that as a red flag that you need to dig deeper into your subconscious to process those emotions that stand in the way of your goals. Professional help can be the boost to set your life on a new track!

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Causes for Craving Sweets

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