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One of the reasons we want to lose some weight is to look and feel better in our clothes. Tight pinching pants and binding shirts are suffocating and many of us have given up the idea of fashion and would rejoice if we could only truly feel comfortable in our clothes. With that as motivation we embark fully committed to getting some weight off.

After a week or two we are rewarded by our weight loss efforts and we begin to feel a difference in the fit of our clothes. Encouraged by our efforts we continue our program until we reach this critical phase…there is a significant change in the fit of our clothes and we have to decide to either tighten our belts to take up the slack or get some new clothes in a smaller size but in either case our clothes are no longer fitting the way they used to, However, we are not at our weight loss goal so we don’t want to invest in new clothes that will be “temporary”. This is the pivotal juncture in whether some of us will continue to successfully lose weight or become derailed….by the fit of our clothes!

How can the fit of our clothes derail us? Immune Matrix tests their weight loss patients with this advanced NET technique (Neuro Emotional Technique). Anna Manayan is a certified NET practitioner and short of having an experienced certified practitioner test you in their office to see if your weight loss efforts are being affected, this is something you can do in the privacy of your home. It’s not a fix but it will alert you to a key non-food factor that derails many people from maintaining weight loss.

Each of us is used to a certain “ease” or fit in our clothes. Some of us like our clothes to feel close to our skin, aka tighter. Some of us are more comfortable to loose fitting clothes. You cannot determine which you are by looking in a mirror because the crucial determining factor is how you feel in your clothes. Your waistline may feel snug to your liking and not look “tight” or it may feel loose to you but not look loose to onlookers. Again, it’s the feel to you that makes the difference.

This home test can be done whether you are just starting your weight loss efforts and have yet to loose any weight or after you have lost weight and find your clothes are fitting differently. In the privacy of your home, put on a  pair of pants that you feel good in at the waistline. If you no longer have a pair of pants that you feel good in, put on the pair of pants that you last felt good in and pinch in the waistline until it feels comfortable to you (for those who lost some weight). The purpose of this exercise is to bring to your consciousness the type of ease (as in tightness or looseness) that you feel comfortable with. This ease is different with each person. The key is to focus on how you feel, don’t look in the mirror for this exercise. You must go on how you feel.

Once you find the ease that makes you feel the best in those pants make a note of it because when your clothes no longer register to your body and mind the same “ease”, they will signal discomfort. This discomfort will sabotage you subconsciously to go off your diet in an effort to maintain the optimum ease of your clothes. In an NET session we actually find the root cause for why your “ease set point” is locked at a certain place and eliminate it. However, without the benefits of an NET session, in order to work with your subconscious, to prevent it from sabotaging your weight loss efforts you need to maintain the same ease throughout your weight loss efforts to be able to continue to avoid triggering weight loss sabotage based on this “ease trigger”.

This means that as you begin to lose weight and your clothes change in their “ease” you need to correct that fit by wearing clothes that matches the same “ease” you are most comfortable with in order to prevent activating the subconscious trigger that lack of “ease” in one’s clothes can trigger in body image and body comfort. If it means tightening your belt or buying “temporary” clothes as you lose weight the investment to enable you to maintain your weight loss efforts are well worth it.

Most of us are totally unaware how the “ease”, the tightness or looseness in our clothes that we have become accustomed to has become closely linked with body image, safety, and security. When the subconscious trigger is pulled to disrupt our image, safety or security index, we lose our motivation to continue our weight loss efforts because suddenly we don’t feel so good about it but we are consciously not aware why. It’s as if there is an unconscious trigger with looser ease clothes that says to oneself ….oh, I can eat more, my clothes are looser. It might be a primal survival trigger; but we don’t need to trigger signals to prompt us to want to eat more when we are not at our goal weight yet. So heeding the ease of one’s clothes is important and isn’t just a vain fashion idea.

The ease in our clothes triggers subconscious issues that affect our conscious actions. Failing to maintain the same ease in your clothes can result in you going off your weight loss routine and you find you are back to your “old clothes” but feel somehow more comfortable in those clothes. Now you know the reason why. Therefore investing in clothes along the journey of loosing weight and maintaining weight loss will enable you to keep your subconscious happy and avoid triggering feelings that sabotage your efforts.

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