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Losing weight is hard enough of a struggle and we can all manage a few weeks of any type of program. However, no commercially advertised program is designed to do anything but help you drop pounds on a scale and nearly anyone can accomplish that short term. The down side is that in the process of losing pounds, you could have in fact lost more water, increased your toxicity, not improved your brain chemistry, sex hormone or metabolic hormone balances and lost muscle mass! The consequence is that these “other” factors are what drive your engine to keep your metabolism running so that you continue to burn fuel, repair muscle and excrete toxic accumulation that otherwise ends up stored under the skin as cellulite.

Nearly every weight loss program assumes that metabolic and hormonal function can take a back seat during weight loss, and that counting calories and balancing proteins and carbohydrates is the magic key to losing weight and keeping it off.  Short term, you can get away with such an attitude but long term, the body won’t let you ignore key metabolic and hormonal functions and these functions affect your ability to lose weight and keep it off. Let’s examine a few of these factors:

Factor one, is toxic accumulation. The fat cell is designed to store toxins! The more toxins you store in your fat cells the more resistant those fat cells are to shrinking because releasing these toxins endangers the health of other organ systems unless done in a manner that works with the liver and kidney’s ability to excrete them from your body. Lose weight too fast and you can feel sick from the toxic redistribution of those fat cells and hit a plateau whereby those toxins are reabsorbed back into those fat cells causing an osmotic water absorbing/ water retaining effect. You feel puffy, you look bloated and puffy and you have retained toxic accumulation.

Immune Matrix evaluates all of their patient’s metabolic detoxification pathways, considers applicable genetic defects in detoxification, and supplements the patient according to their genetic and metabolic needs for detoxification.

Factor two is thyroid. The biggest piece of miss-information is that having a free T3 blood test fall within normal range does not mean that you are not low in thyroid function. If a person has accumulated bromide (from eating wheat and white flour for most their life) then they could have bromide competing with iodine on the surface of their cell membranes. Wherever bromide attaches, iodine cannot attach and this means the cell is unable to import and use thyroid hormone!

You can also be low in iodine. (Individuals testing positive for thyroid antibodies should not rush out and take iodine w/o a doctor’s supervision!)Your lab test may look normal but you can feel tired, suffer from thinning hair, insomnia or be unable to reach a deep level of restful sleep, and have a slow metabolism all because you are not using the thyroid hormone you make. Work with an experienced practitioner knowledgeable about bromide detoxification.

The thyroid is also complicated in that one could have normal levels of T4 (the precursor molecule for T3, your thyroid hormone) and not be converting T4 to T3 sufficiently, thereby giving you low free T3 values. What you need to understand is that not all “thyroid” medications or supplements fix all causes for low thyroid metabolism. Menopause, chronic viral infection such as Epstein Barr (which causes chronic fatigue) can also prevent you from loosing weight and keeping it off as it weakens thyroid function.

Many doctors will simply give a patient thyroid hormone. What they don’t tell you is that this makes you dependent on consuming thyroid hormone. Your thyroid will stop making T3 when you take it exogenously. Since western medicine has no effective cure for viral attack on the thyroid, the prevailing attitude is just to give the patient thyroid hormone for the rest of their life. Unfortunately, what is also not told to patients is that over time the very thyroid hormone you take can become less and less effective because the cause that is weakening thyroid function has not been addressed and the patient often has begun to develop an immune sensitivity to the thyroid medication.

Natural supplements exist to do a variety of things in the hands of capable alternative medical practitioners adequately trained to test and monitor the patient’s thyroid “therapy”. These supplements can:

  • cause your body to make more T4
  • cause your body to improve its ability to convert T4 to T3
  • improve the HPA (hypothalamus/pituitary/adrenal) feedback loop to coordinate hormone fluctuations during the day of thyroid and adrenal function, improving hormone levels, metabolic usage of hormones, and the regulation of other metabolic systems dependant upon thyroid and adrenal function such as quality of sleep, brain alertness, and metabolism that burns the calories to help you keep the weight off.
  • improve cellular absorption of T3 so that what is made by the body can be used by the cell

If your medical health practitioner is not familiar with how to do the above they are not sufficiently trained in targeted thyroid therapies and your “hidden” thyroid condition could have been passed over and undetected.

Factor three is your cortisol rhythm. Your adrenals excrete a hormone called cortisol which follows a rhythm during the day. If your excretion of cortisol becomes elevated at any time of the day, then this is when you are most likely to suffer excessive insulin secretion, and fat storage will be stimulated. So the weight you lost you won’t be able to keep it off because stress, infection, lack of sleep or those Latte’s you buy as a mid-day slump “pick me up” stimulate your adrenals to excrete too much cortisol. Excessive cortisol can also give you night time hunger. Hunger at night or after meals is due to the increased insulin production that cortisol stimulates, causing you to store fat easier.

There is a simple saliva test Immune Matrix gives its patients to determine one’s cortisol values throughout the day that is now available to you to find out where you stand you’re your cortisol rhythm. (https://www.immunematrix.com/store/product.php?productid=16265&cat=264&page=1) The test is performed at home, mailed in and in two weeks the results are available and you receive a professional phone consult from Immune Matrix on your results. It’s a good place to start to find out how to trim down that tummy fat and lose weight and keep it off.

Factor four, optimize key hormones besides cortisol and thyroid (free T3), such as estrogens (especially E2), progesterone, testosterone, and the brain hormone dopamaine and norepinephrine. Do NOT assume that your HRT is balancing your hormones! Saliva testing is the only way to determine free circulating hormone levels and this is rarely tested in standardized hospital and clinics. It is much more sensitive and will immediately determine if your hormone prescription is too strong for your liver’s capacity to detoxify your hormones.

Everyone’s ability to recycle and excrete hormones is not the same and factors such as toxic burden and genetic defects to one’s liver detoxification pathways and core nutrient deficiencies in essential trace minerals and other essential catalysts needed to fuel this pathway, directly impact one’s efficiency to process any type of hormone, whether its natural or synthetic.

Do not be complacent in trusting a blood test for hormone levels as you increase your cancer risk when your sex hormone levels remain elevated. Immune Matrix tests all their HRT patients with DiagnosTechs Flex Matrix saliva panel (https://www.immunematrix.com/store/cart.php?keep_https=yes) as a preventative measure to confirm the patient is adequately detoxifying their hormones and as a preventative cancer screening device.

A little know factor is transdermal progesterone creams will be stored by fat cells! A woman can accumulate progesterone quickly in her fat cells and this can contribute to fatigue, something one doesn’t want when you need to be active to lose weight and keep it off. The saliva test will confirm if you are storing excessive progesterone.

Factor five is lower dopamine synthesis. Dopamine is a brain neurotransmitter/hormone that directly impacts our metabolism and brain alertness among other things. Lowered dopamine levels are often seen in individuals with low serotonin, those taking SSRI’s. The brain is an overlooked culprit in the plan to lose weight and keep it off.

Immune Matrix uses a urine test to gauge relative ratios of one’s brain chemistry and then advises their patients of appropriate natural supplements that help the brain increase low neurotransmitter levels and lower elevated levels working with the body’s metabolic processes. (https://www.immunematrix.com/store/product.php?productid=16270&cat=264&page=2)

Lastly, immune inflammation from food sensitivities and chronic low grade viral, bacterial, candida and yeast infections causes cellular water retention which accumulates as weight gain. Reducing food sensitivities helps shed pounds without a doubt. Eliminating dysbiotic bacteria, yeast and candida in the colon helps eliminate a lot of microbial waste product that pollutes the body adding to extracellular bloating and retention as cellulite and increased cell size from toxic storage. Immune Matrix uses Doctor’s Data’s stool test to identify proper quantities and species of probiotics and to help determine the particular strains of bacteria and other pathogens that live in your colon and circulate in your body, causing joint pain, brain fog, headaches, migraines, cyclical fatigue and bowel issues. (https://www.immunematrix.com/store/product.php?productid=16263&cat=264&page=1) Simply eliminating these invisible pathogens can help take your weight loss to a new level and keep it off!

Chronic hidden viral infections will impact the thyroid most typically and lead to cyclical fatigue and lowered stamina. The most common virus doing this is Epstein Barr. Some doctors will say that everyone has it and it’s no problem. Run from such doctors! Epstein Barr is implicated in some brain cancers and you can reduce your viral load with natural means working with an experienced alternative medical practitioner who knows how to monitor viral load, your immune system and experience working with this virus. It is a common pathogen weakening one’s thyroid that goes undetected, while you are put on thyroid medication and end up not feeling better and continue to gain weight and feel tired as a result.

In summary, to lose weight and keep it off you need to assess factors that are not often discussed in common weight loss programs or doctor offices. Determine your toxic load, your sex hormone, cortisol, and thyroid hormone levels via saliva test only! Optimize your brain neurotransmitters of dopamine for sure, and eliminate dysbiotic pathogens from your bowels. These few but essential basics will take your weight loss to a new level and enable you to keep it off indefinitely with renewed alertness and vigor. You can actually feel younger, more active, more alert, and who doesn’t want that?

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Anna Manayan

Anna Manayan