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Your heart is the strongest muscle in your body! But with age, everything weakens metabolically and then physically. But, as with an aging car, we can take better care of it by giving it high octane gas and such to improve the car’s performance. Key heart nutrients are overlooked because they are not part of treating a “disease” in Western medicine, neither is testing for  nutritional deficiencies “diagnostic” for most diseases. This is why your M.D. will not in most cases give you a laboratory exam to determine

  • your erythrocyte magnesium levels
  • your glutathione levels
  • your level of free radical accumulation
  • your nutrient absorption levels
  • nor will he/she calculate your magnesium/calcium ratios or determine whether your body has stored a toxic level of heavy metals and where.

Besides getting some aerobic exercise and lowering one’s cholesterol and tryglycerides, the following nutrients are often overlooked to optimize one’s hearth health.

Get Enough Magnesium – We need magnesium to make the energy molecule ATP, for cellular energy. Magnesium also helps to relax the lining of blood vessels to relax our blood pressure, which allows the heart to work more efficiently. Therefore, magnesium deficiencies can increase:

  • heart arrhythmias
  • increase blood pressure

muscle cramping and spasm, including spasms of the heart muscle itself. The heart is a giant muscle; it needs magnesium too. Magnesium calms our nerves. Agitated nerves can cause the heart to pump faster, elevating our heart rate over prolonged periods of time, causing undue stress to the heart.

Since our plant food sources are already deficient in magnesium, and add that factor to the need for more magnesium to cope with our more toxic environment (smog, heavy metals, synthetic hormone replacement therapies, pesticides, herbicides, chemical exposures of daily living), it sets our heart up for insufficient energy stores to be able to maintain 24/7 good heart muscle energy.
Taking more magnesium alone will not help the problem and can throw off other mineral balances. Women need to have sufficient estrogen to metabolize magnesium. Everyone needs to have sufficient B6, taurine, l-glutathione, and thiamin to use magnesium. Please read our articles specifically about magnesium for more detailed information on calculating one’s magnesium needs. Immune Matrix recommends to its patients a powdered magnesium that one can put in their water bottle because it is very bio-available and is balanced with B6, thiamin, taurine and l-glutathione. Magneleuvers can be ordered at our online here at
Get Enough CoQ10 – As we age the concentration of this nutrient in cells declines! This is bad news because low energy isn’t just a normal function of aging but can be a premature decline in the nutrients that help keep our body running strongly. This nutrient is fuel for heart muscle contraction! Avoid heart failure as you age from weak heart contractions. It is also a vital energy nutrient for all the cells of your body, especially the energy making cells of our body called mitochondria. Individuals suffering from

  • chronic fatigue
  • chronic immune disorders
  • chronic inflammation
  • chronic viral infections such as Epstein Barr, or lyme disease of have ‘diseased’ mitochondria and are unable to make the energy their body needs. This nutrient is therefore of vital assistance.

Can we just get our CoQ10 from the food we eat? Certainly! However, you need to eat organ meats regularly, heart, liver and kidney. The taste preferences and concern for toxin accumulation in organ meats make this form of animal protein a rare event on one’s table. As a result, you have no choice but to take a CoQ10 supplement. The best kind of CoQ10 is the reduced form, ubiquinol. Ubiquinol is more readily absorbed than CoQ10. Since this supplement is one of the most expensive to manufacture, it is best to maximize your absorption by getting the ubiquinol form. Recommended doses range from 50mg to 250mg a day. Since this nutrient can lower blood sugar, diabetics and those suffering from hypoglycemia are advised to  consult with a knowledgeable health care practitioner on your particular needs. Individuals on coumadin and thyroid medications are advised to seek medical advise before taking this supplement as it can alter the effectiveness of the dose of these medications.
Get Enough D-Ribose – This is a 5 carbon sugar found in all or cells and is essential for the production of ATP, the energy molecule we run on. It is essential for heart and muscle energy recycling and they are the two slowest at regenerating energy molecules. Therefore, supplementing with D-ribose powder in one’s water shortens the recovery time for heart and skeletal muscle. For this reason it works well when take with creatine to aid muscle recovery and repair after exercise.
Since it is a sugar, those with diabetes or those suffering hypoglycemia need to consult with their health care provider on dosing as it can alter the effect of one’s prescription medication and some over the counter medications.
Get Enough Vitamin D – Low vitamin D levels contribute to heart failure. The University of Michigan published a study in the Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology and found that higher vitamin D levels prevented heart muscle from becoming enlarged, a significant factor leading to heart failure.
Although its said that the best source of vitamin D is sunshine, Immune Matrix regularly tests all its patients and finds that all are low for optimum levels of D and therefore are in need of between 5,000-20,000 IU daily. The more inflammation a person has the greater their vitamin D requirement will be. Although there are food sources for vitamin D, one cannot eat enough food specifically to provide the body with its increased need to replenish its vitamin D stores. Please see our other articles on Vitamin D specifically.
Get Enough Taurine – This is our heart’s most abundant free non-essential amino acid. It is found in highest concentration in our skeletal, heart muscle,  white blood cells, and our central nervous system. It is a main constituent of bile for the gallbladder, helping us to break down and digest fats and fat soluble vitamins. Our body can make it but we can become deficient from chronic infection, toxic overload, metabolic problems with the digestion of fats, with increased stress to our heart and skeletal muscle, and a vegan diet.

Taurine is found in animal protein such as meat, poultry, fish, eggs and dairy. It is also found in some plants, such as seaweed. Since it can lower your cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar, consult your health care provider if you are taking any medications for these conditions.

These above key nutrients will keep your heart healthy for years to come.

Please note:
Information on this site is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for the advice provided by your physician or other healthcare professional. You should not use the information on this site for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease, or prescribing any medication or other treatment.

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