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The alternative medical clinic, Immune Matrix located in Milpitas, CA, Seattle, WA, Cape Cod, MA and Washington D.C. treats patients who have been directed by their health practitioners to follow various diets, from GFCF (gluten free casein free) to the GAPS diet. Some common issues affect all diets directed toward improving nutrient absorption, gut repair and reducing immune inflammation.

Dairy, even in the form of ghee or clarified butter will still pose digestive, immune and toxic accumulation issues. Blood type O’s are most challenged in any form of cow dairy, causing more inflammation and toxic accumulation, according to the latest research conducted on red blood cells by Dr. D’adamo, author of the Genotype Diet. Immune Matrix has confirmed this to be the case in monitor its blood type O patients. Those who omit all form of cow dairy did not show signs of toxic accumulation as compared to patients that continued to eat dairy.

Immune Matrix continually monitors their patient’s detoxification pathways and toxin levels with different types of EAV and computerized technology. Their work in re-programming the immune system to turn off immune recognition of key methylation/liver detoxification pathway metabolites, helps patients who could not otherwise excrete sulfur byproducts and microbial metabolites (dead microbes) and digest vitamins, minerals, and prescription medications making digestive upsets and side effects a thing of the past.

All diets require protein, carbohydrate and fats, the essentials to sustain life. However, those patients with the most inflammation often have the most challenges in breaking down protein, carbohydrates of any form and fats into their simple amino acid, simple sugar and fatty acid components so that their cells can absorb them. When the body cannot do this, nutritional deficiencies result which

can be characterized by hunger and specific food cravings, and fatigue. Over time what is not digested can imprint the immune system as a “foreign” substance and the cycle of inflammation and immune interference with protein, sugar or fat metabolism begins.

Immune Matrix has found in testing and treating autism, irritable bowel, chronic fatigue, food allergies, multiple-chemical sensitivities, asthma, eczema, Lyme disease and a host of immune related disorders that the longer the patient has had their symptoms the more immune driven blocks it finds to their patient’s ability to break down protein, sugar and fats.

What can you do if you suspect that you are having challenges in digesting certain food groups? Take a broad spectrum digestive enzyme as soon as you begin eating. It will not cause dependency; neither will it cause your body to stop making digestive enzymes. Making enzymes is the most energy taxing metabolic function the body can do and those suffering from inflammatory disorders are generally slower and have lower levels of all types of metabolic enzymes. Therefore, taking a digestive enzyme with all meals will ensure that the body breaks down protein, carbohydrates and fats, and prevent toxic metabolic accumulation of undigested food that taxes the liver detoxification pathways further.

Since a high quality affordable digestive enzyme is essential to all of the patients that Immune Matrix treats, extensive testing and research has been done to help even those patients with the most sensitive digestive tracts safely digest digestive enzymes. Ultimate Digestion was 11 years in the making after cycling through various enzyme formulations. This digestive enzyme is unique in that it also assists in the digestion of common food additives, such as natural citric acid, an acid that gives many patients added digestive inflammation.

A good diet also includes the use of probiotics. Different medical practitioners and dietary programs will emphasize the importance of providing the digestive tract with beneficial flora. This is necessary to heal the lining of the digestive tract from “leaky gut” as well as essential for the body’s synthesis of B12. However, do not assume that your probiotic is actually taking root in your body. Have a stool test

done by Doctor’s Data, Microbiology Stool test available as a do at home, mail it in test at:

This test includes a consult with Immune Matrix and identifies the strains and levels of your probiotics, identifies harmful bacteria, yeast and candida strains and cultures them to find out what your particular strains are resistant and susceptible to both prescription and non-prescription remedies. It’s an invaluable test to use a report card of your digestive health!

Lastly, the GAPS diet is innovative in stressing the importance of detoxification. However, where the immune system has become sensitized to essential metabolites needed to bind and excrete toxins such as:

  • methionine
  • B12
  • B6
  • magnesium
  • zinc
  • molybdenum
  • and sulfur

for example, your liver will be compromised in its ability to excrete toxins even if you take these supplements due to immune interference with your detoxification pathways. Furthermore, taking in food and supplements high in these nutrients increases one’s inflammation so many patients get into the trap of suffering from increased toxic accumulation and nutrient mal-absorption when this occurs.

Immune Matrix is unique in the country for its treatment protocols to improve the body’s ability to excrete toxins and to improve liver function and quiet metabolic inflammation. If you are struggling to tip toe around your GAP diet, and your digestive and immune health are still in need of improvement, consider the above issues as possible culprits for what is blocking you from obtaining the health you are working so hard to regain.

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Anna Manayan

Anna Manayan