Cold and Flu Season, Promoting Natural Defenses

September 30, 2011

Each fall and winter as the winds pick up and the weather turns colder, viruses become more active and we succumb to them ….if we are susceptible to infection. Let’s examine key factors that can stack the odds in your favor this year to avoid catching the cold or flu.

None of us like to think we aren’t practicing good hygiene, but what exactly does that mean? Most viral infections are contracted by contact after having been spread on surfaces from someone sneezing into their hands, blowing their nose into a tissue and then touching

  • a keyboard
  • phone
  • table
  • pen
  • shaking hands
  • a doorknob, without washing their hands first.

Using a natural anti-microbial hand solution that stays on your hands, is non-abrasive, and helps to kill those accidental contacts is a huge help. The natural clinic at Immune Matrix uses a collodial silver based hand cream manufactured by American Biotech called ASAP Ultimate Skin & Body Care. It can be ordered by calling 408-262-6900. It is safe even on babies and can be used in the nose and eyes for minor irritations and infections.

Clean surfaces more regularly, at least once a week at your office station with Clorox Wipes. If you pick up children from school, wipe their hands with a hand sanitizer before they enter the car as a routine to prevent them from bringing the germs picked up at school into the car and your home. Make it a regular routine and have the hand sanitizer ready in your car.

Replace your toothbrush every 30 days, especially during the cold and flu season and immediately after a cold. Do not share towels at home with family members and change them daily when someone becomes ill. If you can afford an ultraviolet wand, use that to sanitize all surfaces at home and at the office.

What predisposes someone to catching a cold? Viruses love an acidic body. Diets high in refined carbohydrates and meats are very acid forming, as are sodas, candy, fried and processed snack foods. Dairy, cheese, and high glycemic fruit (banana, dates, dried fruits, raisins to name a few) are loaded with sugars that also keep the body more in an acidic state.

What can you do to reduce your acidic state? Eat more dark green vegetables, and take a mineral supplement along with extra magnesium. Our food supply is deficient in magnesium, and adding a green drink or supplement with a squeeze of lemon in your water will add the alkaline minerals needed to neutralize the acid foods you ingest. Test your water to know its ph. You can purchase ph paper at an aquarium store, or at Immune Matrix. The ph should be 7 or higher. If your water is acidic, add trace mineral drops to bring the ph up to more of an alkaline state, and even add these drops to your acidic coffee and orange juice! Eliminate sodas, fruit drinks and all dairy and replace with almond or non-GMO soy milk as this will greatly cut down on the sugars your body has to process that will make it acidic and feed virus and bacteria!

Another key factor that contributes to being acidic is having too many circulating toxins in the body. These toxins can come from:

  • undigested food products
  • pesticides
  • herbicides
  • food additives
  •  chemicals from the environment
  •  from cigarette smoke
  • alcohol consumption
  •  the overgrowth of yeast and candida, to heavy metals from the mercury fillings in our mouth, in our seafood and in vaccines.

Unfortunately these toxins take months to years to accumulate and eliminating them is no quick fix either. Consult an experienced health care provider with knowledge of the common genetic challenges to detoxification, and with experience in the different types of detoxification methods that can best suit your immune system and metabolism or contact Immune Matrix at the above number.

If all else fails and you begin to feel symptoms from an oncoming cold, there are a few things you can do immediately to ward off succumbing to the flu. Immediately stop eating refined carbohydrates, dairy, bananas and orange juice. Spray Health Max, a safe colloidal silver solution (available from Immune Matrix) in your nose two to three times a day and spray it in the back of your throat also. This will kill virus and bacteria on contact and lower the pathogen count your body has to try to kill from the outset.

Essential oils, especially that of the blend sold as “Thieves” is very helpful as a general anti-microbial. Patients at Immune Matrix have found the best results at the first sign of cold symptoms is to put 5-10 drops on the bottom of one foot and to rub the bottoms of the feet together (this avoids contact with the hands which could accidentally touch the eyes and cause burning and pain). Do this at the first sign of symptoms, put socks on and go about your day and also apply to the feet before going to sleep at night.

Continue to practice good hygiene, washing hands when you blow your nose. Sneeze into your arm and not your hand, as this has been documented to greatly limit the range that a sneeze will propel virus into the air substantially, protecting others and it keeps your hands free of germs that can contaminate surfaces you touch. If you begin to develop a low-grade fever, do not suppress it by immediately taking an ibuprofen. Fevers are a sign that your immune system is working and suppressing a fever suppresses the effectiveness of your immune system running the risk of prolonging the condition and developing a secondary chronic infection. Use cool compresses to the head, cool showers and baths, and get plenty water and bed rest. If the fever begins to approach 103F then consult your health care provider and take a low dose ibuprofen to prevent it from climbing higher as one runs the risk of seizure at elevated and sustained high temperatures.

Diet, hygiene, detoxification, and natural antimicrobials can and do allow your body to ward off seasonal colds and flu. Start making some lifestyle changes today and live confidently through fall and winter in optimum health!

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