Bladder Infection – UTI

Bladder infections come in different intensities and frequencies. Women suffer the majority of bladder infections. They have short urethra’s which allow for bacteria from the environment to enter the urethra and work their way up to the bladder. In severe cases the infection travels up to the kidneys. A bladder infection should not be ignored and always treated as kidney damage is a serious thing. However, there are effective ways to prevent recurrent bladder infections.

Prevention is everything. Urinating after sex helps to clear the urethra of bacteria that can enter the urethra during sex. Wiping from front to back after a bowel movement prevents bacteria around the anus from infecting the vaginal area and urethra. These are basic good hygiene practices for women.

Having good probiotics in one’s colon is just as important. Bad or dysbiotic bacteria from the colon are a source of self-infection that can infect the bladder via entry through the urethra. Find out the species and quantity of your good probiotics with a Microbiology Stool test that can be done at home through Doctor’s Data. ( This will let you know definitively if your colon is harboring infection causing bacteria and whether you have adequate protective strains and amounts of probiotics.

Immune Matrix has found that women who suffer recurrent bladder infections and follow the above hygiene guidelines actually have weakened immune system recognition problems to specific infectious bacteria in their body. Patients at Immune Matrix are tested for immune sensitivities and weaknesses to pathogenic bacteria and undergo a brief treatment program to boost their immune system’s ability to recognize these pathogens. This makes taking an antibiotic or herbal remedy more effective in eradicating the infection. The immune system MUST recognize the pathogen, otherwise antibiotics are largely ineffective towards these pathogens.

The other part of the equation in eradicating recurrent bladder infections involves completely eradicating the infectious pathogen from all systems in the body. Traditional Western medicine simply treats the acute and symptomatic phase of a bladder infection for a routine number of days. Unless a patient complains of persistent symptoms after their first course of antibiotics, no follow up is done, and the patient is at risk for “subclinical” low grade infection. The subclinical infection involves very mild symptoms that can be ignored, such as mild lower backache, mild urinary irritations, mild urgency, even malaise. The symptoms may be ignored by patients because they do not progress to a full blown bladder infection. However, subclinical infections can travel up to the kidneys and result in dangerous kidney infections, or subclinical chronic kidney infections. These infections are called subclinical because standard medical lab testing cannot detect them despite the existence of physical symptoms.

When you have persistent mild symptoms, do not assume they will go away. Immune Matrix follows up the treatment program to eradicate bladder infections after antibiotics with herbal and drainage formulas to boost immune system function and eradicate the last remnants of resistant bacteria. These herbal tinctures and drainage formulas help to detoxify and flush the kidneys and bladder. Combining effective time tested herbal and drainage formulas hits the pathogens more thoroughly than assuming that a 7-10 day course of standard antibiotics will eradicate resistant pathogens.

Lifestyle changes focusing on alkalinizing the body by eliminating sugars, refined carbohydrates, high glycemic fruits, and excessive animal protein that make the body acidic will make it harder for pathogens to grow in the body. Drinking half one’s weight in ounces of alkaline water (ph of 7 or higher, 100lb person drinks 50 oz water) will help the kidneys eliminate toxins and pathogens from the urinary track. Taking effective probiotics and getting a Microbiology Stool Test done will ensure that your digestive tract has eliminated contagious pathogens. Combining healthy lifestyle, prescription medication when needed with thorough anti-microbial natural remedies and maintaining a strong immune system will eliminate recurrent bladder infections and make them a thing of the past.

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