The Genotype™ diet is not a one size fits all diet. Dr. D’Adamo, the creator of this diet identified six Genotypes™ based upon his research on how our genes interact with our food, and his in depth statistical research on archetypes involving associations between certain physical traits, disorders, disease risks, and ancestral diet. He has named these types: the Hunter, the Gatherer, the Teacher, the Explorer, the Warrior and the Nomad. The Genotype addresses our cellular uniqueness for foods that heal us, foods that make us more toxic and exercise that works with out unique cellular physiology. Your Genotype is more specific than your blood type!

By knowing one’s Genotype™ and following the dietary recommendations and exercise plan, you can achieve and maintain a lower level of accumulated toxicity, optimize healthy gene regulation, improve your cellular and metabolic metabolism and thus optimize your wellness, vitality, and weight. Immune Matrix has found that this information has contributed substantially to lowering the toxic burden and accumulation seen in patients challenged with their immune systems and detoxification pathways.

Patients that avoid the foods considered most detrimental to one’s Genotype™ regularly test lower in total accumulated cellular toxic load and thus are able to maintain their immune-desensitization treatment outcomes longer than someone that does not integrate these dietary guidelines. As a result, the Genotype™ Diet has become an essential component of Immune Matrix’s treatment program, and every patient is encouraged to obtain their Genotype™ status.

Other benefits patients have noted were improved ease of weight loss, decreases in elevated blood pressure even for those on medications, improved blood sugar regulation, improved sleep, decrease in restlessness, improved skin tone, improved attitudes and mood, improved flexibility in muscle and joint range of motion is also noted, improved anti-oxidant utilization. This last feature was amazing to discover, as the media promotes that everyone take acai, or pomegranate etc. as the best anti-oxidant! Taking the wrong anti-oxidant, herb or food for your genetics can actually increase the stickiness of your blood, making you more prone to strokes and clots and increase your aches and pains and chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia!

Reading Dr. D’Adamo’s book, The Genotype™ Diet, can help but we find most patients have miss calculated their type after reading the book because of the complexities of calculating one’s Genotype™. It is best to have a certified Genotype nutritional advisor determine your Genotype™.

It begins by knowing your blood type, i.e. O+, and then doing a saliva test called the Secretor Test. This laboratory test is available online at, under Labs (Secretor/Non-Secretor – saliva test SKU: SKU16271). The Secretor Test is a saliva test that is done only through Dr. D’Adamo’s lab. Nahid Manayan, the certified Genotype nutritional advisor will analyze your blood type, Secretor status, take measurements, and fingerprint status and calculate your genotype. You will then be given a comprehensive consultation educating you about the details of the food list and coach you in making the appropriate lifestyle choices according to your unique Genotype™!

One CANNOT read Dr. D’Adamo’s Genotype book descriptions and conclude that that “sounds like me” so it must be me. It doesn’t work that way! We have seen many patients get it wrong! We strongly caution you to not make the mistake of assuming you know your Genotype™ based upon the descriptions alone – many of our patients have been surprised!

There are five different Genotypes™. The names are withheld to discourage you from diagnosing yourself based on description alone. The descriptions are generalized to help you understand the diversity in our blood and thus our metabolism.

One type takes its origins from one of the earliest surviving responses to the challenge of human survival. This type has an immune system that acts swiftly to attack microbes, viruses, and bacteria. By nature they are efficient at metabolizing animal flesh, their primary source of nutrition. The downside to such hair-trigger responsive immune systems is that they can sometimes become over-reactive, leading to inflammatory states such as allergies, asthma, arthritis and auto–immune diseases, depression, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and inflammatory joint disorders.

This type is also greatly challenged in digesting grains. Following the appropriate Genotype™ dietary guidelines helps to calm their immune system and decreases the production of all sorts of inflammatory reactive proteins. Eating the wrong types of foods for this type results in celiac-like digestive disorders and poor assimilation of nutrients, accelerated adrenal and pituitary aging, and reproductive cancers (more in men) with advancing age. This Genotype™ does best to stay fit with vigorous exercise to increase endurance and reduce stress.

A second type developed ‘thrifty’ genes whose primary goal is to hang on to every ingested calorie for dear life. Somehow this type learned in the womb that there wouldn’t be much food when they got out, so their system conserved food as their first priority. The downside of this is their tendency toward obesity and diabetes. Their Genotype™ diet focuses on optimizing their metabolism to return to their ideal weight, reducing their risk of diabetes and reversing the negative consequences of obesity. If they are successful at doing this they have terrific mental endurance, good fertility, and age well. Crash dieting is not recommended for this type because of their tendency to store calories as fat; and appetite regulation can be a problem. Their good fertility makes them prone to elevated estrogen sensitivity, stimulating hormonal cancers. They also tend to accumulate chemicals in their tissue, which can lead to diabetes, high blood pressure, and Alzheimer’s disease. This type reacts intensely to some environmental threats and not at all to others.

In modern times, they seem to have emerged from a highly unstable prenatal environment, and they figured out while still in the womb that they were going to have to adapt to wildly changing conditions. Their upside is that they are good at that. Their downside is that odd things like caffeine can keep them up for hours. Their Genotype™ diet will help them develop calmer, more stable responses to the world, protecting them from their idiosyncratic but very vulnerable systems. They have good capacity to recover from illness and good gene repair, stamina, as well as great memory retention in advanced age. Stretching and lengthening exercises that also have a resistance component to them benefit them the most.

A third Genotype™ is able to tolerate a wide variety of unfamiliar bacteria, viruses, and microbes, avoiding the hair-trigger symptoms that plague the first Genotype mentioned above. Unfortunately, the down side is that they tend to tolerate infectious elements rather than repel them. This type may live for a long time without symptoms and then later discover that digestive problems, lung disorders, or even cancer have been building within them for years. This type must protect their stomachs, colons, and lungs from the wear and tear of the environment. Their Genotype™ diet helps them to keep their good bacteria healthy and make their immune defenses more efficient with targeted food and lifestyle. They have the ability to successfully adapt to their environment, and age gracefully as a result. This type does well to have regular, vigorous exercise to keep their metabolism in balance, increase endurance, and maximize their resistance.

The fourth is reactive, but unlike the first type listed above, they are idiosyncratic in their reactivity and can be accident-prone. They tend to have more inefficient detoxification systems and have a tendency for blood irregularities. As a result, Type 1 diabetes, anemia, autism, dyslexia, epilepsy, breast cancer (especially if female, type A blood, and left-handed), food and environmental allergies, liver problems, yeast infections can all plague them.

The next type is more selective. If they are physically active, their metabolism burns hot. When they lead a sedentary life, they tend to put on the pounds with alarming speed. This Genotype™ has some remarkable strengths, endurance, and stamina. They have ox-like strength and tend to recover well from illness. However, with a thrifty metabolism, they store calories as fat, and age early and steadily with a tendency to respond to stress with a depressed immune system and thickening of the blood. As a result, heart disease, high blood pressure and strokes, hormonal imbalances and insulin resistance are common but other Genotypes™ are not immune for suffering as well! This type does best with stretching and lengthening exercises that also have a resistance component to them.

The last Genotype™ has a survival strategy whose ancestors reflect a life of travel, encountering different environments and having to cope with a wide variety of challenges. This type moved quickly over large territory, passing through a wide variety of climates and terrains. As a result they are more tolerant to different climates. The price they pay for their immunity is a problematic connection between their immune system, their cardiovascular system, and their nervous system, resulting in a lack of coordination among the three. This makes them prone to highly idiosyncratic health problems such as chronic viral infections, debilitating long-term fatigue, and memory problems. Their Genotype™ diet will help them to defend their immune system and increase communication within their bodies. Their risks are a tendency toward slow infections such as long and lingering viral disorders, warts, or parasites, neuromuscular diseases with age, and chronic fatigue. This type also benefits from stretching and lengthening exercises that also have a resistance component to them.

As you are beginning to see from the diverse descriptions above, the blood chemistry and metabolism of the different Genotypes is astounding and have proved invaluable in unlocking a key causal mechanism to many a patient’s chronic symptoms. The more we can learn about our bodies, the more we are in control of what goes in our bodies, the better we are armed to optimize our health. Everyone is urged to take advantage of this ground breaking information and highly encouraged to at least begin by avoiding those foods that make your Genotype more toxic!

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Information on this site is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for the advice provided by your physician or other healthcare professional. You should not use the information on this site for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease, or prescribing any medication or other treatment.

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Anna Manayan

Anna Manayan