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Fat gets a bad reputation with fad diet emphasis on “low” fat diets. Our body is dependent upon getting the correct balance of fats in the form of fatty acids to make hormones, build cell walls and membranes, and regenerate and repair nerve cells! Most of us are deficient in essential fatty acids because the modern diet is generally too high in omega 6 fatty acids. Most of us also suffer from silent inflammation, called the “silent killer”, which causes us to burn up our good fatty acids at a faster rate!

Who needs to be concerned about fatty acids in our diet, the amount or type? Everyone! Did you know that a small deficiency in DHA over time is a leading causal factor in the development of pre-senile dementia?! Did you know that a fetus takes all the DHA it needs for its development from the mother, leaving her DHA deficient in most cases? Did you know that our toxic environment causes toxic accumulation in our body that damages cell membranes leading to a greater need for essential fatty acids in our diet? Did you know that most anti-biotics take a toll on our cell membrane function, boosting our need for essential fatty acids during times of infection? Did you know that toxic accumulation of mercury and heavy metals erodes cells walls and nerve cell membranes boosting our need for more essential fatty acids.

Most doctors know how to fight acute infection, but few advise you how to repair your cell membranes with chronic low-grade infections from dysbiosis, chronic fatigue viruses, or lyme type pathogens. Our articles are designed to stand in the gap where this vital communication is lacking to help empower you to foster faster cell repair and rejuvenation.

Fat metabolism is also making news in anti-aging medicine as science discovers that fat is not simply a storage tissue but is very active metabolically. Fat cells are active in secreting hormones and interacting with other hormone systems. Fat also plays a key role in the inflammation process. Improving one’s ability to digest and use fats will improve one’s hormone balance, fat storage, hormone synthesis, neurotransmitter production, nerve cell repair, cell membrane and tissue repair!

Do not make the mistake of thinking that if you have no symptoms and are in apparent good health that you do not have an accumulating essential fatty acid deficiency. Knowledge is power. Being aware of how to alter your diet to optimize your health, and how and what to check for in lab testing will put you ahead of the curve in optimizing your health.

Our aim is to provide you with articles to share state of the art information that is not made readily available to the public. In addition, most family doctors are not trained in the nuances of fatty acid metabolism defects and its impact on neurotransmitter synthesis, hormone synthesis or degradation, liver detoxification pathway, cell membrane metabolism and repair, toxic accumulation and detoxification, and the specifics of the feedback loops involving fat cell hormone synthesis. This is detailed knowledge that is state of the art and continues to forge the new frontier of metabolic medicine.  Our articles will arm you with information to evaluate your symptoms and provide you with information on how you can obtain specific lab tests to help you evaluate your fatty acid metabolism in light of key metabolic systems in the body.

Waiting until your symptoms drive you to a doctor can cause you years in delay and prevention of needless dependency on drugs or over the counter ineffective solutions to what could be simple nutritional deficiency or metabolic challenge in metabolizing fatty acids. Stay tuned for articles that go into depth to empower you to find answers and can stay in charge of your health.

Fatty Acids Imbalances

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Anna Manayan

Anna Manayan