Essential Oils for the Holidays

November 14, 2017

Time and again I am impressed by the potency and effectiveness of essential oils for health. Sleep, pathogen eradication, mood boosting, mind clearing effects are all well noted and new research on thyme for cancer treatment is in the works!
For defenses to the onset of colds and flu our timeless standby has always been Thieves essential oil. We clinically have found the best application for this is to pour 10 drops on the bottom of one foot and then rub your feet together. This way you avoid contact with your fingers which could accidently touch your eyes and irritate them. Then put your sandals or socks on and go about your day. I suggest this be done in the morning while dressing, and when you return home for the day.
I never forget to travel with it and apply it on my feet before flying and after I land on winter trips.
I have found it works best at the onset of when you feel off, tired, and when those around you have been sick.
It is safe for children and toddlers. Just be sure to use fewer drops and put socks on their feet so they don’t touch the oils to prevent them from accidently touching their eye and irritating it from the oil.
Our latest discovery has been the use of Thyme essential oil. It is reported to have potent anti-microbial properties that includes eliminating spirochetes associated with Lyme and is currently being investigated for use with cancer patients.
In our clinic we have seen remarkable healing in gums of Lyme patients with spirochetes. As I have stated in previous blog articles, Lyme pathogens love to live in wisdom tooth pockets and gums. What I have had my patients do is make a paste of a quarter cup of Himalayan sea salt and enough oil (coconut or olive or flax) to make a thick past and add to that paste 1 to 2 drops of thyme essential oil and store in sealed glass jar (not plastic because of the essential oil). Brush with this instead of toothpaste and your dentist will be amazed at the scores your gum will show as a result. I have yet to find anything more remarkable to compare (including peroxide past and ozone oil).
For those fighting viral such as long-standing Epstein Bar, fungal and bacterial infections, brushing with this thyme paste is essential as well as taking 1 drop in a tea or hot water twice a day. I have yet to see any harsh effects of die off as opposed to other anti-microbials.
Peppermint essential oil is excellent for long car trips to keep your brain alert. It’s also great for the student trying to study for exams. Its best applied with a dab under each nostril. The fumes from the oil travel directly to the brain to stimulate alertness and quickness of mental focus and function. You can also add 2 to 4 drops in your latte, cocoa and coffee drinks for a similar effect. The Vitality version from Young Living is approved for internal use. (you can order it wholesale at our acct no. 1025800) or call us at 888-519-5755 to place your order with us at 15% off until Nov 29th 5 pm.
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Anna Manayan

Anna Manayan