Aspirin a Day – Bad News

Heart attacks are a leading cause of death in much of the world. The government advisory task force known as the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force takes the view that the benefits outweigh the risks for men age 45 to 79 who are at a high risk of having a heart attack in the next 10 years, and women, from age 55, and only for those at high risk of having a stroke in the next decade. Regardless of gender, the therapy should be limited to those who also have a low risk of gastrointestinal bleeding they say!

Beginning in 2007, a massive aspirin television campaign was launched to promote low dose aspirin to prevent heart attack. The thinking behind what initially appears to be a helpful and innocent recommendation of an over the counter substance is that in low doses aspirin was safe enough to thin one’s blood. However, in over 20 years of studies, many detrimental side effects have surfaced not to mention that fatal heart attacks were not prevented with low dose aspirin. Baigent C, Blackwell L, Collins R, et al. (2009). “Aspirin in the primary and secondary prevention of vascular disease: collaborative meta-analysis of individual participant data from randomised trials”. Lancet373 (9678): 1849–60. doi:10.1016/S0140-6736(09)60503-1. PMC 2715005. PMID 1948221

The development of ulcers in the digestive tract and stomach bleeding have affected close to 1/3 of clinical trial subjects! Also noted was a two-fold increase in hemorrhagic brain strokes, these are killers! Kidney and liver issues have also been noted. Those suffering from wet macular degeneration have been noted as most at risk for blindness! Those taking low dose aspirin had twice the incidence of blindness than those that didn’t take it.

Besides these severe side effects nothing is being said of aspirin’s contribution to leaky gut long before gastrointestinal bleeding. With the prevalence of dysbiotic bacteria and food sensitivities in modern society causing asthma,

  • food sensitivities
  • eczema
  • headache
  • acid reflux
  • chronic fatigue and arthralgia

we cannot afford to be taking something that can increase gut permeability and bleeding! The question is whether you want to assume you are healthy until one day you wake up with a severe symptom, which is how allopathic medicine would have you treat your health, or whether you will be proactive and guard your health from those things that do not enhance regeneration and repair.

Where allopathic medicine has fallen short in its attempt to prevent heart attacks is addressing the cause for heart attack, and the cause is not aspirin deficiency! Allopathic medicine and governmental agencies have also fallen short by failing to recommend guidelines to monitor patients currently on low dose aspirin. Nothing is done to take a patient off of low dose aspirin unless or until the patient exhibits these serious side effects and isn’t that too late in your opinion? Do you want to wait until you are a victim of your aspirin before you take safer measures to have better health?

There are much safer and effective preventative substances to take to thin one’s blood, reduce one’s cholesterol, and reduce one’s inflammation, the three giants that cause heart attack in addition to living a healthy lifestyle and heart healthy diet.

If you are concerned with “thick” or “sticky” blood that leads to clots, strokes and therefore heart attacks, nattokinase is very effective and safe to take daily, especially before a long plane ride! Nattokinase is a systemic enzyme isolated from soy. Serrapeptase is also a systemic enzyme. Neither should be used with aspirin or prescription blood thinners.

Garlic is nature’s wonder for thinning one’s blood, a natural anti-microbial that kills bacteria, yeast, fungus and viral pathogens in one’s blood. Raw garlic is the best form, a clove a day will surely help keep the doctor away.

L-arginine has a different mechanism that helps to dilate arteries thereby increasing one’s circulation. With better arterial circulation you are less likely to suffer from a heart attack due to arterial constriction or clot. Those suffering from herpes need to take additional B vitamins and/or L-lysine to prevent increased incidence of herpes attacks while on the recommended 5 grams of L-arginine daily. With improved blood circulation there is improved brain function and erectile function naturally!

Hawthorn berry dilates the blood vessels and strengthens heart muscle and rhythm.

Omega 3 fish oils such as 6:1 from Metagenics helps to thin one’s blood as well as decrease inflammation and repair cellular membranes. Immune Matrix has found 6:1 from Metagenics to currently outperform on BIA testing all other fish oils it has tested with their patients. Those suffering hypertension, allergies, arteriosclerosis and chronic inflammation would especially benefit from this amazing nutrient.  You can order this fish oil from our store here on this blog.  Simply click on the product button and order the product.

Magnesium deficiency is prevalent and mostly silent symptomatically. It is essential for heart health and liver detoxification. Our acidic lifestyle and toxic environment accelerates our depletion of this vital mineral.

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Anna Manayan

Anna Manayan