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Skin eruptions, blemishes and acne can be the most frustrating health issue because it’s literally “in your face”. However, did you know that your skin is part of your integumentary system, your digestive tract and its health is a reflection of your hormonal, detoxification, immune and metabolic health?

Hormonal imbalances seen with surges of sex hormones, estrogen and testosterone accompanied with challenges in detoxifying one’s sex hormones by the liver will cause elevated hormone levels to circulate in the blood. What the body is unable to excrete via stool and urine often is excreted through the skin as waste. Hormones are oil based and oils can clog pores and lead to skin eruptions and hormonal acne that erupts in cycles.

Hormonal elevations are best tested via saliva test over blood test and elevations in most cases when not do to supplementation or prescription derive from the inability to detoxify the hormone. A panel can be ordered online that includes a consult on your findings at

Improving one’s ability to detoxify your hormones is improving one’s ability to methylate by the liver. It will greatly assist the recycling of hormones in a natural manner without the need for drugs. Immune Matrix evaluates with lab and computerized testing a person’s capacity to methylate and customizes a supplement program that is monitored with periodic lab testing to verify improved hormone balance and detoxification. The lab kits mentioned here will assist you in determining as a first step where your problem lies before some doctor tries to simply give you a prescription antibiotic as a “lets try this and see approach”.

Another hidden cause for skin eruptions and acne that can be traced to one’s ability to detoxify is dysbiosis in the digestive system. Dysbiosis refers to the overgrowth of harmful bacteria, candida and other pathogenic strains that live in the gut. An overgrowth of dysbiosis can result in cystic acne that may or may not respond to antibiotics. Antibiotic therapy has been the treatment of choice in such cases by Western medicine but it is given in many cases without first confirming the pathogenic strain the patient is suffering from and whether that particular antibiotic is cultured as effective against that patient’s strain of pathogen.

One of the most resistant dysbiotic strains leading to acne is staphylococcus. Doctor’s Data has a very revealing stool test that will identify and quantify and culture the effective prescriptive and non-prescriptive remedies for your dysbiosis. This is highly recommended and can be ordered on-line through Immune Matrix if your health care provider will not run a test for you at

Immune Matrix reports that its patients with dysbiosis have impaired digestive lympathic flow which congests and slows the elimination of digestive waste from the colon. Having pathogenic dysbiotic strains living in the digestive tract increases one’s toxic waste which congests digestive lymphatics. What is seen is more skin eruptions until the patient is able to eliminate the dysbiosis and improve detoxification and lymphatic flow.

Along the same lines as having staphylococcus as a dysbiotic gut pathogen is the overgrowth of yeast and candida which can result in skin eruptions not just limited to the face but on the arms and crevices of the body that are warm and moist and may be itchy more at night. Eliminating dysbiosis will go a long way to improving one’s skin as it also helps to reduce one’s toxic load.

Another hidden cause for skin blemishes and acne are metabolic based immune sensitivities. When one’s immune system reacts to a fatty acid for example, it will impair one’s ability to digest and use fats. This is a common issue in those suffering skin blemishes as the excess undigested fats are excreted via the skin eruptions in fatty, greasy skin eruptions often soon after ingesting a fatty food such as chocolate, dairy or fried foods. If you suspect that a fatty food, or some food sensitivity might be causing your acne then try eliminating that food for three weeks and see if the eruptions disappear.

Immune Matrix treats its patients by reversing the immune sensitivity to the fatty acid to thereby improve fatty acid metabolism. The patient is then able to have a balanced diet without the rebound effect of skin eruptions. Taking a lipase enzyme can also help those who have more problems digesting fats or those with bile or gallbladder issues.

Last of all, it cannot be stressed enough that in this very toxic world of petrochemicals, heavy metals in our food and air pollution that our bodies are truly stressed to maximum to break down and excrete all forms of toxic waste, including our hormonal, digestive, pathogen and environmental toxic waste. The more your diet supplies the essential core nutrients to assist the liver to methylate, the less burden your lymphatics will have in excreting toxins and the clearer your skin will be. Trace minerals, magnesium, B6, B12, folate are a few core nutrients needed for healthy detoxification. Non-secretors need additional lymphatic drainage assistance and nutrient modifications. For more information please see our other articles on Secretors and Detoxification.

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