May 29, 2013, CNN quotes Dr. Margaret Chan, WHO’s general director as saying: man, age 64 dies from a coronavirus, it’s a “threat to the entire world”. The factual backing for such a cry of wolf is CNN’s report that there has been a grand total of 27 deaths in the world, and twice as many infections. How should we, the public, take such grand conclusions and inducements to fear? I say we need to call into question, look for the facts, and never take on blind faith such sweeping statements by those in political or professional authority. We must exercise our judgment and independent thinking always or be led like sheep and become driven to make fear based decisions in our lives.

Presuming that Dr. Chan, as watchdog for emerging global viruses, is simply being vigilant, one must still call into question her sweeping cry of wolf in making such a fear inducing public statement. She said the same thing about SARS, and avian flu, yet more die of viruses that have vaccines (pneumonia) than this corona virus, avian flu or SARS. Have they become a global threat, a pandemic? Does the fact that knowing that any virus could potentially spread globally worth instilling premature fear? Vigilance is good but inducing needless fear in the masses is irresponsible and morally wrong!

Let’s take a look at the facts and try to put things into perspective. Any virus can mutate and become a global threat. The fact anyone can contract a virus doesn’t necessarily make it a global threat. Daily, we are exposed to common cold and flu viruses. They are ever present. Anyone with a television can recall the last movie they saw where a killer virus was the feature wiping out the entire town. Nothing instills fear more than feeling helpless against a virus. Not every virus is a killer, and seemingly harmless virus can and do kill every day. Neither does the fact lacking a vaccine does not make that virus any more a killer than does having a vaccine. It makes for good TV and drama.

Let’s try to be realistic. No facts were stated by Dr. Chan to support her fear inducing statement that this common family of upper respiratory viruses had somehow mutated into some super virulent strain. Historically speaking, coronaviruses are common upper respiratory viruses. Their virulence pales in comparison to the pneumonia virus; something we can be vaccinated for, yet people still die from viral pneumonia daily. Don’t be lulled into thinking that a vaccine will protect you. It can reduce your risk but it can also instill a false sense of protection that prevents you from taking decisive action to take better care of your body, live a healthier lifestyle and prevent undue exposure.

In the case of viral pneumonia and corona viruses, individuals considered immunologically susceptible as in the elderly, the 64 year old gentleman that just passed from MERS-CoV, and children, are considered more likely to die from these upper respiratory viruses. That doesn’t make it a global threat, just a fact of everyday life. Respiratory viruses are out there every day. Neither does it mean that everyone will catch a common respiratory coronavirus or viral pneumonia or one of a dozen strains of flu virus. Nothing was reported about the MERS-CoV being more vigilant than other coronavirus or other common everyday virus such as viral pneumonia to justify instilling such fear in that blanket statement of Dr. Chan’s.

The fact there is no vaccine for MERS-CoV does not justify classifying it as a “global threat” unless you want to consider every airborne virus that has no vaccine a global threat and there are hundreds if not thousands of strains out there circulating in our cities right now. Even the presence of a vaccine (there is a vaccine for pneumonia) does not guarantee that it prevents deaths. More people die today from pneumonia right now than are dying from coronaviruses, including the MERS-CoV. So I ask you, where is the perspective in such a statement aside from instilling needless fear in the public?

The Center for Disease Control reiterates what is common knowledge in medicine about coronaviruses, that they are common airborne viruses we all are and have been exposed to at some point in our lives. Many of us had such a virus when we thought we had a cold or flu. ( In addition, you and I, right now, have most likely been exposed to the pneumonia, flu, grippe, Epstein Bar, and/or a coronavirus or two today, as we went about our day. From someone sneezing in the air to those airborne particles landing on surfaces, from someone rubbing their nose and touching a light switch, shaking our hand or door knob, to the exchange of a kiss or sharing food with, we are all in contact with viruses daily. It doesn’t mean we will contract these viruses.

Our bodies are designed to fight off attack when we have adequate immune systems and when we are not overwhelmed with exposure. What do I mean by this? To some degree it’s a numbers game. Even a healthy immune system can become overrun by infectious pathogens. It’s akin to becoming outnumbered by the enemy. What we can do, as suggested by the Center for Disease Control is to wash our hands frequently. Our hands are a significant factor in infecting our eyes, nose and mouth with the viruses that we touch on all surfaces. Using anti-microbial hand solutions are helpful during high flu season and can justify the additional chemical exposure these agents have when weighing the risk of succumbing to an upper respiratory infection versus becoming more toxic from hand cream chemicals. Treating and cleaning common surfaces touched daily should be part of our lifestyle of good clean practices. Have you considered your cell phone, the steering wheel of your car, the light switches in your home or office? Things we touch daily are the most contaminated not to mention these surfaces in public!

My best advice to you is to use Silver Biotics products. They make a hand cream that is colloidal silver based and you can use their liquid Health Max, their strongest product, as a nasal spray to prevent colds and flu when you think you are going to become exposed when going about your day. With my patients, it has been a remarkable product to help prevent the onset of upper respiratory infections. It has helped children overcome ear infections as well as a multitude of patients with sinus infections without the need to be on antibiotics when early action is taken. (

Simply because there is no one pill, antibiotic, anti-viral etc. or fail safe vaccine to prevent or cure an infectious airborne virus is no reason to make people feel that they are at risk for dropping dead if they succumb to a cold/flu, avian, SARS or coronavirus infection. Neither is it wise to mislead the public into thinking that if only there was vaccine they’d be safe. Good preventive care and good health care will help minimize the risk of infection, help your body to overcome daily exposures and minimize protracted and serious illness when and if you do succumb to infection. You and your body have more power to stay healthy and fight infection than you are being led to believe. Eat clean, minimize your toxic retention, reduce your point of contact to viruses, maintain a healthy body with healthy lifestyle, and you will not have to live in fear, but rather an empowered healthy life.

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Anna Manayan

Anna Manayan