Radiation Exposure

No amount of radiation exposure is safe; but the body can tolerate a certain degree of exposure before “radiation illness” results. Radiation accumulates in the body. Therefore being mindful of one’s frequency of exposure needs to be measured against the benefits of exposing oneself to exposure. Common everyday sources of exposure are:

  • dental x-rays
  • medial x-rays
  • security screenings at airports

These exposures are cumulative in the body and over time can cause damage to our cellular DNA manifesting at worst cancers.

With the nuclear crisis in Japan, we have all come to realize how linked we are on this planet. No single nation can do things that will not affect everyone on the planet in terms of toxic emissions. May this crisis spark a new attitude of global sensitivity and responsibility among our nations.
Current concerns regarding the emissions from Japan’s nuclear reactors are well founded. It has been reported that the radioactive releases could go on for weeks to months and are carried high into the atmosphere. Helicopters flying sixty miles above the planet, reported Pentagon officials in the United States are already picking up radiation particles! The radioactive plume can be watched from this German site and translated to English online: http://www.spiegel.de/wissenschaft/natur/bild-750835-191816.html.
Iodine 131 and Cesium 137 concentrate in human tissue, particularly the thyroid, muscles, liver and our red blood cells. Iodine 131 has a short half-life of about a week and taking SSKI (saturated solution of potassium iodide) helps to prevent the absorption of the bad iodine because it occupies the space in the cell where Iodine 131 would attach. Cesium 137 has a half-life of 30years! However, there are no reports just yet of this raining down over United States skies though detected 60 miles above pentagon skies.
If you are the least concerned we recommend taking SSKI or a product that Immune Matrix gives its patients called Thyroidstim (available online at www.immunematrix.com), that is a balanced supplement for the thyroid. What this means is that it contains B6 and tyrosine, key ingredients the body needs to use iodine. If you are low in B6 or tyrosine you will not be able to use iodine well. Current government recommendations for minimum iodine daily requirement are 150mcg daily. However, it is considering increasing this to 300mcg. Medical research has found it safe and even beneficial to take 600mcg daily for the purposes of flooding the cell receptor sites with iodine to displace bromine/bromide found in flour products to prevent clumping, and competitive with the iodine receptor site. For example, a person who eats white and wheat flour products regularly and for years will likely have high bromine/bromide byproducts stored on cell receptor cites that inhibit the body’s ability to use iodine. Taking insufficient iodine research found will not displace this bound bromine/bromide from cells until it reaches 600mcg daily. Beware of detoxification reactions and increase one’s dose slowly for best protective measures during this radioactive crisis.
Besides iodine to protect from the effects of radiation exposure one should increase their dosage of vitamin C. Immune Matrix favors a very bio-available liquid C, because its all about absorption, called Lypo-Spheric C, available  here on this site by clicking on shop. If it rains, stay indoors as the rain cleanses the atmosphere but deposits the isotopes onto the ground, a huge concern now for Tokyo residents more than anywhere else presently. This is a good time to check your emergency supplies for canned goods and medications and water, clothing etc. to be prepared in the event of local emergencies.

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Anna Manayan

Anna Manayan