Prescription Drug Detox Treatment

February 24, 2012

Medications for sleep, anxiety or pain often leave patients feeling foggy headed, lethargic or fatigued and unable to function well during the day. Many of these drugs take hours to days to be eliminated from your system. Some drugs cannot be safely discontinued without tapering off the dosage under doctor supervision!                                                                 Prescription Drug Detox Treatment

Two challenges have to be overcome to successfully eliminate one’s drug dependency and affect anyone involved in prescription drug detox treatment. First the underlying imbalance that caused the need to take the drug needs to be addressed. To think that you can simply stop taking a medication that helps you cope with the symptoms of:

  • anxiety
  • racing thoughts
  • insomnia
  • hyperactivity
  • depression
  • mania
  • lack of mental focus

or pain and expect to be able to function when the underlying cause has not been addressed is asking for disaster. You will either end up having to take more of the same prescription medication or be give another equally troublesome medication and be nowhere better.

In the case of sleep disorders, anxiety and depression, rebalancing brain chemistry is the only hope of permanently walking away from prescription medications that simply allow you to cope but do not heal the fundamental cause for the symptom. There is a fundamental difference in philosophical approach in Western medicine versus integrative and alternative medicine. In traditional Western medicine, doctors don’t see any problem with keeping a patient on a drug for their life and thus their focus is not in addressing the cause of the imbalance because they depend on the drug to “handle” the symptom. They are aware that over time these drugs loose there effectiveness and they either change to a different sleep, anxiety or depression medication or they increase the dose! That is their fix.

However, in integrative and alternative medicine, we look for causes and seek to establish balance in the body’s hormonal rhythm and biochemistry, including brain chemistry. This explains why some tests are not run in traditional Western medicine, such as the urine neurotransmitter test.

Before even considering altering your medications, run a urine neurotransmitter test, available through Immune Matrix online at:

It includes a medical consultation and will help you evaluate where your brain chemistry is while on medications, important information that will help you discuss with your prescribing doctor how best to eliminate your meds. The results from this neurotransmitter test will give you a lot of information about your brain chemistry imbalances and the consultation will give you invaluable information on what your non-prescription and treatment options are to regain proper brain chemistry without prescription drubs that will lead to the elimination of your symptoms.

Why won’t your prescribing doctor run this test? The answer is simple, they would rather keep you on medications because it pays their bills, because insurance pays for it, and because their fundamental philosophy is that there is no problem with staying on a prescription drug indefinitely if you need it. It’s not about optimizing your health or getting to the root imbalance behind your symptoms.

Any prescription drug detox treatment must consider this second challenge, your liver’s ability to detoxify. What is not widely known in the medical community is that individuals with blood type A will be the most challenged with oral medications and supplements. Blood type A individuals tend to have more sensitive digestive tracts and once this area of the body is affected the corresponding symptom involves symptoms stemming from inflammation that affects the brain. The worse the digestion, the more there will have “brain issues” such as:

  • brain fog
  • brain fatigue
  • anxiety
  • OCD
  • short term memory loss
  • weepiness
  • depression
  • despair

and neediness that can push family and loved ones away out of frustration. They may repeat questions, seek soothing behaviors in food, alcohol, and other addictions. These individuals need the assistance of trained medical experts whose knowledge goes beyond standard prescription drug detox treatment and are well versed in brain chemistry, nutrition and liver detoxification pathway challenges, both genetic and metabolic.

Immune Matrix is unique in its specialty in assisting the most challenged patient to improve their detoxification pathways. Factors that are considered in their initial evaluation to consider as potential challenges for your own drug detoxification challenges involve problems with:

sulfur foods, suggesting an immune sensitivity to sulfur and/or COMT genetic SNP (genetic defect in metabolizing sulfur) If you have a sensitivity to garlic, onions, sulfur drugs, red wine, then you definitely have a sulfur pathway limitation to detoxification.

mineral salts, including challenges in absorbing magnesium, molybdenum, and trace minerals (being deficient in these things will limit the liver’s ability to excrete toxins) If you are sensitive to dark green leafy vegetables, have tight neck and shoulders on a frequent basis, and/or problems with hard stools or constipation, consider these things red flags for challenges in metabolizing minerals. This will significantly hinder your liver’s ability excrete toxins.

methy donors, such as methylcobalamin (B12), and your body prefers cyanocobalamin, suggests that you might have a MTHFR genetic SNP and/or immune sensitivity to methionine, the amino acid the liver needs to process toxins. A methionine sensitivity, can translate to also mean you might have other amino acid sensitivities that will inhibit your body’s ability to make serotonin, such as tryptophan, and 5HTP, or gaba. Challenges with amino acid metabolism have the double effect of hindering detoxification and brain chemistry neurotransmitter synthesis and degradation.

being a non-secretor, as defined by Dr. D’Adamo, certain individuals have red blood cells that do not effectively secrete toxins and this hinders the body’s efficiency to clear toxins from the body. Immune Matrix has found that non-secretors need regular lymphatic drainage strategies to effectively eliminate and process toxins and are limited in their oral capacity to take drugs and supplements due to their slower clearance rate.

The success of your prescription drug detox treatment and your body’s ability to eliminate the byproducts of long term prescription drug usage and to restore proper brain and liver function depends upon how efficient your body is biochemically at detoxificiation. Run a urine neurotransmitter test and consult with a health care provider knowledgeable in methylation pathway supplementation and genetic SNPs that impact methylation to enable you to take those products that can be cleared from your system and help establish proper brain and metabolic chemistry to your system. This is truly the only way to prevent being treated as a guinea pig through the process of trial and error that you would otherwise have to undergo with your prescribing doctor leading you back to  a different drug dependency and no hope of eliminating the need for prescription drugs.

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