November 21, 2011

We will address five overlooked causes for pain:

  • pathogenic
  • metabolic
  • toxic
  • inflammatory and emotional.

Overlooked pathogenic causes for pain that affect joints (fingers, knees, ankles and hip more so) and cause temporal headaches can be due to hidden staphylococcus and streptococcus infections. These two bacteria can be commonly found living in your digestive tract! They circulate in the body and can take hold in joints and even pass into the blood brain barrier to cause inflammation in the brain, more commonly the temporal lobes. How do you find out if these pathogens are a possible cause for your pain? Do a Doctor’s Data Microbiology Stool test, available online at .

Lyme disease goes beyond the classic strain of Borrelia and includes over 300 strains of:

  • Babesia
  • Bartonella
  • Ehrlichia and other pathogens

considered co-infectants as well as stealth viruses such as Epstein Barr, Rocky Mountain Spotted fever, echo virus and HHV. Pain from these pathogens can affect any organ, muscle, ligament or joint. The pain can ebb and flow according to the pathogen count. Igenix labs in Palo Alto California is the premier lab to test for “classic” lyme and is a good place to start to detect the classic strains of lyme disease.

Immune Matrix uses computerized testing, specifically the Asyra, to test for sensitivity to other pathogenic strains to gain insight on the level of stress these strains are causing the body and the number of strains affecting a person, not otherwise available by standard lab testing. This allows for more careful monitoring of the body’s ability to control these strains and determine the effectiveness of a lyme protocol besides the patient’s report of symptoms as feedback alone. The Asyra testing is extremely helpful for the lyme doctor in assessing effectiveness of their treatment program and helps to determine if a more obscure but common strain such as Bartonella is being overlooked in the treatment program. With lyme, one cannot go by symptoms alone in determining whether one is gaining a foothold in controlling the pathogenic burden.

Candida and parasites such as giardia can exist for years in the body and begin to cause pain and discomfort when the body becomes ineffective in suppressing and killing the pathogen. Intestinal cramping, vague stomach pains, pain around the illeocecal valves are common pain symptoms. The same Microbiology stool test kit described above will identify any candida/yeast strains. Giardia needs to be specifically tested by your health care practitioner with a specific lab test. One does not need to have ingested contaminated water to contract Giardia. It can be contracted in swimming pools and jacuzzi’s, as well as river/lake water splashed onto the face can result in infection when the water enters the nose and eyes. Genova Diagnostics and Doctor’s Data also have parasite screening kits.

Viral infections can cause muscle pain and weakness, tight neck, shoulder pain and headaches. They are also associated with some type of cyclical or intermittent fatigue and can be chronic in duration. Common chronic viral agents are:

  • Epstein Barr
  • HHV
  • coxsackie virus
  • and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.

These can be tested with a blood test.

Pain associated with toxicity is generally a chronic condition that develops from the gradual accumulation of heavy metals, problems with the excretion of toxins caused by embarking on an overly ambitious detoxification program, or the accumulation of pathogenic die-off of yeast, candida or bacteria caused by an aggressive dysbiotic killing regime coupled with inefficient detoxification pathways. The first areas to manifest pain are the joints in the hands, wrists and elbows, knees and ankles. In the case of die-off symptoms, some patients manifest mental and emotional symptoms as these are neurotoxins that affect the brains of susceptible individuals.

Immune Matrix screens their patients with their computerized protocol to determine relative toxic stressors and the regions of the body affected. Thereafter, specific lab testing can be done to quantify the toxic burden. Their protocol also takes into account the individuality of the patient’s ability to detoxify, their methylation efficiency, their Secretor status, and whether they are blood type A, as suffering the most challenges in detoxification. There are no quick methods to hurry a detoxification program. It is imperative to work with an experienced health care practitioner because it is very easy to stir up and mobilize the toxins, only for them to become re-deposited in other tissues sites and not actually excreted. In addition, the type of toxic stressor determines the specific type of detoxification agent. The individual metabolic needs of the patient determine the specific supplementation needed to fuel one’s metabolic and lymphatic drainage capabilities. Absent proper supplementation, one’s ability to excrete toxins is greatly hampered.

Immune sensitivities to magnesium and calcium are a form of inflammatory/metabolic dysfunction that results in the inability to use these much needed minerals efficiently. It often results in a deficiency of these minerals caused by immune system interception. Magnesium is essential for detoxification and a deficiency can result in tight neck, shoulder, upper back muscles, muscle spasms, even bowel cramping. Calcium deficiency prevents the nervous system from calming itself and thus fuels the cycle of over stimulation of the nervous system, heightening pain sensations, making all pain worse. Unfortunately, taking more of these minerals when the immune system has developed a ‘sensitivity’ to them actually increases inflammation in the body and reactivity to these minerals. Conditions such as fibromyalgia, heavy metal toxicity, and autism commonly are metabolically challenged by this otherwise reversible immune sensitivity.

Another inflammatory source of pain is:

  • immune sensitivities to food
  • molds
  • mycotoxins
  • heavy metals and environmental chemicals.

Inflammatory processes involving the immune system reacting to anything from a food or beverage substance, to a chemical, can trigger nerve, muscle, and connective tissue damage and cause chronic pain sensations. Immune Matrix has reported that cases involving immune sensitivities to chlorine, when reversed, have reversed cases of chronic cystitis. Immune sensitivities to common bacteria that causes strep throat, streptococcus has resolved chronic headache, as has immune sensitivities to estrogens, for cyclical headaches. These are examples of how inflammation fuels the trigger for pain.

Emotions such as:

  • fear
  •  frustration
  • anger
  • insecurity
  •  over concern
  • feeling lost
  • feeling vulnerable
  • feeling abandoned

are some examples of the types of emotions that can cause pain in the body. Techniques such as the Emotional Freedom Technique, something anyone can learn, and Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) used by a certified NET practitioner can help the body quickly and easily release the chemistry of emotions (neuropeptides) helping the body to eliminate the chemicals that can cause pain. The technique is simple and safe and only the chemistry of those emotions the body is ready to release will be detoxified gently through the NET technique with immediate relief of symptoms when emotions are contributing to the cause of pain. When the chemistry of emotion is not able to be detoxified by the body, it accumulates and can cause recurrent subluxations of the vertebral column, localized areas of pain, stiffness and discomfort that never seem to heal, or areas of pain such as neck and back that seem to get worse with stress, especially emotional stressors.

Each of the above overlooked causes for pain can have remarkable life changing effects in reversing the pain cycle when they prove to be your answer. Do not accept a life of pain because the body is continually striving to heal itself. Continue to be your own detective and eliminate all causative sources for your pain. Your body will get healthier and your pain will either gradually decrease or suddenly resolve one day when you find your answers.

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