Toxins are anything the body needs to excrete. They can be the natural byproducts of digestion, as well as the byproducts of drugs ingested, over the counter medications taken, hormones, herbs and homeopathics, to contaminants we ingest with our food, we breathe in through pollution, through the “off gassing” of carpets, paints, upholstery fabrics, dry cleaning of clothing, perfumes, and that which we absorb through our skin in our cosmetics, lotions, soaps and oral care products. Today more than ever, our bodies are surrounded by unprecedented degrees of foreign substances that our bodies must learn to excrete both in number and volume.

If you take the food and environmental element of pollution and add the increased number of vaccinations now given to our youth, which were completely unheard of one generation ago, you have a significant increase in heavy metal exposure from the vaccines to our youth at birth! Therefore, our livers and immune systems often are assaulted before they are developed sufficiently to be able to handle this extra burden of toxin elimination.

Toxic accumulation plays a significant role in:

1)      increasing immune sensitivities to food, grass, weeds, pollens, chemical sensitivities

2)      increase free radical damage to the body, increasing carcinogenic cell replication

3)      increase erosion of cell wall membranes which impact cellular nutrient absorption and defenses against pathogens like opportunistic dysbiotic gut bacteria, yeast, candida, protozoal, parasitic and viral attack

4)      erode cell wall membranes especially in nerve tissue and neurons in the brain

5)      inhibit cellular genetic repair

6)      inhibit endocrine/hormone function

7)      increase the attraction and retention of bacteria, yeast and candida in the body

8)      interfere with nerve conduction, affecting hearing, focus, attention, mental processing, and motor neuron function contributing to weakness of limbs etc.

9)      the development of “sticky blood”, increased agglutination of red blood cells increasing one’s stroke risk

Not everyone is capable genetically of clearing toxins from the body at the same rate and efficiency. There have been different marker developed in the last two to five years to touch upon different aspects of a person’s ability to detoxify. One marker, the brainchild of Dr. Peter D’Adamo has been found to have profound impact on the patients seen by Immune Matrix. It is called a Secretor Test. It is a saliva test kit that can be done at home and sent in to the lab. It take approximately three weeks to find out if one is considered a Secretor or Non-Secretor.

The Secretor test is a genetic test to determine if your red blood cells “secrete” your ABO blood-type antigens in your body secretions. According to Dr. D’Adamo’s recent research, a majority of the world are secretors with a minority of approximately 15% non-secretors. The non-secretors are the most challenged to in taking on and eliminating toxins from the body from any source. Therefore, if you suffer from any chronic condition and especially if it is immune or inflammation driven, as in autism, ADD, ADHD, OCD, Asburger’s, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, environmental chemical sensitivites, latex allergies, arthritis, irritable bowel, acid reflux or any chronic digestive disorder, then it is essential to find out if you are a non-secretor. Once you know, it is like knowing your blood type, it will not change.

Immune Matrix has every patient take this test so that it can determine from the outset which patients have to be treated with “kid gloves” per se, in red flagging those that need additional assistance and dosing adjustments to detoxify and to take on therapeutic programs to eliminate pathogens from the body. The rate you clear toxins, determines the rate at which you can repair your cell walls and the rate at which you can excrete heavy metals and kill off and eliminate pathogens from the body.

Immune Matrix specializes in seeing patients referred to them by doctors who hit a wall in the treatment of their patients because of their increased reactivity to what they are given, and because they are unable to stay on a drug, herb or supplement without feeling worse or becoming reactive to it. If you find yourself challenged to take a prescribed drug, herb, homeopathic, tincture or supplement, take it as a huge sign that your body’s rate of detoxification and elimination cannot keep up with the dosages given to you as part of your therapy. In many cases, patients cannot stay with a prescribed course of treatment until they have cleared their intra and extracellular matrix and repaired cell wall membranes sufficiently to be able to then take on the additional burden of die-off and metabolic processing of drugs, herbs and the like. Immune Matrix tells its patients in an easy to understand manner that this is like trying to redecorate the house when you have not removed the old haggard wallpaper. The body’s ability to excrete toxins, the level of toxic accumulation, the type of toxic accumulation all need to be factored in AND monitored while any patient undergoes any course of treatment.

If you find that you are a non-secretor, then you need to pace yourself in terms of the number of prescribed medications, herbs, supplements you take so as not to overwhelm your body’s ability to excrete. And you need to focus on helping your body excrete toxins with adequate methylation support and drainage. More will be discuss in future articles on this complex topic.

Tests can be ordered by clicking on Pharmashare image on the right side bar and then click on Books and test tab to place  order. 

It is also highly recommended that you find a practitioner that can run a BIA test on you periodically to obtain quantitative metabolic data on your cell wall membranes, intra and extra cellular toxic load among other key metabolic information. This way you will be able to determine if the therapeutic process is breaking you down faster than your body is able to repair!

Emerging research is also beginning to correlate an association between certain disease susceptibilities to blood type and blood/secretor status. Research on the blood types shows grouping variations in levels of stomach acid, in the types of immune responses to certain foods, and glutens and even reactions to and preferances to specific species of probiotics and proteins necessary for health. Our red blood cell plays a bigger part in our metabolism than previously realized.

Immune Matrix has found in its routine testing that those individuals that test non-secretors AND are blood type A, tend to have the most significant challenges and sensitivities to excreting toxins. Their digestive systems become symptomatic when stressed metabolically and ultimately prevent the patient from successfully finishing a course of prescribed treatment. If you are blood type A and non-secretor, you need careful monitoring and assistance with detoxification on a cellular level to prevent overwhelming your system and causing more harm and inflammatory reactions. Therefore, being armed with knowledge will help you help yourself in pacing the type of therapeutic program you enter and in monitoring your progress. It is therefore essential for non-secretor Blood type A’s to determine their Genotype status with a Licensed  Genotype/Blood type Practitioner.

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Anna Manayan

Anna Manayan