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In the 10+ years that Anna Manayan has been treating chronically ill patients certain common factors come into play that affect the syndrome called Chronic Fatigue. She is currently treating chronically ill patients at her clinic Immune Matrix which located in Milpitas California Please check her clinic’s website at . This is a summary of my interview with her. 


One does not have to have elevated liver enzymes to have a compromised detoxification pathways. Many patients have gone to their doctors, had blood tests run and were told their liver enzyme were fine, but these same patients knew that every time the tried to take a chelator to excrete heavy metals from their body, or take antibiotics, chlorella, or even a homeopathic or herbal detoxifier they felt even sicker. Why is that?

Both Western and Integrative medicine agree that the more compromised the liver’s ability to break down and bind circulating toxins (food metabolities, pathogen metabolities, drug metabolities, metals, pesticides, herbicides, petrochemicals from our air and food and water) the more compromised the immune system becomes. You don’t need to have elevated liver enzymes to have compromised liver detoxification pathways. The key involves the function of the immune system.

The more chronically ill a patient, the more likely their immune system has developed a “recognition” to a key detoxification metabolite. Most learned patients are aware that there are genetic defects called SNPS that increase their activation when the body is in a higher state of inflammation but one does not need to have genetic SNPS alone to have compromises in their ability to detoxify. A classic example of a detox pathway issue involves the immune system recognizing methionine, a simple amino acid! This prevents the patient from taking in methyl donors from their supplements like DMG, TMG, NAC, etc.. But the problem is usually more extensive than just having an immune recognition for methionine, and it involves the metabolites from methionine and the methylation pathway and other key detoxification pathways that also involve glutathione.

This sounds rather complicated but it is largely reversible when it involves immune recognition of a metabolite. Immune Matrix has developed an extensive database to test patients for the minute details involving their detoxification pathways. As a result, patients who cannot chelate, cannot take supplements, cannot take sulfur donors, methyl donors, cysteine donors, L-tryptophan, GABA precursors, and the like are able to get treated and begin the excrete toxins that their body has locked within their tissues.

How does a patient know if their detox pathways are functioning better? Immune Matrix uses urine and fecal labs and BioImpedence testing to determine the type and level of excretion of toxins and to determine whether the toxins are locked “within” the cells, “between” cells or locked in fat cells. Advanced computerized testing also gives us generalized information as to the nature of the toxic burden, be it food metabolities, heavy metals, pesticides or dead pathogens the body as not yet eliminated.

How long does it take for a patient to determine if their detoxification pathways are compromised? A 30 minute computerized exam is sufficient in most cases to determine the extent and nature of the toxic burden affecting a patient.

Why is it important to know if my detoxification pathways are working uninhibited by my immune system? In order for the body to continue process antibiotics, herbal and homeopathic remedies, it has to be able to eliminate them efficiently. If you can improve your ability to detoxify, and Immune Matrix specializes in taking on cases sent by other practitioners where the patient can’t take anything anymore without reacting, and thus flunks out of the doctor’s treatment protocol, then a patient can return to their treatment modality with regained vigor. 


How does chronic infection play a part in chronic fatigue? We at Immune Matrix have consistently seen the presence of long standing viral and bacterial infections such as Epstein Barr, Rocky Mt. Spotted Fever, HHV-6, cytomeg.virus, strep. and even lyme co-infectants and lyme disease pathogens to name the most common big hitters.

Are these pathogens regularly tested by doctors? No because in most part western medicine feels that there is nothing that can be done to eradicate them from the body. In some cases a patient is put on an anti-viral medication to suppress it, but we have found that this inhibits the body in its ability to excrete the pathogen and reduce its viral load. Even in the case of strep found living in the digestive tract, most doctors do nothing as this strep is anti-biotic resistant.

How do these pathogens contribute to chronic fatigue? Generally speaking stress weakens the immune system and allows the pathogen to gain a foothold in the body. Over time the immune system weakens to identifying the presence of the pathogen, like princess sitting on the pea, over time it stops noticing the irritation. Patients will go through cycles of feeling better but not their old self and then feeling weak and tired again. This is because the pathogen gains a foothold and the body begins a compromised fight that does not completely eradicate the pathogen but only keeps it under check. Over time this round robin cycle fatigues the immune system and also weakens the adrenal glands causing adrenal fatigue and exhaustion. Once the adrenal glands become exhausted, the don’t repair themselves easily or overnight and never when a pathogen continues to co-exist to the extent that it causes chronic fatigue.

How do I know if I have one of these pathogens? Blood tests are available with many labs to screen for common chronic fatigue viral pathogens. However, we at Immune Matrix do a computerized screening to help determine what blood tests are needed to save patients the cost of expensive labs and from missing a commonly overlooked pathogen. We see this time and time again!

Does Immune Matrix have a method to eliminate chronic fatigue pathogens? Yes we do. We have a proprietary array of serial dilution homeopathics and herbal blended tinctures that have proved over time in label tests to be effective in eradicating these pathogens. We also have a treatment protocol to rebuild adrenal strength as the pathogens are eliminated.

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Anna Manayan

Anna Manayan