Juicing To Detox

Myths and Symptoms to Know When Juicing to Detox

juicingtodetoxgreendrinkA juice cleanse can have many benefits. If done properly it helps to:

• increase alkaline mineral stores for the body, especially the liver

• increase vitamins and anti-oxidants to fuel energy and hormone metabolism as well as tissue repair

• assists the liver to bind and excrete toxins circulating and stored in tissues

• neutralize and excrete environmental radiation retention (strontium, plutonium, uranium) yes it’s in our air now in ever increasing quantities

• neutralize acid tissue, calm nerves and relax muscles

These are only a few of the many benefits of juicing if done correctly.

There is a lot of information generally available about juicing to detox. Books have been written full of tasty juicing recipes. Manufacturers of juicing machines make it a point to tell you how easy, healthy and tasty juicing can be for the whole family. Everyone is encouraged to juice, yet little is said about true pitfalls to the unwary.

In our clinical practice at Immune Matrix clinics, we commonly see patients who ALL have tried to detox. They were put on pills, detox powders, intra venous therapy or creams by their health care practitioners. Many tried things on their own including coffee enemas, colonics and juicing to detox. Most that we see clinically remain toxic and feel even worse after their attempts to detox!

juicingtodetoxfatigueIs this you after a few days of juicing?

• You feel bloated after juicing

• Your bowels become irregular, loose, or frequent

• You start having mild headaches

• Aches and pains start or become worse, especially in joints, tendons, stiffness

• You feel unusually tired, lethargic

• Your brain feels foggy, fuzzy, slower than usual

• You suffer tight neck and shoulders

• You have leg cramps especially at night

• You feel more irritable, short tempered

• You have ringing in the ears

• You feel pangs of pain under your right ribcage

• Your skin starts to break out and you are NOT a teenager

If any of these symptoms began to appear after juicing to detox or if your symptoms have become magnified because of juicing to detox, then they are a warning sign that your liver is struggling to process and excrete toxins. Ignore these signs and the symptoms will get worse as the toxins back up in your system and become re-deposited into tissues such as brain, gut, muscle, joint and tendon to name a few.

Why do some of us feel worse while trying to juice to detox? Ignore your body’s specific nutritional needs for proper liver metabolism and its limitations in binding and excreting toxins and you will make your symptoms worse and become more toxic and inflamed. Common myths catch us in a trap where we ignore our own body’s limitations and nutritional needs to detox efficiently.

Myth Number 1

Anyone can benefit from juicing to detox.

Our body’s genetic and immune reactivity to essential elements of nutrition needed to fuel the liver detoxification pathway (the methylation pathway) can limit our liver’s ability to process and excrete toxins. Many of us have minor genetic defects that slow and hinder the processing of certain nutrients in the liver. When our juicing concentrates these nutrients, it forces our body to deal with a greater quantity of what we are genetically and immunonologically incapable of digesting. As a result, we not only magnify the metabolic stress to our liver, we add to the toxic load our liver now needs to process from or digestive stress caused by juicing what we cannot efficiently metabolize.

Juicing without knowing which nutrients you must be cautious of can tip your body out of balance and add to your toxic stress. These nutrients then become part of our toxic stores and add to our toxic stress, causing some of the above symptoms.

Aren’t the enzymes in the raw food we are juicing sufficient to allow our body to break down and metabolize these nutrients? In many ways, no. They are not enough. Furthermore, the process the body needs to undertake to breakdown a nutrient to its essential building block can be slowed by genetic defects in your body’s conveyor belt, your biochemical metabolic pathway that breaks down each molecule to its most essential form.

In addition, hidden immune sensitivities to the whole plant or fruit, or its metabolic fraction called a metabolite, will further hinder our liver’s ability to use the very nutrients we concentrate in our juicing to detox. For example, you may have been tested for food allergies and told that you were not allergic to oranges. That means the phenolics in orange do not activate your immune system. However, a metabolite, such as the citric acid, the bioflavinoid, the vitamin C could cause inflammatory symptoms and hinders the liver’s ability to use these important nutrients in one or more of its forty thousand metabolic pathways!

To make matters even worse, the more toxic we get, the more we trigger the development of and aggravation to existing hidden immune sensitivities.

Our body reacts with inflammatory signals such as joint pain, headache, and irritable bowels, fatigue, brain fog to name a few.

.Myth Number 2  juicingtodetox

If juicing one glass is good for you, more is better

Now that you are aware that everyone’s ability to process nutrients can vary and can be limited in various degrees by genetic defects involving one’s liver detoxification pathways and digestive metabolism, more is not better.

More… becomes undigested toxic waste. When the body cannot eliminate via urine and stool it attempts to push these toxins out through the skin. Your skin will break out or get itchy and irritated from the emerging toxins.

When the body cannot push these toxins out via urine, stool or skin, it stores them. Joints, liver, kidney, thyroid, adrenal gland, colon, muscle tissue, nerve tissue, brain, all accumulate toxic debris. Pound down more than your digestive system, metabolism and liver can process of your juicing to detox and your body will quickly stockpile what it cannot process.

This is why symptoms can creep up after as little as a week of juicing in this fashion. Some people are under the impression that the switch in the diet and these symptoms are the positive result of juicing and that one should have ‘detox’ symptoms. They aren’t. Many individuals find this out because they cannot sustain this type of juicing as their symptoms will get louder because the body becomes burdened by the metabolic byproducts that cannot be eliminated.


Myth Number 3

If a fruit or vegetable is considered ‘healthy’, then juicing with it daily, frequently or in large doses is good for you.


False!  Yes an orange is healthier to have than a hot dog on a bun but juicing concentrates and magnifies nutrients. Consider how many oranges it takes to make a glass of orange juice. Can you eat that many oranges in one sitting? Eating the whole fruit or vegetable helps to prevent the overload of core nutrients that could cause problems for the body, not to mention the benefits of the fiber.

When core nutrients are concentrated by juicing, nutrients such as citric acid from citrus fruit, oxalic acid from spinach, and sulfur from kale and swiss chard all can stress one’s metabolic capacity to process and eliminate that nutrient. That is the challenge of juicing in too great a quantity of one type of food beyond one’s ability to break down and use the core nutrients that these foods provide.

When done correctly for your metabolism, juicing helps provide the body with rich nutrients that would otherwise stress the digestive system to consume the equivalent in whole food.


Myth Number 4

It is normal to feel worse while embarking on a program to detox.

This is the biggest lie of detoxification. When metabolic functions including detoxification proceed on course, one should never feel symptoms. So many individuals are challenged in their efficiency to break down and bind toxins that they routinely suffer symptoms. When people push through these symptoms and complete what they think is a course of detoxification they then surmise that their symptoms were par for the course and they are less toxic. In reality, they could have become more toxic and inflamed.

The most one should feel in terms of symptoms is a slight bit of fatigue as it requires quite a bit of energy to push the body into increasing its detoxification efforts. Symptoms of caffeine withdrawn can be overlapped with symptoms of detoxification stress, making it difficult to discern one’s progress.

Why are we more likely to suffer symptoms when we push our body to detoxify? Among the forty thousand metabolic processes that our liver champions, there are several reasons liver detoxification does not proceed efficiently.

From a liver detoxification pathway perspective, the liver needs certain core nutrients in sufficient quantity to fuel the pathway. Most of these nutrients are now low in our food supply due to the use of fertilizers. They inhibit the uptake of these nutrients by plants. Therefore, even organic food is lower in magnesium and other trace minerals essential for efficient liver detoxification.

Add the fact that our produce is lower in core nutrient content to the fact that we don’t eat enough fresh produce; our overall intake of core nutrients is marginal.

Add the fact that many individuals have gene based deficiencies in their ability to process certain core nutrients essential to liver detoxification. This makes their ability to process sulfur, methionine, cysteine, and some B vitamins to name a few, less efficient and slower. The byproducts of metabolizing these nutrients backs up in the body and becomes an excess. This adds to the toxic stress of the liver and your tissues that have to store them.

There are more affordable lab tests coming to market that make these metabolic gene tests available. The most affordable and comprehensive test can be found online at www.23andme.com. These tests use to cost close to a thousand dollars and at this posting with 23andme it is being offered for $99.

Who really needs to be tested? Any blood type A because in my clinical practice I have found these individuals to have the most sensitive digestive metabolisms. Their inflammatory issues tend to involve neurological symptoms such as anxiety, tendency to become more obsessive compulsive, suffer severe insomnia, brain fog, confusion, attention defect disorders and somatic nerve pains.

Other individuals that should consider identifying their detoxification limitations from a genetic standpoint are those with:

sensitivity to sulfur drugs and foods such as red wine, garlic, onions, eggplant to name a few

sensitivity to supplements especially B vitamins

history of food allergies, food sensitivities related to molds, gluten, gliadin, glutenin

history of inflammatory conditions: irritable bowel, eczema, chronic candidiasis, sensitivity to mold and mycotoxins, multiple chemical sensitivity, Lyme disease

those who have been diagnosed with heavy metal toxicity or retention

What are some safe guidelines for juicing for detoxification?

Identify sulfur foods and note the quantity, limiting to one serving and not daily

Use low glycemic foods avoiding beets, carrots, banana that will spike blood sugar and feed pathogens in your gut and blood stream and tissues

Avoid whey protein as an additive if you are a blood type O and also for anyone that suspects they have any food sensitivities, mucous, bloating, bowel symptoms, water retention

watch the acid content, too much tomato or citrus can fuel acid reflux and immune sensitivities in the gut and skin

avoid raw spinach in large quantities because the oxalic acid can contribute to joint pains when not eliminated by the body

limit celery if you have high blood pressure

use organic produce especially when juicing

rotate your vegetables so that you are not juicing the same vegetable every day

avoid using fruits associated with mold: grapes, cantaloupe, honeydew, strawberry, you do not need to inoculate your digestive track with pathogenic mold

avoid spiking juices with hot natured spices and roots such as cinnamon, ginger, turmeric, curcumin and garlic as the heat in these otherwise superfoods fuels inflammation, especially for those suffering skin conditions.

With these essential guidelines you can safely use juicing to boost your dietary nutrient content, alkalinize the body, and fuel efficient liver detoxification. Stay tuned for future in depth discussions about resolving challenges with detoxification by joining our blog, where you will be notified when I will be hosting podcasts and webinars to dive into more detail about this and other subjects and offering specials to our members so that you can be empowered to take your heath to the next level!

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