The Challenge of Overcoming Environmental Sensitivities

September 25, 2012

Environmental sensitivities encompasses immune reactions to pollen and plant antigens from:

  • grass
  • weed
  • and trees
  • pet dander from cats
  • dogs
  • rabbits
  • horses
  • any pet in fact
  • household off gassing such as the smell of the carpet
  • paint
  • wood paneling
  • mattresses
  • to the smell of cleaning fluids
  • pesticides and herbicides sprayed on school grounds and public lawns.

It also includes sensitivity to fibers, organic or synthetic, latex, plastics, perfumes and scents put into laundry detergent and lotions, to dyes used on fabric, to smog, diesel, jet fuel, ozone, and any petrochemical based product. Mold and mycotoxin allergies, both from food and from the environment, also fall into the category of environmental sensitivities.

Generally speaking, those suffering from multiple chemical sensitivities have more severe reactions. Brain symptoms such as brain fog, brain fatigue, manic or depression reactions shortly after exposure are common. One can feel like they are reacting to everything around them and they don’t know why their symptoms have progressed to this state. They find they are less and less able to leave their house and some in fact have had to resort to living outside their homes as the off gassing from the house they once lived in without a problem is now causing them severe reactions.

How do environmental sensitivities get to this point of severity in reaction and sheer number of things one can be reactive to? Immune Matrix treats the most severe patients, unable to travel, living on their porch outside their home, those the doctors throw up their hands to. What is common among this condition is that it is progressive in depth and severity. Fundamental to all cases examined, the patients had toxic retention affecting multiple organ systems, and have impaired detoxification pathways cause by immune interference!

What is not well understood or acknowledged in the field of treating patients with multiple chemical sensitivities or environmental allergies is the link between toxic accumulation and its affect in triggering the immune system. Once a patient reaches a certain threshold of toxicity, the immune system begins to recognize those environmental toxins it is most frequently exposed to. Thus, suddenly you find yourself sensitive to grass mold for example or your co-worker’s scented soap or lotion. As toxicity continues to accumulate in the body, you begin to accumulate more immune sensitivities, adding grasses, and then cleaning fluids to bother you when you never noticed them before. This sequential sensitization of the immune system will eventually lead some individuals to develop multiple chemical sensitivities forcing themselves to isolate themselves from everyone and everything.

Some astute practitioners and patients realize there is a toxicity issue but when they try to detoxify, they are made sicker! Another little know pearl is that at the core of the most sensitive environmental and multiple chemical sensitivities is a threshold of accumulated toxic burden accompanied by impaired detoxification pathway. Yes some individuals have genetic alterations called SNPs that affect the efficiency of their ability to detoxify, but in most cases tested at Immune Matrix, there is accumulated heavy metal toxicity accompanied with immune interference with the detoxification pathways!

In addition, individuals with the most severe heavy metal accumulation often suffer from a maddening electromagnetic frequency (EMF) sensitivity which few doctors, family or friends understand. How can you feel the tv, the microwave, the refrigerator, the fluorescent lighting? How can you possibly feel those when their family and friends don’t? As a result they are treated by family and many practitioners with skepticism, alienation and ridicule, and are told their symptoms are in their head, they are overly sensitive, or they must be depressed.

The key point which is being overlooked by nearly all who treat environmental sensitivities and those with multiple chemical sensitivities is that these patients have developed immune sensitivities to metabolites in their detoxification pathways and some other signification pathways. A classic example is someone who is less able to detoxify the more their immune sensitivities become severe and are less and less capable of tolerating supplements and prescription medications. Once these immune sensitivities to the pathways are triggered, their ability to digest supplements to help them “detox” is limited and they become progressively more toxic and more sensitive. The more toxic one becomes, the more immune sensitivities can develop, potentially threatening the efficiency of any metabolic function. It becomes a vicious cycle.

Immune Matrix is unique in the country to have researched the toxic-immune connection as it impacts key metabolic pathways in the body. Their approach to successfully reversing environmental sensitivities begins by insuring that the detoxification pathways are functional without immune interference. Their proprietary research and technology is able to test and reverse immune sensitivities that significantly impact detoxification pathways.

Once the patient is better able to bind and excrete toxins, the toxic-immune trigger begins to subside and the patient can begin to reduce their overall inflammatory index. Then and only then can anyone hope to reverse the immune sensitivities to environmental allergens and chemicals. Absent that, the only alternative is avoidance and although it reduces the inflammatory load, it does not shut off the immune sensitivities that require one to feel like they have to live in a bubble, and it rarely allows the individual to return to their formal lifestyle. For more information about how you can make your way out of environmental and chemical sensitivities go to


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Anna Manayan

Anna Manayan