Cause of Strange Addictions

If someone is attracted to eating something that should not be eaten, like plastic or a chemical substance, the person will often say they crave that substance intensely. In treating patients with allergies and immune sensitivities, Immune Matrix has found that the more severe the immune sensitivity, the more the patient is attracted to the substance. One can form an immune sensitivity to anything we eat or use on our skin. These immune sensitivities can react with our brain chemistry to create an intense craving where we cannot imagine living without our craving.

Having an immune sensitivity to an unusual substance is not easy to test for in Western Medicine as they rely on a skin test which is not accurate in assessing blood levels of immune triggers to a substance. Immune Matrix uses advanced computerized testing and when necessary specialized blood tests to record levels of immune response. Their treatment program systematically re-programs the immune system to eliminate the immune trigger and thus turn off the addictive chemical trigger.

Once the patient is de-sensitized from the immune sensitivity to that substance the body can begin to excrete the toxins from that substance, and the chemical trigger that creates the cravings are no longer made. It is almost as if the immune sensitivity to that substance alters the patient’s metabolism of that substance both in their body and brain, and those chemical triggers fuels the intense cravings for that substance.

Some addictive triggers can also stem from a nutritional deficiency, which is more commonly seen in children. However, there is often an immune recognition involved and the immune trigger fuels the strange addiction. Common food such as salt and sugar can become a strange addiction, as can uncommon non-food items such as play dough, raw cookie dough, dirt, pencil erasers for example.

There is also a chemical signaling connection between the gut and the brain. Often, brain chemistry imbalances in neurotransmitters create a sense of anxiety that ingesting a craved substance appears to relieve. This explains why strange addictions exist and can be so hard to simply stop eating. Simply avoiding the craving is often not successful because imbalances in brain chemistry also fuel the feelings that lead to the cravings, the impulse, the anxiety, and the endorphin release when the craving is indulged. The brain releases positive endorphins for indulging in the very substance that is harmful to the body. Simply avoiding the craved substance may be impossible because of the overwhelming impulses coming from the brain, a chemical compulsion. The brain and body chemistry become hard wired to need the strange addiction to function.

A similar brain chemistry imbalance will support a “strange addiction” where it pertains to a strange habit or compulsion or attachment to an object as opposed to eating a strange substance. There is often an obsessive compulsive nature to the addiction where the person feels that they cannot live without their addiction or habitual action. Examples include keeping excessive numbers of one particular animal, or an excessive collection of some type that disrupts one’s lifestyle or causes one to live in secret about it, or having an unusual relationship or attachment to an object such that it begins to replace human relationships.

When a strange addiction includes an unusual attraction to a substance or an unusual behavior, there is often an underlying subconscious emotional link the person is not consciously aware of. In the field of NET where the Neuro Emotional Technique was developed by Dr. Scott Walker, this emotional link is called an NEC or neuro-emotional charge. According to Candice Pert, in her groundbreaking book, Molecules of Emotion, all emotions turn into chemical signals that when not fully eliminated by the body, can be stored not just in the brain but in tissues of the body itself. The life changing research and creation of NET by Dr. Scott Walker is a proven way to quickly and naturally discharge these molecules of (subconscious) emotion and eliminate the chemical triggers that lead to compulsion and addictive behavior.

These strange addictions result from a complex of imbalanced brain neurotransmitters, chemical neuro-emotional charges, and often immune triggers that all act together to bind the person to the object of their strange addiction. These strange addictions are completely treatable often without psychotropic drugs and with natural supplements that balance brain chemistry. Unraveling the causes is possible when these three factors are addressed for lasting resolution.

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Anna Manayan

Anna Manayan