Emotional Pain and Chronic Illness

Enduring a chronic illness in and of itself can cause emotional pain that sabotages recovery time for chronic illness as well as the effectiveness of a treatment therapy. How this happens is that certain emotions cause us to step into a certain belief system that then inhibits a positive outlook and effects our actions with respect to recovery. Such belief systems are reflected in the following conscious statements our mind will tell us if we stop and notice, such as:

  • I will always…. feel like this….have this…
  • I can’t… I never will….

Other statements escape our conscious awareness and are the product of our subconscious mind attempting to make sense of a situation which results in our becoming stuck in life. These statements are the results of prior emotional pain and challenges and that cause our subconscious to find “answers” as to why this happened to us. Such statements if brought to our conscious mind, we would flat out reject as nothing but desirable! For example:

  • I’m ok being well.
  • I’m ok healing completely from….
  • I’m ok having good health.
  • I’m ok being healthier than anyone in my family.

Who wouldn’t agree with the above statements? However, it is quite common with autonomic response testing of a patient’s nervous system to find that their conscious mind is not in agreement and therefore not congruent with what should be a common sense good for you statement! Why is that? It is because the subconscious mind attempts to make sense of our world through the lens of self.

When something happens to us that causes us to feel a negative emotion, emotional pain, such as sadness, anger, frustration or grief, as an example, our subconscious processes that issue and those emotions through a self oriented focus and determines unbeknownst to our conscious mind in most cases that…such and such happened because I wasn’t deserving, because I’m not enough, because I’m not good enough, when in fact such a conclusion by our subconscious mind has nothing to do with what in fact happened to us that caused us to experience the negative emotion. However, once the subconscious mind makes that conclusion, it sets us upon a course of action in life to prove to us that it is in fact true and this is where emotional pain can form a link to chronic illness or anything else that makes us feel stuck or victimized in life.

The consequences of subconscious negative programming results in our experiencing certain patterns in life that are self-defeating. Our conscious mind may attribute our chronic illness or our repetitive life patterns as simply bad luck or our being victims. For example, if we are not congruent or ok with being healthy, then no matter which doctor we see, and no matter what bottle of pills we take, or no matter how many thousands of dollars we invest in a treatment program, our body will find a way of causing a side effect or symptom that derails our ability to benefit from our conscious choice to heal. Just as someone may find an endless string of bad or abusive relationships, we will be set on an endless course of proving to ourselves unconsciously that because we are unworthy, undeserving, we cannot heal from this…., and we will remain sick for the rest of our lives.

No one consciously chooses to be a victim of emotional pain and chronic illness. The path of our life that makes us feel “victims” of relationships and disease can either totally leave us stuck where we feel helpless to change the course of our illness or life path despite our heroic efforts to improve our life and health. At the same time, not everyone suffering a bad bout in life is sabotaging themselves by negative subconscious beliefs. It takes a trained professional in Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) or some other system of emotional therapy that involves the testing of the autonomic nervous system to be able to access the subconscious mind, because the conscious mind serves as a protective block to many of the dark conclusions of the subconscious mind as a means of coping.

Once someone has found a certified NET practitioner,


the testing is quick and the release of that subconscious belief system is also quick and easy. In talk therapy we can be made aware of self-sabotaging behaviors and taught coping mechanism when overcome by our feelings, but talking and knowing does NOT change the feelings that drive our behavior!  We can be free of those feelings that drive us consciously and unconsciously! We can be free from emotional pain that we may choose to conscious ignore and minimize its impact on our life, that keeps us stuck in chronic illness or prevent our breaking through to a different life path. Everyone is a “victim” of life simply by having a subconscious mind. However, we do not have to be the victims of our subconscious programming. We can be free to reap the fruits of our conscious efforts faster and better when negative subconscious beliefs are eliminated.

How do we know where and what emotional pain and subconscious beliefs are bogging our life down in healing, in relationships, in our earning capacity and in our life goals? We often are not consciously aware unless we look closely and observe patterns in our life. It is much easier to schedule a session with a certified NET practitioner and get screened. They are trained to know how to ask the correct questions to determine where your subconscious could be derailing your conscious efforts in life. It is a truly empowering and life changing experience for such a short period of time invested in the procedure! Here are some brief examples Immune Matrix has uncovered that has changed lives:

A patient was unable to take an antibiotic as part of her treatment program thinking she was having a bad reaction to the medication. It turned out that her father, an animal doctor, once gave her an antibiotic intended for horses when she was sick. In her NET session it was discovered that this pill as so large that when she took it as a child she gagged. Once the negative emotion of that episode was cleared in her session, she no longer reacted badly to taking that the prescribed antibiotic which has nothing to do with the memory of that horse pill!

A patient thought he had an egg allergy claiming he felt nauseous and suffered other gut symptoms when eating eggs. He was tested and found not to have any basis for an egg allergy yet he insisted these symptoms were real. An NET session testing the egg revealed that when this patient was a child, his dad cooked eggs on weekends regularly and he had arguments with his dad during that time, thus the negative association with the egg and his father. When the negative emotional charge associated with his father and eggs were released in the NET session, he could eat eggs free of any physical symptoms.

A lyme patient reacts badly to a nutritional supplement. Electro-dermal computerized testing reveals no obvious basis for allergy to the supplement. NET screening on the supplement reveals that the patient is not OK being well because while she was growing up her mother was chronically ill and almost as if a case of survivor’s guilt she was not ok being healthier and living a happier more prosperous life than her mother. Emotionally if she did it would mean she had abandoned her mother, thus the concept “misery loves company” kept her from getting truly well!

Another similar case revealed that if this chronic fatigue patient got better, her husband and family would expect more from her! And “oh no”, she feared failure! So it was easier for her subconscious to keep her ill. Once this issue was cleared, she became congruent about staying on her path to health and not falling back into bad habits that derailed her energy and progress.

These are not unusual examples of how our subconscious can derail our conscious efforts to live a better and healthier life! Emotional pain can be linked to chronic illness. Don’t live in the dark, find out now by scheduling a session with a certified NET practitioner, it will only free and change your life for the better!

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Anna Manayan

Anna Manayan