November 20, 2010


For the first time in history there will be more aging brains on our planet than ever before. Interest and research into brain function has never been more exciting and forthcoming than now. We are excited to provide you with easy to understand information about how you can optimize your brain function and why a healthy brain is essential to a healthy immune system, bones, hormones, and digestion to name a few.

Even Western medicine tends to think of the brain as separate from the body in many ways. For example, it is not generally recognized or known that inflammation, trauma or metabolic issues affecting the brain can impact and slow digestion! Our point is that the brain is integral to all functions in the body in a complex feedback system. Furthermore, a degenerating brain can cause the degeneration of an otherwise healthy body! And a healthy body cannot reverse and heal a degenerating brain! This is why it’s very important to understand what you can do to become aware of this brain-body connection as many of your most perplexing symptoms could be originating from your brain!

Our articles will span:

  • the connection between hormones produced in the body and neurotransmitters used in the brain
  • discuss brain nutrients
  • discuss brain hormones
  • discuss signs and symptoms of brain “issues” and how these issues could be impacting your body’s symptoms
  • discuss specific disorders of the body such as allergies, streptococcus infections, lyme disease, childhood head traumas, lifestyle habits, soccer, football, cancer, chronic inflammation, viral infections, chronic fatigue, hypo-thyroid conditions, heavy metal toxicity, environmental toxicity, insomnia, stress, elevated cortisol output, and how it impacts the brain and your body and how to decipher which is the chicken and which is the egg per se.

Our aim is to provide you with articles to share state of the art information that is not made generally available to the public, that your doctor does not have time to sit down and educate you about, and to enable you to have the information to evaluate your symptoms with state of the art lab tests that you yourself can obtain to help you in your detective work to get to the bottom of your symptoms.

Stay tuned for articles that go into depth to empower you to know what only a very small percentage of doctors know or even test and treat for. Our goal is to enable you to optimize your brain and live a long and joyful life!

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Melatonin Deficiency – Insomnia

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Anna Manayan

Anna Manayan