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November 29, 2010


We take for granted our bones until a simple trip and fall results in a broken toe or worse, a hip! Caring for our bones is like planning for our future, something many of us don’t do because of the stress of everyday living. Our articles are designed to help you know what is critical to enable you to have strong bones into your golden years. It is much more than calcium.

Having healthy bones is a reflection of the optimum function of many metabolic processes in the body such as: mineral metabolism, thyroid function, sex hormone production and function, brain function, vitamin metabolism, muscle metabolism and fat cell metabolism! What is little appreciated is the fact that bones are metabolically active! Bones can store fat! Bones can store heavy metals. The consequences of imbalanced metabolism can be devastating if not caught early enough to restore proper metabolic functions in the body.

Lab testing for bone health is also misleading. Bone scans tell you what bone strength is now. It does not tell you if you are currently actively metabolically loosing bone! You also need to know what tests are available to help you monitor whether your supplements and/or drugs that purport to stop bone loss are actually working. This is not done in traditional Western medicine unfortunately. Therefore, there is much you need to know to protect and ensure you have healthy bones well into your golden years.

Do not make the mistake of assuming that if you are taking a drug that purports to stop bone loss that it is actually doing that. Assumptions can be deadly when not backed up by property verifying lab tests. Be aware that one reason some of these tests are not done with routine western medical visits is that they are not “disease diagnostic”. This means if the test does not diagnose a disease it generally is not accepted for insurance coverage. A test that monitor the effectiveness of a therapy are generally not covered by insurance but are invaluable to you knowing whether or not your treatment therapy is working! You need to know what your doctor won’t tell you either because they don’t offer the tests or alternative effective therapies or because of plain ignorance. Our blog is designed to do just that.

Our aim is to provide you with articles to share state of the art information that is not made readily available to the public, that your doctor does not have time to sit down and educate you about, and to enable you have the information to evaluate your symptoms with state of the art lab tests that you yourself can obtain to help you in your detective work to get to the root cause of your symptoms.

Waiting until you have a surprising fracture or a low bone density test is like failing to maintain your car and wonder why it’s suddenly broken down on the road. Stay tuned for articles that go into depth to empower you to know what only a very small percentage of doctors know or even test and treat for. Our goal is to enable you to optimize your health and put more life in your years!

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Anna Manayan

Anna Manayan