As we approach the glorious spring weather, new rain brings forth the growth of new life, grasses, weeds, molds, fungi. Some of you may be dreading this season with memories of last year’s spring hay fever, sneezing, itchy, watery eyes. How do we overcome spring hay fever and what can we do on our own to overcome it besides becoming drug or shot dependent? There is a better way, I know because I did banish my spring hay fever once and for all!

What we have found at Immune Matrix was a commonality among patients suffering from seasonal allergies. All the patients had an increased degree of cellular toxicity. Having spring hay fever was the canary in the mine field to let one know that there is a silent threat of increasing toxicity and inflammation going on in the body. To ignore this underlying process and think you are fine with over the counter medications, ignores the cause and growing issue of toxicity and inflammation that degenerates the body toward more chronic disorders.

The best quantifiable measure for determining one’s cellular toxic burden and the most affordable one for those living too far to be treated at our clinics is to find someone who can run a BIA. It will show readings to support a conclusion that there are more toxins lodged in either the “intra” cellular matrix or the “extra” cellular matrix and even accumulations within the fat cells. Remember that one of the functions of fat cells is to sequester toxins from crucial organs, protecting them. The downside and why we retain water and toxic sludge in our fat cells is that these cells enlarge to accommodate our increasing toxic load.

Increased cellular toxicity impairs cell function. Impaired cell function impairs glandular function. Thyroid and adrenal function are the first to be affected and last to recover and contribute significantly to one’s growing sense of exhaustion especially during hay fever season. We have also seen cellular toxicity affect the nervous system, causing increased irritability, insomnia, mood swings, brain fog, brain fatigue. Therefore, seasonal allergies do not exhibit themselves alone and apart from other symptoms, this is a correlation that most of us are unaware of.

Here is a question to ask yourself. Do my bowel movements have an offensive odor? Does my sweat smell? Do my feet when they get sweaty have a strong odor? These are all signs of accumulated toxicity in the body! Sometimes these are the only indications of toxicity. One can have regular bowel movements and digestion and be toxic!

Another common feature in seasonal allergies is our finding of a connection between the consumption of sweets and grass allergies. No one is quite sure why but we do see a connection between the degree of sugars consumed, carbohydrates craved and the degree and severity of grass allergies. This is called a combination allergy. It means in the presence of one thing you have a reaction to another thing. In Western medicine, a classic combination allergy is the consumption of bananas and certain grasses. Therefore, patients will only notice a reaction to bananas when they eat bananas during a certain time of year when certain grasses are blooming and not others. You can understand why pinpointing one’s immune sensitivities can be like herding ducks!

If you have spring hay fever, it is therefore highly advised to start a detoxification program and to reduce and eliminate as best you can the consumption of sugars.  Once patients get their circulating toxic load down to a certain threshold, they become less reactive to the environment and soon non-reactive as the immune system calms down.

Ignore this and you go from experiencing seasonal hay fever, to year round pet and house dust sensitivities, to fall mold sensitivities, to chemical sensitivities to gasoline, perfumes and other odors, usually in that order of progression!

If you have done a diligent effort to detoxify yourself and eliminate the overconsumption of sugars and carbohydrates and are still symptomatic, then there is a high probability that your immune system is still in a heightened state of alert because of other underlying chronic inflammatory conditions. There are too many factors to mention here but a consultation with an experienced practitioner to help you eliminate the causes is recommended.

The element of fatigue comes in to play with the degree of toxicity and inflammation. Either alone can cause you to feel tired all day. Seasonal allergies cause an excessive output of histamine by white blood cells in the body which push you to feel cravings to eat, especially carbohydrates for quick energy. Excessive histamine is exhausting to the body to replace by macrophages. You go from being reactive to craving food to exhaustion when it’s severe. This is a sign that you need to have the immune system de-sensitized and thus re-programmed from its immune cell memory of the grass, weeds, pollens, molds that have become a part of the immune cell’s memory. However, please take note that the longevity of any de-sensitization technique is directly dependant upon your ability maintain a threshold level of low circulating cellular toxicity. This is the main reason patients re-sensitize and do not hold their de-sensitizations!

We highly suggest for most patients who do not have chronic digestive disorders to do a deep detoxifying cleanse for a start. We have had wonderful results with patients and their BIA’s on our proprietary METHYLATION SUPPORT powder by Immune Matrix. This product will soon be available online at We highly suggest that you begin slowly by taking one tablespoon in the morning and about 30 minutes before dinner, and gradually increase the dose to one scoop twice a day. This will allow the body time to acclimate to the detoxification process.

Then you begin to cut back on the consumption of sweets, sugared lattes, overconsumption of breads, pizza, sandwiches and add more salad and rice. This will help to eliminate the triggers for the grass sensitivities. You can also take over the counter Benadryl in very low doses to keep your histamine levels low. This is a non-dependent over the counter medication that is safe & effective for children and adults. However, higher doses do cause drowsiness.

Other over the counter products that can be taken to take the edge off the reactivity of your immune system to plant based airborne sensitivities is nettle. You can drink it as a tea or taken as pills but it must be taken regularly without stopping for its immune benefits to work in decreasing one’s reactivity to plant antigens. And it takes a minimum of about four weeks to begin to take effect.

Lastly, if you are able, see an experienced medical practitioner who is knowledgeable and proficient in performing skilled de-sensitizations on patients. And remember, being de-sensitized alone without the elimination of cellular toxins and without determining if one has “leaky” gut, will result in your seasonal allergies returning.

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Anna Manayan

Anna Manayan