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Each season the grass and weeds sprout and their genetic blueprint is modified ever so slightly. For example, the ryegrass from last season has a slightly different genetic and therefore energetic signature stemming from a slightly different chemical structure that comes from cross-pollination. Also, regional variations exist in the genetic map of the same ryegrass for example that can make one very sensitive to one region’s ryegrass and less sensitive to another region’s grasses.  Standardized extracts are used for “allergy shots” performed by your Western medical allergy doctor and this does not account for the seasonal, regional, or local changes in genetics from cross-pollination, nor does it account for the process of de-sensitization via weekly shots taking years of weekly treatments.

Immune Matrix LLC specializing in bio-energetic medicine, the type that is spoken of by Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby in his book Virtual Medicine…states that he feels this is the true future of medicine! Why? Because it’s natural, uses quantum physics, and helps the body to re-establish its balance, allowing for the body to eliminate the immune memory of those things that it has become “sensitized” to. From years of treating patients with seasonal allergies, Immune Matrix has discovered several fundamental commonalities among patients that lead to the development of this condition. Thus their treatment protocol addresses these issues and patients are freed from the drama of seasonal allergies Hayfever  symptoms indefinitely.

One commonality among patients suffering from seasonal allergies is that they all have an increased degree of toxic accumulation. Toxins can come from our environment, such as the pollens we breathe in, and the undigested food our body needs to eliminate. When the body cannot efficiently eliminate toxins, those toxins circulate in the body longer and interact with our immune system…imprinting an immune memory for those toxins that the body does not eliminate. Thus, the more one is exposed to house dust, or ryegrass, AND the more toxic accumulation you have in your system in general, the more likely your immune system will “remember” that toxin. This is how one develops immune sensitivities over time.

Everyone has known someone who suddenly announces one day that they have “suddenly” developed hay fever this year while last year they were fine, and they are puzzled by it. Toxic accumulation imprinting the immune system is the reason.

Unfortunately, just trying to detoxify your body doesn’t necessarily erase the immune memory that is causing your seasonal allergies to flare! Those toxins your immune system  is now recognizing is causing your body to react every time you breathe the fresh spring air. The longer the duration for the condition, the longer the immune system has passed on the immune memory to each new generation of immune cells. White blood cells live approximately 90 days and the state of immune inflammation in the body will dictate whether the dying white blood cell will pass on the “memory” to the next generation white blood cell. Therefore, even the most thorough detoxification program will not reverse the immune cell imprint enough in most cases to significantly reduce allergy symptoms.

Detoxification does help however, to reduce inflammation and calm the overactive immune system’s reactivity. Therefore, some patients will see some reduction in seasonal allergy symptoms. Where detoxification is essential is in preventing the formation of new immune cell “recognition” and thus preventing the formation of new allergies and immune sensitivities.

Will an over the counter liver or colon cleansing be sufficient? Generally speaking, no. Toxins are stored in areas besides the colon and liver and targeting these two organs will not necessarily significantly impact the toxic accumulation in other tissues. For patients suffering seasonal allergies hayfever, it’s best to work with a medical practitioner experienced with the genetic defects of detoxification, one who is versed with a thorough understanding of the nutritional essentials to methylate (this is one of the liver’s metabolic detoxification pathways) and one capable of monitoring your detoxification process and core nutrient needs to keep you detoxifying efficiently.

If you have ever tried a cleanse and felt sicker, then you were not doing it correctly. When the liver is missing sufficient amounts of any one key ingredient to methylate, then it cannot either break down and/or excrete toxins and these toxins recirculate in your body and make you sick. You can feel:

  • brain fog
  •  muscle aches and tightness
  • constipation
  •  headache
  • lethargy
  • fatigue

and malaise. These are all signs that you are either pushing your body to detox too quickly, or that you are not binding and excreting the toxic load because you are missing adequate drainage support, or a core nutrient catalyst. An experienced alternative health care practitioner can help formulate an appropriate detoxification program that suits your body’s biochemical needs.

Immune Matrix goes one step further and assesses whether patients have immune triggers that actually interfere with detoxification and treats those immune sensitivities so that detoxification improves without side effects and with efficient excretion of toxins. It’s a complicated and advance science, the science of immune-genetic interactions impacting metabolic and biochemical function. However, it holds the key to resolving the most difficult situations where patients are unable to take any product to detoxify or absorb nutrients.

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Anna Manayan

Anna Manayan